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  1. KennyJC

    Trying to set it up again

    Reinstalled DB2 to finish a level I was working on a while back. I remember last time using a GZDoom.cfg for the level. But I have difficulty googling it. Mainly broken links and just people talking about it. I also thought I should ask if editing for gzdoom has changed and so there are different gzdoom configs to think about.
  2. KennyJC

    Trying to set it up again

    Pretty damn amazing! I'm able to view the lights and the 3d floors in preview so that's all I need considering for the moment thanks!
  3. KennyJC

    Trying to set it up again

    Downloaded that but I can not see the 3d floors in preview mode. Is that because it only seemed to openk in "GZDoom Hexen format" but would work in UDMF?I did try to copy sectors under a new map in UDMF but could still not see the 3d floors in preview.
  4. I worked on this earlier in the year but I got a bit lazy after map 10 because I didn't have Andrey Budko's routes to replicate, so here is what I've got so far... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX8uyU11aLQ Hopefully there will be a Part 2! I'm nowhere near the speed of Andrey but my main goal was to do a decent TAS uvmax of all of Doom2 and I'll leave it to someone else to go for perfection :) First few maps were too slow but I was just getting into the swing of things and got a bit sharper after that but there were some problems with Map08 and crowd control so I ended up doing a safe run out of frustration after many back to the drawing boards. Map06... I dunno how Andrey got the lift to be ready for him after the blue key part because I tried many times with no luck and so ended up waiting for the lift :( I'm probably gonna start up again and try to finish more/all of the maps once I figure out Map13.
  5. KennyJC

    Doom2 TAS UVMax Map01 - Map12 - 22:18

    I didn't do the demo with any comp levels and it was recorded under prboom-plus, so it's probably only viewable with that. Also shows the progress I've made on Map13 in the last couple of days. fartt.zip
  6. I'm only a couple of hours into the design in DB2 but I am 100% sure I will finish it since I got a good vision of what I want to to be. Will be my first map in 3 years. (click to embiggen) The lower slime room has already been redesigned in my head and should look more interesting. This room is bigger than it is on paper due to some ideas I had while mapping. I have a dam in mind for this room depending on if the slopes look good but think it will look great if I can get the dimensions the way I want. There will be many gzdoom effects.. especially color lighting which I hope will make a big difference to the atmosphere.
  7. KennyJC

    Started a new map!

    Yes I tried to fix that. Also added some color lights which I have only begun to experiment with. Not sure how best to use them yet. Build work for the room is mostly complete except for the sloped ramps that lead you to the middle platform and the dam behind where the screenshot is taken from.
  8. I can't find this anywhere after reinstalling - but I'm sure I remember seeing it before. I've looked in Map Options but only see options to add resources and the game configurations looks like it could be missing menu tabs from what I remember. I dunno.
  9. KennyJC

    DB2 - Changing default textures

    I mean when you make a new sector.. I want to change the default floor/ceiling/wall textures.
  10. I've only started speed running since tonight :) I managed to get 57s on Map01 uvmax after about an hour of trying, and I figured I'd want to do the same with Map02 after I get a good time on Map01 except that I'd want to make them seemless so my best map01 time and best map02 time (and so on..) are on the same lmp with the items and health stats carrying over to the next map. I saw on prboom-plus that you can press Q to take-over the demo and continue recording, but I'm wondering if you guys could think of a faster way to do it (since I will have lots of failed attempts). On a side note, I'm wondering why I haven't see such a project done by the community before? It's been done many times with Quake. But with Doom it's either a single run through all maps or starting with the pistol each map.
  11. KennyJC

    Starting a project - question

    Ahh that works. Got 42 sec uvmax on map01! Gonna go on to map02 unless some others wanna do a multi-author 30uvmax?
  12. KennyJC

    Starting a project - question

    Nobody can tell me the mutlisegment recording method in prboom+? I'm at a loss reading the txt files. It says just to press Q but that does nothing.
  13. KennyJC

    Starting a project - question

    For doing the recording in Boom I can't find a way to get the re-recording to work. Pressing "q" to takeover a demo doesn't seem to do anything. I tried saving the game at the start of map02 which created a stand-alone demo after you start with -recordfrom with the health+ammo carried over from map01 but it turns out you can't merge lmps? http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/7552-lmp-merging-issue I haven't tried TASMBF yet, I wanted to try out the prboom+ way first. And the reason I don't really wanna do uvmax on single maps is because I wanna learn the playstyle you need when attempting a single segment runthrough of 30uvmax and maybe you have to do them differently if starting with a pistol each map. About multi-author movies: if they have to be done one after the other, I didn't think that would stop such a project from happening? So maybe you could see who gets the fastest uvmax time on map01 and give 2 weeks or so to see who can get the fastest on map02?
  14. I'm tempted to put some effort into the 30uvmax myself, but it would just take a lot of research into the maps and routes etc.. but if I had knowledge of the maps right now I think I could beat it.
  15. Thanks. I just watched that 30uvmax4 demo. It was good, but there were many situations were I felt like he wasted away a lot of time. I don't know what type of monitor/brightness he was playing at, it looked like he couldn't see a lot of the invisible demons or monsters in dark locations (the imps at the end of map15) when I could see them as plain as day. He also spent a lot of time doubling back to see if he missed some monstors even though I could tell there wouldn't be as there were no grunts etc. Also going for a lot of items that he didn't really need. I notice that he had only 90% secrets on one map. Is there a good reason for that? It would be a challenge, but surely someone can beat that? It's been 9 years! Does nobody try to break these IWad records anymore? This forum seems really active with speed runners. I'd love to see someone beat some of those endurance runs.
  16. KennyJC

    The Other id Mapper Thread

    Never liked Sandy Petersens maps. I rarely played episode 2+3 as the quality of much of the maps was way below that of episode 1 of Doom. His maps in Doom2 are mostly poorly textured bland open areas. His maps for Quake were just awful. He had his moments but overall very poor imo. I loved most of Romeros maps. My map 'Dark Apparition' was modelled on his Doom2 style. McGees maps were very good also. I still think he made the best map ever created for any game in the deathmatch map DM2 for Quake.
  17. I can't download any of the demos from that website and I can't find them anywhere else "30uvmax4" for example.
  18. KennyJC

    Rage Gameplay with Willits at E3 '10

    Man, that game looks boring as hell. It's a shame how the progress of games has just been standing still for years and years. On the plus side, at least I don't have to upgrade my PC every one or two years anymore. This is the same as the games I was playing in 2004.
  19. I've always wanted to be able to copy paste sectors/groups of sectors and prevent lines that are originally impassible/one-sided linedefs turn double sided and cause leaks in the map. I've been getting around this by deleting the entire area that the pasted sector will inhabit, but it's still annoying.
  20. I want to have a tunnel with deep water travel UNDERNEATH some kind of a door. But with the door having transfer heights it keeps messing with each door I try to create. Wonder if I'm missing something or if it's just not possible.
  21. wont let me delete this post. problem is fixed /thread.
  22. KennyJC

    My Doom Builder 2 suggestions

    And you can't delete Things in 3d mode, but could in DB1
  23. I'm mapping using a GZDoom config btw.
  24. KennyJC

    DB2: How do you flip stuff?

    There are no icons for flipping objects like there was in DB1. In the hotkeys menu I noticed flipping selections wasn't bound to anything, so I bound them to H and K (horizontal and vertical), but pressing these keys does not flip anything. I restarted DB2 and they still don't flip.
  25. KennyJC

    The /newstuff Chronicles #342

    I click img #1 and it takes me to "Now viewing picture 28 of 61". This has been going on for years. Fix it, nubs.