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  1. bowserknight

    Change music in cmd.exe, possible?

    Oh well I'll just use SLADE and swap out the 2 music files. Because for some reason, map 11 plays the music of map 05, but map 05 still has the correct music. Don't know why. But I can change it afterwards again.
  2. bowserknight

    Change music in cmd.exe, possible?

    I tried it, and also tried +changemus and what happens is: the selected music plays while loading the map, but when the loading is finished, the wrong music starts again... so when you use these console commands they activate before the map is done loading. Damn...
  3. bowserknight

    Change music in cmd.exe, possible?

    Thanks, it... kinda works. I just tested it and the music starts but THEN it loads the map with the wrong music again. I was already hoping for the best when I heard the right music then the wrong one started again...
  4. bowserknight

    Change music in cmd.exe, possible?

    I was just wondering if it's possible to change the music before starting ZDOOM, so I don't have to type in "changemus ..." while in-game. I'm trying to record demos but there's a map that plays the wrong music and so I'm trying to change the music with the command line. You can't bring up the console when watching demos. So is there any command that you can type into cmd.exe that starts the map with a different music?
  5. bowserknight

    How to contact ZDoom forum admins

    Hey wildweasel, I know I'm not very active in the ZDoom forums but I'd need to have my account reactivated as well, as I'm having problems with a mod and need to ask somebody in the ZDoom forum. My name there is OneDoomedAngelo or the one I'm using here, I can't remember. Only know that my account is deactivated and I need to contact an admin, but to contact one, you need to be logged in which is weird. Anyways I hope you see this, as this is already over a year old.
  6. bowserknight

    Slaughterfest 3 [Beta_C released, 05/08/2017]

    Guys, I'm having some serious issues with map 32. I have no clue how to avoid getting telefragged and also, are you supposed to get the BFG in the beginning? Because you CAN get it, but it looks like the creator of the map didn't want it to be accessible so early. I'd just like to hear some good hints about how to play this map, or at least survive the first few minutes. The furthest I've gotten was to the red key room, then I got telefragged again.