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  1. Zodomaniac

    Doom Car

    A couple of days ago I sat down and finally drew my 20-year-old concept of Doom car. Sorry for the bad sense of perspective. Doom 2016/Eternal have provided the solutions I missed initially: BFG muzzle shaped radiator grill and the green exterior/brown interior after Slayer's armor in Eternal. The headlights/exhaust tubes after Super Shotgun and minigun-fashioned rear lights are 20-year-old ideas :) Also as Doom Slayer is very muscular, I decided that the Doom car should be a traditional American-style muscle car. Funny thing, the front view appeared to be a combination of two Jaguars ;)
  2. ...and couldn't do that as his very name is translated from German (BetrĂ¼ger) as Deceiver/Cheater.
  3. Đ¡haingunner fix for regular Smooth Doom FixedChainGuy.zip and for Smooth Doom: Brightmapped Edition FixedChainGuy_BME.zip. Here's how it works in-game
  4. Zodomaniac

    REKKR - V1.16

    @Revae if there is canon 4th episode, will the bonus levels move to 5th episode like Sigil?
  5. Zodomaniac

    REKKR - V1.16

    Hello again :) congratulations with going official @Revae, could you include this little fix (mirroring the idle sprite of fists, PUNGA0, from here REKKR 1.17)?
  6. Zodomaniac

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    I slightly tweaked the DECORATE and MENUDEF code for Smooth Doom to run with ZDoom 2.8.1, runs with LZDoom as well https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CxavnajyJcG7RaBXUVWWUMaAYKsJUMUf/view?usp=sharing Bonus: the fix for chaingunner to have the same firing sound and fire rate as the player https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MGp25sX8ladRdQ5b4Ij7AT6gwSDx7x5A/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hello folks, could someone help me always select the fist first in BD21 with berserk powerup? Because when I pick up the axe, it gets selected first despite I have the berserk strength.
  8. So Doom 5.8.0 has been released on April 18, 2020 to merge improvements and bug fixes from Crispy Doom and fix demo timer position in Cockpit HUD. https://github.com/Zodomaniac/So-Doom/releases/download/so-doom-5.8.0/so-doom-5.8.0-win32.zip So Doom-specific changes: In case of widescreen rendering with Cockpit HUD the demo timer is now drawn within the narrow screen as well as other widgets. Changes pulled from Crispy Doom: NERVE.WAD support for Vanilla DOOM 2 has been introduced, requested by hkight. Compilation with Code::Blocks and TDM-GCC 5.1 (missing includes) has been fixed by drfrag666. SKY3 texture is now used for MAP04-MAP08 in NRftL, thanks to JNechaevsky for contributing the fix. When calculating weapon bobbing, the check is now performed for attack key/button being held down (thanks to unRyker for helping to choose the criterion) instead of checking for for player being not in attacking state. This fixes wrong weapon alignment in some cases.
  9. Zodomaniac

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    I tried adding zlib1.dll file only and it worked for Win7, but not for win10, and yesterbay I uploaded my build in full, with DLLs I built instead of those from the autobuilder. Feel free to re-download, sorry for the inconvenience :)
  10. Zodomaniac

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Strange, this is the one I built, not the auto-builder...
  11. So Doom 5.7.5 has been released on April 02, 2020 to merge the newly-introduced widescreen mode status bar and other improvements and bug fixes from Crispy Doom. https://github.com/Zodomaniac/So-Doom/releases/download/so-doom-5.7.5/so-doom-5.7.5-win32.zip Changes pulled from Crispy Doom: Status bar and reduced screen sizes are now available in widescreen mode, requested by sovietmewtwo and TeamSoldierNub2 along with many Doomworld members and debugged with the help from cnrm and Zodomaniac. Once the last screen size has been exceeded you loop over to the empty HUD. When calculating weapon bobbing, the check is now performed for player being not in attacking state instead of checking for A_WeaponReady() because weapon states could have been modified by DeHackEd. This fixes jerky weapon bobbing reported by kitchen-ace for some weapons in mods like Vanilla Smooth Weapons and DOOM 4 Vanilla.
  12. Zodomaniac

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    @fabian, I did as you asked and the program is reporting missing DLLs it had been linked against (as @The Civ reports). So I'm bringing back my homebrew build with all the 29 DLLs. Please let me know if you wish to replace it on Github. crispy-doom-5.7.2-win32.zip
  13. Zodomaniac

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    I guess you have Uncapped framerate turned off, and 35fps on 60 Hz screen may have such effect. EDIT: If turning uncapped framerate on doesn't fix your issue, re-download the port as I have re-bundled it with daily autobuilder's DLLs.
  14. Zodomaniac

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Done :) Many more changes have been made recently to Crispy Heretic which I'm also posting here. The Heretic EXEs can be used with the same DLLs as Crispy Doom. Crispy settings have been prevented from resetting in setup by Ryan Krafnick. Secret message has been implemented by Jeff Green. Always Run toggle key and Always Run + Run = Walk behavior has been introduced by Ryan Krafnick. Mouse inventory buttons have been added by Ryan Krafnick to Chocolate Heretic and then merged from there. The INTERCEPTS and SPECHITS limits have been removed entirely. Vertical mouse movement (novert) toggle has been added by Ryan Krafnick. crispy-heretic.zip