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  1. Psycho11704

    Which OS do you use?

    I am the 0.03%. At least, when i'm on my laptop, which I am most of the time.
  2. Psycho11704

    Doom theories

    Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge.
  3. Psycho11704

    Running Doom 4 on laptop

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i7-12gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-silver-copper-black/445 Should do the job, but I'm sure you can find one for less.
  4. Psycho11704

    What's your favorite original Xbox games?

    Drake of the 99 Dragons. Jk, Halo 2, Counter Strike, and the Ghost Recon games.
  5. Psycho11704

    Doom Wii U Edition

    Would there be a way to run Doom 64 on that?
  6. Psycho11704

    The Longest WAD: hope you have a googol years to spare

    Does it support deathmatch? ;)
  7. Psycho11704

    Doom Wii U Edition

    *cough* Manhunt 2 *cough*
  8. Psycho11704

    Songs that really touch your heart

    Coldplay - Clocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d020hcWA_Wg Coldplay - Viva La Vida https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvgZkm1xWPE&spfreload=10 Coldplay - Paradise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G4isv_Fylg By the way, I like coldplay.
  9. Psycho11704

    Doom Wii U Edition

    I feel like it would be a sequel to Doom 64, with the same atmosphere and so forth. The touch pad can be used for a map and quick item swapping. Still though, it can't all be the same. There needs to be a new weapon, or a new demon, or a new mechanic at the least. It needs something to differentiate it. With the new hardware, multiplayer is possible, and it needs to happen. Of course we'll have standard co-op and deathmatch, but we need a new feature. My idea is that the one using the touchpad is a cyberdemon, and the rest (the ones using the wiimote and nunchucks.) are trying to take it down. It would be a cool (but gimmicky) feature. And we need amiibos. An imp, doomguy, and John Romero's head on a pike.
  10. Psycho11704

    The only thing that bothers me about the new DOOM is...

    I remember hearing something about a simple upgrade system too, not unlike the one in the new order. Perhaps they are some sort of cybernetic enhanvement? Somekind of evolution of the normal human? My lord. We're piecing the game together before it even comes out.
  11. Psycho11704

    Potato's Demonic Drawings (Taking few requests!)

    Forehead penis jokes aside, it's pretty good. The muscles are very detailed and it looks appealing overall.
  12. Psycho11704

    The Monetization of Freedoom on IOS

    Has anyone else seen freedoom being sold on the Apple store? Multiple apps use the doom engine along with the freedoom wads being sold for real money. The most popular seems to be "Gameception" which is sold for a dollar. It is also one of the few to actually give credit to freedoom. Another one to recognize freedoom is "Hell on Earth" It's being sold for 2$. Then, you have the doomsday series, all being sold for 1$, and, like the others gives credit to freedoom. The same developer, Gennadiy Potapov, has HacX and Shadow Warrior for free. They are handing out a paid-for game for free! (I think HacX is already free though.) Are these people allowed to sell something that is already free? And if so, unauthorized?
  13. Psycho11704

    Operation Portalus (MEGAWAD)+CONSOLE PORTS

    It is an inventory item, I used it and it shot projectiles into the sky that had a splash damage effect. I only used it once, and I was too close so it killed me.
  14. Psycho11704

    The Children's Part of Youtube

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UVfqA_2pcA&index=44&list=FLWqr2tH3dPshNhPjV5h1xRw I'm sorry for this. I truly am.
  15. Psycho11704

    Hell Simple (My first wad)

    I hope they make a "Best Pun" cacoward just for you.