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  1. SooisZA


    "The official cover is to bland! New doom confirmed COD. I wish they drew inspiration from the old cover." "This alternate cover is too much like the old one, what a cheap ripoff id 0/10"
  2. SooisZA

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    I would suggest holding off on that screen and save it for pc parts (or a new laptop)
  3. SooisZA

    New Doom trailer in Facebook page

    How did you get such a HQ image of the imp? The trailer is really compressed an no where near this level
  4. SooisZA

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Probably, if my interpretation of this is correct. [copyrighted material removed]
  5. SooisZA

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Does this mean the cyberdemon can be used in snapmap? It looks like it isnt "part of the level" as Marty Stratton said the biggest bosses are. Looks like a normal enemy here