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  1. rokettopanchi

    Stardate 20x7 [/idgames]

    Maps like these make me realize how bad (new) I am at Doom.
  2. rokettopanchi

    GZDoom - Weird Graphical Issue

    It only really happens in BoA so it's not a huge deal. I've noticed it to a lesser extent in Project Brutality, which totally goes away if I'm using an older version of GZDoom. Oh well, might be a one off thing.
  3. rokettopanchi

    GZDoom - Weird Graphical Issue

    On the newer git versions of GZDoom needed to play wads like Blade of Agony, I'm having a strange problem. All graphics on the screen seem to shift right and left really fast when I'm strafing or mouse turning/looking. At first I thought it was a v-sync issue, but it's definitely not. Looks almost like frame stutter. It only happens on BoA. It's totally fine on Doom 1 or 2 or wads like BtSX.