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Everything posted by Krenium

  1. Everything is looking fantastic. The new mutations and UI elements are making the mod so polished. It's come so far in only a few versions. Hard to believe the voice audio only got added in 0.96. Feels like it's been in since the beginning, it fits so well. I love Corruption Cards too and this support is a welcome surprise!
  2. prboom+, never let me down and I don't see a reason to change. Also, the version I use has FXAA antialiasing and I have no idea why, but none of the other versions do and I'm used to it so they all look weird
  3. Excellent map! I love when maps have different starting routes and they give you weapons no matter which way you go.
  4. Krenium

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    The biggest thing I currently don't understand about Doom is why Boom allows monsters to fall off (and get stuck on) ledges. What problem is this trying to solve? It causes monsters to end up in unintended and occasionally inaccessible areas.
  5. I really enjoyed this mapset! I love the weird angles and unusual (but pleasant) aesthetic choices. Gameplay is challenging but not unfair. I especially enjoyed the gauntlet that is MAP05 and the gimmick after the red door in MAP06.
  6. Krenium

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    I just finished the WAD on HMP/pistol start. It's a masterpiece. I don't know what else to say. I haven't seen exploration this good in a long time. And combat can get quite punchy at times, particularly toward the end. I love everything about this. Also, I've *really* got to hand it to @NoisyVelvet -- City of Fallen Angels is just.. absolutely insanely beautiful and FUN to explore! I haven't been this impressed by a map in a long time. Maybe ever.
  7. Krenium

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    If all of your doom stuff doesn't fall under a single top-level directory (I highly recommend it; very convenient!) then try to estimate the total size of all of them combined. Either way, include everything: source ports, mods, personal projects, midis, maps, tools etc. As for me, 11.7 gigabytes consisting of 3,879 files in 512 directories. I would imagine mods for GZDoom make up at least 90% of that.
  8. Another of my favorites: "Plessure" by Paul Corfiatis from MAP10 of Whispers of Satan:
  9. Krenium

    Which Doom map are you?

    The Spirit World because I have good taste in music
  10. Recapture from Icarus: Alien Vanguard by David Shaw. Sends chills down my spine when it gets to the part around 2:43.
  11. This is the most underrated mod I've ever played. Was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it is and how great all the weapons feel to use. Looking forward to the update!
  12. I really like this series of videos about how to use the Eureka editor by Kris Occhipinti. And I enjoy Doomkid's videos and decino's analysis videos.
  13. I just finished the wad (HMP, pistol start) and it was the thoroughly enjoyable experience I was hoping it would be. I think my favorite map was Pendleton (MAP10), but other highlights for me included Canyon Station (MAP05), Los Alamos (MAP09), Deja Vu (MAP23), Colosseum (MAP15), The Crucible (MAP13), Sting Labs (MAP24), The Trenches (MAP27), and of course End Times (MAP29). The remarkable thing about this wad is that there are no duds. This is definitely going in my 'replay often' folder along with DCD, Reverie, and Akeldama. :)
  14. I can't believe this. You've made another solo megawad? (Aside from the music, of course.) How many times is this now? I can't describe to you how stoked I am to try this out
  15. Krenium

    TNT 2: Devilution (Semifinal beta released)

    I don't even have the words to describe how awesome MAP20 (and the wad in general) is. Wow!
  16. Incredible map. Beyond looking absolutely awesome, high points for me were when the cyberdemon was first introduced (so cool -- I was all 'oh no what have I unleashed) and when the map opens up for round two.
  17. I greatly enjoyed this set! You have a distinct style that I grew to like (the locked doors that you have to backtrack to; the teleporters, etc). I played on HMP where the experience is fairly leisurely which I also enjoy because there seems to be a lack of such maps these days. I plan to play through again soon on UV to compare.
  18. Krenium

    DBP45: Vrack Botanicals

    I think I might have found it: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Vrack
  19. Krenium

    DBP45: Vrack Botanicals

    Can someone shed some light on what Vrack means? Google is not helping here
  20. I had a lot of fun with this map. Nicely done.
  21. Krenium

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    I am waiting with glee to see everyone's reactions to MAP06. That is all.
  22. Krenium

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    Slime Falls - MAP13 of Doom 2 Reloaded. My favorite map to date of the maps I've played. The Grotto - MAP11 of Community Chest 4. The best underground map ever! Love the huge scale and fantastic exploration in this map. Castle Climber - MAP13 of Czechbox. I've never seen anything like this map in Doom and I doubt I ever will again. Fantastic idea, stellar execution.
  23. Krenium

    What's your generally preferred monster count for a map?

    For most maps, 51-100. I don't mind up to ~350 if it's an epic megawad like Akeldama. If the map is excellent, cram as many as you want in there, though. I'm not going to knock Foursite for its monster count, for example.
  24. Krenium

    Got any doom mods you think are neat and are worth playing?

    1. Doom Roguelike Arsenal - I can't even do this mod justice in writing. If you've ever played DoomRL, this is that game ported back into Doom. With over a hundred guns, dozens of armors, four classes with unique game mechanics, and the best monster set ever created for Doom (IMO), this mod will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. 2. Walpurgis - This is my favorite fantasy mod. Play as one of four classes each with unique attacks, most of which have three modes of fire, and most of them can be upgraded. It uses sprites from Hexen but does a lot to make itself unique, including completely orginal spritework and effects. Still being actively updated but already super fun. 3. Treasure Tech - Ever wanted to chuck a mancubus at an archvile? This mod lets you do that once you get powerful enough. It has some truly unique weapons and most of them interact with your powers. This is a lighthearted mod with quick progression, perfect for smaller mapsets (although XP rate can be adjusted as desired). La Tailor Girl, GMOTA, and Combined Arms Reloaded have been mentioned, but they are at the top of my list as well.
  25. Krenium

    BLOOD CHAMBER - New map

    Pretty good for a second map! Here's my demo: krenium-blood-chamber.zip I tried running this in PrBoom+ and got the following error message: P_SetupLevel: Level wad structure is incomplete. There is no ML_NODES lump. The architecture is great and the encounters were fun. Suggestions for improvement: focus more on lighting. Most sectors in the map were the same brightness which is a little bland to look at. Keep it up. You've got a bright mapping future ahead.