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  1. Komet302

    Vavoom Troubles

    Has anyone else encountered this problem, everytime I start a new game useing Vavoom 115 and Doom 2 the player keeps moving forward even when I am not touching any keys. The key bindings are fine, the game ran well Yesterday, but this seems to be a re-occuring problem that has somehow corrected itself in the past for me. What is the real cause of this problem? Is it some kind of a bug in Vavoom?
  2. Komet302

    Sending Wads to Doomworld

    Ok, I can't seem to figure out how to upload files, I am not familiar with the programs used to do this. Bare with me I am a simple Mechanic so its all rather baffleing to me. Could someone help me out and upload my Wad? It will probably be the only one I do.
  3. Komet302

    Sending Wads to Doomworld

    Hopefully someone can enlighten my situation, who exactly am I supposed to contact to have a person review a map of mine for the newstuff list?
  4. Komet302

    Retextures Remade

    Has anyone else found errors in the newest texture update file?
  5. Komet302

    Changeing the player camera Height

    Cheers guys!, I had no idea a person could does this at all, as DemonDemon said, my plan does include sizeing the doom world 2X so i can use some "other" sprites. On another note is there any interest in that old Doom Rott TC project? I was really looking forward to it.
  6. Does anyone know of a source port that allows an editor to change the height of the camera in the player sprite to make the them appear taller? Or is this a fixed value in the game that cannot be changed?