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  1. agent ender

    Will ZDoom ever support skyboxes?

    I got losered on my other account, so I decided to start fresh.
  2. agent ender

    Will ZDoom ever support skyboxes?

    I meant skyboxes defined in GLDEFS and MAPINFO, but I guess that's easier.
  3. agent ender

    Question on MAP01

    What the above said. Anyways, this method for sky walls isn't usually recommended anymore, as you can use horizons and such for fancier sky walls.
  4. agent ender

    Will ZDoom ever support skyboxes?

    I noticed that ZDoom has features like 3D floors and such, but will it support skyboxes anytime in 2016 or sometime?
  5. agent ender


    What I meant by the "screaming at feet" thing is that retarded as hell "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE" joke.
  6. agent ender

    Doom 1 Episode 1 - your favorite level?

    My top 3 favorites: E1M9 E1M6 E1M3
  7. agent ender


    My only fear is that people start a even dumber fad than screaming at people's feet 24/7.
  8. agent ender

    Mapping Sins

    Here are my don'ts for mapping: Bland as hell texturing Flat and unleveled design No concept or idea No theme Too many/little items
  9. agent ender

    Broken Custom Sky Texture

    What the above poster said. Anyways, here's a basic MAPINFO lump. map MAP01 "map name here" { levelnum = 1 next = "MAP02" secretnext = "MAP31" sky1 = "SKYNAME", 0 music = "SONGNAME" }
  10. agent ender

    hellish textures?

    skulltag_data.pk3 has good textures to use probably, as does TNT Evilution.
  11. agent ender

    How to Insert New Enemy Sprites and Sounds?

    To add sounds, simply drag and drop .WAV or .OGG sounds into the WAD file anywhere (excluding sprite/patch/flat lumps). If you wanna add patch/flats/sprites, then do this for the following: Sprites: S_START, S_END Patches (wall textures): P_START, P_END Flats (floor/ceiling textures): F_START, F_END Put sprites/flats/patches between these certain lumps and for flats and patches, highlight them and right click, mouse over graphics and click "add to TEXTURE1".
  12. Okay, so when I make maps, I like to use a concept similar to the levels from the original Doom games, but mostly Doom II.' Now I don't know if anyone else here is a fan of doing that, but just out of curiosity, who else uses those levels as a idea or concept for design? I usually use those levels as a general idea because they have a design that I can build similarly to. I'm not talking about straight out copying the design though, just like using them as a idea. Anyways, feel free to discuss the topic in the thread or something.