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  1. This is a sort of an odd question but I was wondering if Doom has been ported to any other programming languages? This sounds like a stupid question but I think it would actually be kind of interesting to see if it had. I think it would be kind of cool to see how Doom implemented in another languages stacked up against the origional C version. It would be a ton of work if somebody did do it though. A while back Quake2 was ported to Delphi and I was wondering if anyone had done the same with Doom (except perhaps to a more exotic language). Just wondering...
  2. Crizk

    Huh? Doom 3 to be released in 2004

    Yeah, but all the real slashdot.org junkies simply refer to it as /.
  3. Crizk

    direct x9 and doom 3

    How is that significantly different than the Direct X mentality of "If you don't have Windows, tough shit?" ;)
  4. Crizk

    Edge mods and wads?

    Cool, looks like there are a good amount of edge projects out there. I've played the immoral conduct mod (both the edge and dehacked versions) and It is really cool. The DDF stuff looks pretty interesting. Edge seems to breed weapon mods :)
  5. Crizk

    Edge mods and wads?

    Hey, Not sure where to stick this topic so if it's in the wrong place I apologize in advance. How many edge fans are there? Are there any cool tcs, mods or wads that use edge? It seems like I played a cool weapons mod a while back that used edge and I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find more stuff to play. And finally, how alive is edge?
  6. Crizk

    Features you think SPs should have

    mouselook and looking up/down don't matter too much to me. I look for bug fixes, boom support and I like OpenGL source ports a lot. Eye-candy in general is a good thing ;) Particles are pretty cool and like to have control over my hud and key bindings.
  7. Crizk

    Doom on video game systems...

    Interesting. I have a playstation and N64 so I may snag doom for those consoles since people seem to like those versions. I've played the gba doom come to think of it. I didn't think very highly of it because I have such a hard time seeing those gameboy screens. @Melfice Darkmage I just now looked at the screenshots to the Doom64 TC from your sig, they look really good. It's very impressive. It looks like it will be a sweet TC.
  8. Crizk

    Doom on video game systems...

    So does the PS and N64 versions have different content than the PC games? The SNES version I played was like a carbon copy of the origional Doom except the controls and graphics were a lot worse.
  9. Back when Doom was at its peak popularity I remember tons of console versions of Doom. The only one I ever had was Doom for SNES which was given to me by a friend and sort of limited. It's basically just the origional Doom but none of the floors or ceilings have textures and several of the levels have been simplified. It really pales in comparison to the PC version and put me off ever buying console versions of Doom. So I was wondering what console versions are your favorite? Which do you own? Are there any worth playing?
  10. Crizk

    Doom vs. Hexen?

    Doom was better. When I first started playing the Doom games Hexen was already out. Doom has addicting gameplay and the monsters and weapons are cleverly balanced. I prefer Sci-Fi shooters to Fantasy ones anyway. Shooting green energy out of a staff just isn't the same as wasting baddies with a plasma gun.
  11. Crizk

    mac ports

    I'm not a windows fan but I do use it for is gaming. I've been toying around with Linux recently. It's pretty cool. I like *nix operating systems and that's part of the attraction of the new Mac OS it's based on BSD which is far more reliable than Windows will ever be. I'll still have my desktop for gaming. I just want something to lug around for "academic purposes." I can see why there are no mac ports. If you ask about them people just talk you out of getting a mac ;)
  12. Crizk

    mac ports

    Thanks for your replies. Yeah in ID4 the hacker dude breaks into the alien computers with a mac and inserts a virus. Funny stuff. I wonder if the mother ship has fire-wire support ;) So does anyone know if the mac version use the same .wad files as the PC version or not?
  13. Crizk

    mac ports

    I dunno lol :) All my previous computers have been PCs. I have been seduced by Mac OS X ;) I admit I used to really dislike macs but ever since I was abducted by aliens... So is Legacy pretty much it for mac then? That sucks.
  14. Crizk

    mac ports

    I'll push my luck and post two back to back source port questions ;) I was reading the source port section of the site here and I realized there are practically no mac source ports listed. This worried me because I'm toying with the idea of buying an ibook and what would a laptop be without Doom? Normally, I'm a pc guy and have little experience with mac. So what kind of ports are available for mac? Also the new mac os is supposed to have *nix compatibility. Would it be possible to run *nix source ports on mac? Thanks in advance.
  15. Crizk

    rott source ports

    The Rise of the Triad source code has been released and apparently it has already been ported to SDL. I was wondering if anyone was aware of more ambitious port projects involving rott. Although I prefer doom it would be pretty sweet to see some eye-candy oriented rott ports. I personally, haven't looked at the source yet but have thought about toying around with it. Yes I know it isn't a Doom topic but it's doom-related ;)