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  1. Ironhound

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Pretty much this (except I've never played Doom 64.) Also throw in Lost Missions from Doom 3 above ROE, as its a much more classic level layout. I've already mentioned my dislike of alot of Doom 2 levels, so thats why it sits just below 2016.
  2. Ironhound

    Ultra Nightmare Playthrough in 4h45m

    That is awesome. About to start my first nightmare run, as I beat UV yesterday. I wish beating the game got you something. You know, like the praetor suit for multiplayer. I thought it was going to happen for beating nightmare or ultra-nightmare, but no dice from what I've read. :(
  3. Ironhound

    The campaign is too long

    Fuck no. GTFO with that shit. Seriously though, how is too much Doom a bad thing? I wish there was MORE. So you think its dragging on too long? How about a break for a few days and come back fresh and ready to kill. I wish the campaign was twice as long. Its so goddamn good. Even the filler parts.
  4. Ironhound

    The Monster Comparison Thread (tm)

    Summoners ain't too bad. Just rocket launcher them to death. I find the 3 missile burst makes them a moot point. Pinkies are seriously bullshit. The biggest problem with them in the bigger battles near the end of the game, are how goddamn many of them there where. I mean 2 or 3 isn't a big deal, 5 or 6? All getting you into a corner? I'm not ashamed to admit I BFGed the living shit out of them. Otherwise just wait for them to charge and shoot them in the back with your supershotty. OR stun them with the plasma rifle and take them out. OR air burst your rocket launcher. Whatever gets them stationary and allows you to hit them in that juicy back area. Honerable mention goes to cacodemons. Fucking floating tanks, and during the massive final battles they can fuck your world up, simply by obscuring your view and not letting you see those two barons of hell right behind 'em. I just finished ultra violence right now, but Nightmare will probably add in new irritations lol.
  5. Ironhound

    I really miss some Doom 3 monster designs in new Doom

    The commando? The nazi soldier lookin dude? You serious?
  6. Ironhound

    Bethesda lied to us, you can't create proper single player maps

    The fuck where they thinking? Don't answer that. Without proper weapon variety, the snap-map isn't going to work with SP maps, unless EVERY map has a spot where you can switch out weapon loadouts. Ugh. *EDIT* Played an official snapmap where you gotta kill errything real fast. :P I did notice that you can use weapon mods... after a fashion. Basically the weapon list has say a Combat Shotgun, and a Combat Shotgun(3 shot mod), or Gatling Gun, Gatling Gun (Turret mod). This allows for some basic mod usage I guess. Also you can place weapons in the world, but you are still restricted to 2. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a sad fuckin panda.
  7. Ironhound

    Oops. Someone sent me an extra Collectors Edition....

    Count me in. This is pretty fuckin cool.
  8. Ironhound

    The "Pentagram T-Shirt"

    GOD. FUCKING. DAMN YOU. I'm still trying to forget about that goddamned chimera. You are all fucking assholes. Cool shirt, but yeah, I'm not really sure thats a pentagram
  9. Ironhound

    Bugs and other issues so far

    I think the pop in is just more noticeable because the rooms are SOOO FUCKING DETAILED. Jesus, corpses, and crap everywhere. Boxes, equipment, it really feels like a Mars base, unlike Doom 3. The downside is that the texture pop-in is either really noticeable, or they have really shit textures on some of these items. I'm too busy killing shit to notice. Player dying animations are also wonky as fuck. It feels like every time I die near a wall I clip through it lol.
  10. Ironhound

    VPN Tutorial to play Doom on PC now!

    Thanks for this man. I couldn't wait another fuckin day. So glad I got to play before work. This shit is easily my favorite game in the last 5 or so years, and I'm only 3 hours in!
  11. Quit with the story nonsense. This isn't Doom 3. In fact, Doom 3 probably has a better story. THIS IS RIP AND TEAR like the classic Doom's. Is it as good as Doom 1 and 2? Maybe. I need to unlock nightmare, but the level design isn't holding up for me. Too easy to miss the various collectibles that give upgrade points. Also, the flow of the levels isn't so hot. I got confused several times. Granted I don't use the map, but still. The combat is fucking flawless though. I am having a blast now that I am facing lots of different enemy types 3 hours in.
  12. Ironhound

    Marty Stratton vs John Carmack

    Sid Meier
  13. Ironhound

    First Mission got leaked...

    Should I delete it? I was fuckin excited ok?
  14. Ironhound

    DOOM - Singleplayer Gameplay and Impressions by JackFrags

    Oh cmon, JackFrags is usually fairly decent in BF4 and such, but he was terrible here. Can we get some footage from a really good player with a mouse and keyboard? Is that too much to ask? I don't wanna speak for everyone, but I get the feeling most of us will do a much better job. :P
  15. Ironhound

    First Mission got leaked...

    So anyway, you guys see the first mission and the prelude that got leaked? Are we allowed to discuss it? I'll keep this spoiler free, but I noticed a few things. I'm enjoying what I see. Arena areas, AND corridor, open ended type areas in between with lots of enemies. I was actually astounded the player survived, as he was utterly awful, most of the 30 minutes he spent using his pistol and glory killing his way to survival... ...strangely enough it worked. I was baffled. Sure it was on Hurt Me Plenty, but still... anyway, Ultra-Violence for us Doomers confirmed. :P The story and codex entries I saw had me.. uh... well I'm pumped, but I'm a little disappointed where they are going with it. The level design was fantastic. I saw all kinds of nooks and crannies, and it looked like a lot of the paths looped back around on themselves making for big open areas, unlike say.. Painkiller or Serious Sam. It feels like classic doom level design to me, or at least in comparison to the first person shooters on the market right now. The demons where actually alot more mobile then I was expecting, and it really made them unpredictable, especially with such a crap player. They consistantly got up in his face, and fucked him up a bit. The unlimited grenades felt weird to me, but I think grenades in games have always felt weird to me. I did notice that despite the ammo and health upgrades glowing, the player found little grenade boxes that were not glowing, that actually reset that little timer. Also. I fucking love that Doomguy gives no shits about people giving him orders. Smashing annoying talky-screen? FUCKYES. RIP AND TEAR. I have zero doubts about how much fun singleplayer will be. That being said, its pretty damn clear that the campaign was not made in snap map. :P I HIGHLY doubt the community can put out maps like that with what we've seen of the pre-fabs. I dunno, I was hoping for some epic snap map campaigns being put out, but I'm just not seeing it. Anyway, if you are curious, and brave, its on Doomleaks, and its a torrent. I tested it and went in without a condom so you don't have to. TL;DFR: DOOM is going to be goddamn fucking fantastic and a half.