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  1. Deatheye

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    .. so small? doom 3 hellknights are huge and intimidating - classic hellknights are even as big as the barons of hell I love the doom 3 Hellknights and it's out of question the new one got inspired from them, but why are they so fucking small? that really disappoints me
  2. Deatheye

    Doom Reaper Miniatures

    Heyho, I hope I'm in the correct forum here and it's allowed to ask. I'm looking for some doom pewter miniatures made by reaper - especially for the arachnotron, baron of hell and the arch-vile. There are some baron of hells on ebay but they are too expensive, I'm willing to pay 50-60$ for the baron, but I'd pay more for the arch-vile + arachnotron. So yea that's it, maybe someone in here has one to sell - and sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. Kind regards Deatheye
  3. Deatheye


    that thing isn't even limited and yea, the price is a joke - it would cost me ~360€
  4. Deatheye


    too expensive, won't buy
  5. Deatheye

    Doom on a GTX 1060?

    I wouldn't say it trashes the 970, but yeah there's no point to buy a last gen card anymore
  6. Deatheye

    Can you help me get past my New Doom issues?

    No I can't help you, sorry.
  7. Deatheye

    AMD or NVIDIA.

    GTX 970 1080p max Settings except those 2 6GB VRAM things 90-130fps
  8. There is absolutely no point in playing 3D FPS with oldschool controls and yes it would cost additional ressources to make a game playable with oldschool controls.. another reason nobody implements it kinda reminds me of this
  9. Deatheye

    tips & tricks

    It's ok, we appreciate the work you put into it and it's interesting to read some new things
  10. Deatheye

    tips & tricks

    here are my tips and tricks: Don't get hit
  11. Deatheye

    Should I get these upgrades?

    keep in mind you need a very high frame rate for those 144hz+ monitors Personally I wouldn't buy a monitor with more than 2-5ms response time It's important to check the response time, the contrast and the refresh rate
  12. Deatheye

    Should I get these upgrades?

    980Ti is a beast, almost as strong as the best Titan. As Plasma mentioned before, go and get a nice monitor - if you don't want to "waste" too much money on a monitor, go for 120hz
  13. Deatheye

    DIY Co-Op Campaign

    Not sure if I should dislike the video because of the click-bait title
  14. Deatheye

    Anyone else "done" for now?

    yes great idea, let's just never expand games with cool upgrade systems, let's just stick with the past and keep all its glory and what are those 3d graphics? doom 3 did that as well, this shitty 3d garbage and we all know how bad this game was - let's go back to the roots
  15. Deatheye

    Ultra-Nightmare without upgrades in 3h35m

    Holy shit dude that's so awesome :D I always believed in you :O Too bad KingDime lost interest in it :D
  16. Deatheye

    Steam Achievements

    32/33 - since weeks, because I can't get the last achievement due to a bug in the snapmap tutorial thanks bethesda/id
  17. Deatheye

    What do you want to see in the next Doom?

    like this one? XD @ topic: I want it to be scarier, something like doom 3 but not that much "tryhard" - the new dooms hell didn't really feel like hell... there are some cool areas but I never really felt like "oh shit man I'm in hell" like in doom 3
  18. Deatheye

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    I don't like that design, his head looks weird and the whole model is not detailed enough
  19. I agree on charged shot and the scopes - but the stun bomb is essential in nightmare/ultra nightmare - you never want to come close to enemies so in the highest difficulty the heat wave is kinda useless and the stun bomb a life saver lock on burst seems to be superior but there it really depends on the playstyle, remote detonate is good too
  20. frag grenade deals some damage, siphon deals some damage as well but also gives you a lot of health back the holo makes the enemies shoot at/attack it for a few seconds
  21. Deatheye

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    Doom feels very oldschool compared to other modern shooter
  22. Deatheye

    Upgrading to play Doom 2016

    It doesn't bottleneck the GPU directly, but a weak CPU will be the bottleneck of the whole system and that means you have less FPS
  23. Deatheye

    Classic Doom vs Doom 2016

    Funny how at least half of the cons he listed are lies/subjective perception
  24. Deatheye

    Classic Doom vs Doom 2016

    So, in the one video he wants to make the new doom look like shit, but on the other hand he uses its sound files and stuff to put them into his mod - without giving credits, right?