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  1. The Map E3M9 is Betrayal. Just rename that map to E3M9 and load it together as a another WAD on top or into a PK3, zip or PK7 file. You should also pull the FSKYxxx sprites from PSX Doom TC to this wad or load it in a separate PK3 or PK7 file so it shows up for one or two of the maps. I updated a personal copy with GEC's maps (and assets) but did not ask for permission to distribute it yet.
  2. Valken

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    +1 vote for Going Down. Even more amazing with Project Brutality, Brutal Doom or Brutal Guncaster on UV. I wish there was a sequel to this or similar set of wads.
  3. Hi all, Currently playing with the test builds of GZDoom64 and found out the default files cannot properly detect my software midi drivers on Windows 7 64 Bit. If I select Timidity++, VST Midi Driver or Coolsoft VirtualMidiSynth, it would output "cannot detect midi device" in the console. Then it would default back to the built in OS midi device (MS GM set). I then download and tested the 32 bit build (both the FEB 17th builds) and it detected back all my midi devices perfectly! Is there a way to fix this for the 64bit builds? I cannot find a specific 64bit of either of the 3 midi drivers listed above. The reason is that I like to choose my own SoundFonts to play certain wads with MIDI. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Valken

    GZDoom64 cannot detect MIDI device

    Can you load a totally different soundfont in Timidity++ that does not sound like the Windows GS Soundfont in any 64 bit source build? On a related note I found the github for the VST Midi Driver here: https://github.com/kode54/vstdriver but no installer so have emailed the author. Hopefully he will find time to respond later.
  5. Valken

    GZDoom64 cannot detect MIDI device

    Updated - I uninstalled and reinstalled VirtualMidiSynth and ensured it is both 32/64 bit enabled and it works now with 64 bit sourceports. However, the other issues are still valid. I believe Timidity++ and VST Midi Driver must be native 64 bit for sourceports to work properly. It is similar to the same situation with Fluidsynth. If any of you coders can help port Timidity++ and VST Midi Driver over to native 64 bits, it would be greatly appreciated. I will email the developers to see if they are able to help.
  6. Valken

    GZDoom64 cannot detect MIDI device

    Using GZDoom64 FEB 17 build: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, VirtualMidiSynth, Timidity++ and System Sound all are using the MS GS Synth but volumes are slighty different except for: Note under OpenAL, no sound from Timidity, GUS or System Sound. libFluidsynth64 did not load SoundFonts (might be soundfont or dir config issue) Under FMOD EX, no sound from GUS. libFluidsynth64 did not load SoundFonts (might be soundfont or dir config issue) Under the 32 bit build FEB 17, Timidity++, VirtualMidiSynth and VST Midi Driver all work as it configured. Still need to mess around with Fluidsynth to configure it properly. You can test with your current Timidity++ to check 32 vs 64 bit.
  7. Valken

    GZDoom64 cannot detect MIDI device

    Hi Graf, GZdoom 32 bit builds works perfectly from 1.8 up to the current 2.4 FEB 17th dev build. I tested it in the sound menu to ensure my OS Windows 7 64bit is setup correctly. Same with a Windows midi player and MPC HC. As soon as I load GZDoom 64 bit build then select either Timidity++, or VirtualMidiSyth (software midi device that loads SoundFonts), it would display the error message in the console. Then it would DEFAULT back to the MS GM Synth midi setup. 64 bit does not even detect VST MIDI DRIVER (software VTS to Midi device) at all. Timidity++, VirtualMidiSyth http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth, VST Midi Driver https://mudlord.info/products.html are all setup properly and working under Windows 7 64 bit for both GZDoom 32bit, ZDoom 32 bit and QZdoom 32 bit as well as desktop apps. Just for fun, checked all the current builds on DRD: GZDoom Feb 17 Eternity Feb 16 Odamex Oct 20 QZDoom Feb 16 Zdoom Dec 29 All 32bit versions can detect all the midi devices. All 64bit cannot detect as above in FMOD EX All 64bit cannot also detect System Sound (which should be the default Microsoft GS Soundsynth), GUS, Wildmidi (not installed) in OpenAL mode. Fluidsynth does say no soundfont found in OpenAL but does not list error in FMOD EX mode. It could be a x64 compatibility issue but VirtualMidiSynth is both x32/x64 whereas Timidity++ and VST Midi Driver are both x32 as far as I know.
  8. Doomone and Memorial if you can find it. Try it with UDV hud, darkness set to ~ 120-140 (type in udv_darkmode xxx in the console, then APPLY under the darkness slider in the UDV HUD menu), and FOG enabled. Disable colored lighting. Make sure flashing is working.
  9. Valken

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Most impressive. The videos look great. I just keep wondering how this would be if all the maps were merged into one huge hub type map similar to Doomone and Memorial. It makes the game so more progressive without the level transition gaps. Great job.
  10. Valken

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    Screenshot looks amazing... Cannot wait for you guys to polish it up more.
  11. I would love to see a "patch" for both PC Doom, Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom to have these features integrated into the IWADS. It is possible to bypass any legal restriction that creates a binary patch to enable this. Owners of original doom iwads can use a patch for personal use so long as it is not distributed. The patch itself is mainly just the difference between the original and edited parts. Similar to those IPS patches for console roms to translate it from one language to another.
  12. Valken

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    Disclaimer - I made an account just to comment on this map because I am so looking forward to it: First, I love the overall feel of the map. The previous screenshots from both DMPhobos and ZOk made me excited. Architecturally - feels great. Great direction. I personally like the textures used as it is refreshingly above the old Doom textures. Personally, I am tired of the brown and the green marbles. I only think the tech textures faired better over time, but even that is pushing it. Monotone gray adds to the atmosphere. I think it can really improve in terms of lighting and accenting. What I mean is to add more details back to the background including colored lighting, accessories (look at both Brutal Doom Starter Pack tech levels and Aliens Doom Mod) to help spruce it up. There is a lot of open space and to me, that is boring after every other map that gives the players wide berth to circle strafe big monsters. Lighting - you can add more atmosphere just by adjusting the lighting without mods. Checkout this fantastic Doom 3 remake from Deimos Anomaly here: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/e1m1-remake-doom-3-style The lighting is just incredible looking with GZdoom. Same for the texture work. I feel your mod and the above map could be brothers and extension to each other. Playing with lighting and light effects would make it much more atmospheric. Monsters - Not enough of them. I admit I break your game design using Project Brutality mod because I enjoy the game more with hardcore monsters on Skill 5-6. With all the room on the map, you can up the monster count by at least 1.5-2x. Better yet, if you create a patch to allow weapon and monster mods to adjust the monster count, difficulty, and amount. Playing it as-is is fairly tame to me. Weapons - I like what you are doing here but... the weapons feels tame compared to other mods. I admit I am biased again towards more hardcore mods such as BD, Russian Overkill, Project MSX and Project Brutality. I know it is not finished but I feel by improving the map set, it could be a wonderful coop mission with 4-6 players. Feels like what Doom 3 on the Doom engine could have been.