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  1. Filystyn

    Just a waste of time to read this :P

    Always fun to read drama. Thx. Been some time I was there. Still many unactivated accounts waiting to awaken. Hue.
  2. Filystyn

    The hobo mod is coming in!

    Tho there was update and new imp joined the army of daemons... I am not updating the link. This is still too minor update. The reason this post was published was a strange phenomena that occurred while I was playing my mod. When I was on the end of level fighting the mutants and I saw exit switch. One of bullets ( probably aimed at me ) hit zombie sergeant. He was shot straight in head and was killed instantly. But what really impressed me was that he managed to actually trigger the exit button level with his mindless body being tossed with that small but still forceful momentum that (yes) single bullet gave him. A bug in the game? No, the answer is even more peculiar. I have given all my monsters recently the ACTIVATEIMPACT flag. Probably on the death state the poor zombie acted just as projectile and managed somehow push the button. Yet another story from doomworld. Teaching us that there is still much to learn and there are many unknown features out there waiting to get discovered.
  3. Filystyn

    I need help with replacing weapons

    Copy the code problem. Better start writing by your self.
  4. Filystyn

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    Oh I just refereed to a funny situation when admin of zanwiki run some broken script and overwrote whole wiki content. No threat from my side. Just a peaceful doomer passing by.
  5. Filystyn

    How do i...

    Thx, removing the shit from my code ;-)
  6. Filystyn

    How do i...

    Randomize flag. Is tehre any sens to use it. I kind of don't get the *gains* of it.
  7. Filystyn

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    Check out this and suggested pages on the bottom of that page. https://wiki.zandronum.com/Console_Variables Might help you much. Seems the wiki works fine atm ;-))))) But who knows the future...
  8. Filystyn

    The hobo mod is coming in!

    Updated. new zombies at least 10 types if not more! Making zombies is easy. In my mod every monster will always behave in different way. Zombies have their tricks. Or are stupid in different ways. Hobo mod slowly growing. Had enough moding will probably touch this again next month. TEASER: https://imgur.com/a/fuiiX
  9. Filystyn

    How do i...

    This means i need to write code for every each monster. Very bad, also.. The blood actor won't show up in place hit is taken.
  10. Filystyn

    How do i...

    Make monster bleed from other monster melee attack ? ( blood decals don't show up ) How do I set other blood actors type to show up depending on pain.type ? ( weapon type ) ?
  11. Filystyn

    How do i catch death on wall

    Great idea :). Thank you very much. One more question is it possible to actually tell actor monster to move forward vide walk forward? Or is this only possible with CHF_NODIRECTIONTURN flag that is zdoom development atm ? ( I huess some hack with friction and give velocity would be needed ). I will wait for the flag tho ;-)
  12. Filystyn

    How do i catch death on wall

    Possibly best would be Death "hit wall" do something here
  13. Filystyn

    How do i catch death on wall

    How to catch state of death of projectile when it hits wall NOT ACTOR/player/monster? Idea: Try to do some hack with decals ( never played with decals before ).
  14. Filystyn

    I thought zdoom was meant to work on windows 95?

    Windows 95 ;-) Sounds so sad.
  15. Filystyn

    The hobo mod is coming in!

    Because the idea is only some parts get upgraded. Mostly the code part that is very fast to download. Suppose the mod grows to 100 mega (and it will because of sounds and sprites) a little bug fix in code = download again 100 mega. Ofc most people have good connections etc but it is still nicer for people who do not. In past when I was hosting before I got masterbanned it worked and pretty sure for those few people who played it was much more friendly to upload few kB than 20Mb each time. Ofc some times I just push everything to newest version like now because I make so many changes I feel it's time for it. But yeah could have added an arch to download all in one row.