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Everything posted by tuneguru

  1. tuneguru


    tower of barrel has a lot of snapmap potential :)
  2. tuneguru

    Doom hitting 200 FPS @ 1080p using GTX 1080 w/ Vulkan

    damn that's fast, potentially even faster than quake or UT :) mental...
  3. tuneguru

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    Im sure there are a few good reasons, but no doubt there is a huge day one patch that will change/fix certain parts of the game so they won't want an unpatched game getting reviewed. Also early reviews have a big impact these days, any negative reviews will be seized upon by braindead haters who will write their own negative reviews etc, and it can snowball just like the steam fiasco... I think its wise to let people make up there own minds first.
  4. tuneguru

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    Agreed, the leaked version sounded a bit off
  5. tuneguru

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    This game is not going to be judged on the accuracy of its easter eggs (except here maybe), it will be judged on the actual game itself, so this is naturally where id will focus its resources. Even now i expect the team are working flat out and there is literally no spare capacity to have someone spending time going through ENTIRE OG levels and manually flipping textures or adding lighting ... As someone mentioned it was most likely an issue with importing into the new engine, and as an easter egg it is not a big deal. Its just there to give you a little bit of nostalgia, and yes of course it will look out of place and break your immersion, its a different game with a completely different appearance :)
  6. tuneguru

    Lost Souls attack = kamikaze

    I think this will make them a lot less annoying, if potentially more dangerous in groups. Also the bursting into flame and attack animation is cool :)
  7. tuneguru

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    totally agree, the level of bitching in this thread is ridiculous.
  8. tuneguru

    Level design seems quite promising.

    Yeah level design looks very promising and i love the look of the automap
  9. tuneguru

    what are your thoughts on the Demons of DooM '16?

    Possesed/zoms- alright, do what they need to do Imps- great agility and potential challenge in large numbers Pinky- cool design, could be redder lol but no biggie Hk- great design, hell's bouncers BoH- awesome scary beast Lost soul- would be cool if skull more human looking but nice design anyway Caco- awesome in every way Rev- tied with caco for best reworking of the original designs Manc- cool designs, flamethrowers esp Archvile- new design looks good, interesting to see the mechanics Cybie- its grown on me but i dont really like the head design Arachnotron- hoping to see a bunch of these guys! Spidie- the leaked images seem iffy but obviously unfinished Overall really liking the reinterpretations of the classic designs :)
  10. tuneguru

    Who's buying this for $60?

    Yup already pre ordered, couldnt get 13th off work so took the monday instead :) The more i see of this the better it looks...
  11. tuneguru

    easter egg revealed on IGN

    I couldn't help watching this, even more excited for the game now :)
  12. tuneguru

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    loved the campaign stream, it's gonna be a long two weeks of waiting :) level design looks great, soundtrack is epic and I think the upgrade elements will add a little bit of extra depth and replayability...
  13. tuneguru

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Wow, those cacos look incredible! I wasn't convinced by the cyberdemon initially but the style seems to fit in the new screens...