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  1. Gashimahiron

    2015 Christmas Thread

    Hmm... Got a brand new winter jacket, a box of Bassett's Winegums, some Marzipan, a headlight and a precision screwdriver set. Then an awesome meal, with everything i like in it. All this along with a trip to the beach apartment for a week or so, which is quite nice, since even the simplest of beaches here in Brazil are amazing and offer quite the view. I think i ate a whole turkey alone, but not a lot of booze since i'm a wet noodle for alcohol. And since i'm 100% sure i don't have anything better to do tonight, i'll link to some pictures of my gifts: Nevermind the other random crap, i was just too lazy to bring myself into dragging those elsewhere.
  2. Gashimahiron

    Inquiry 'bout custom doom music

    So, after all those years occasionally lurking this lovely ol' forum (since around '99), i ended up in need of help finding something. I assume you guys are experts in this and will shoot down this doubt 'o mine in a minute's notice. So, i was playing freedoom using the Zandronum port, and heard a Metallica song with no vocals playing on the background while i was blasting imps on Brutal Doom v20, much like the ones found in Doom Metal Vol.4 .wad Specifically it was Sad But True. It was likely a custom music .wad i was using, but i can't put a finger on it anymore - tried finding it on google with certain keywords, this and other forums and no result, and i don't have the file anymore, nor know the filename, and since the last copy of it was in the computer of a company i worked for some time ago, it is surely gone in the monthly cleaning. As additional info, the song sounded way too good to be a .midi table, so all bets on .ogg. TL;DR: Trying to find instrumental Metallica - Sad but True song that was played on doom, not an ordinary .midi. Suspects being Zandronum, BD v20 or some custom music .wad, ordered from least to most suspect.