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  1. AuraofApathy

    Big circular room with Cybie

    I liked the part with the cyberdemon
  2. AuraofApathy

    Movies you enjoyed, but nobody else did?

    cool cat saves the kids
  3. AuraofApathy

    Question about maps

    Well if he really wants to, who says he can't?
  4. AuraofApathy

    SCBL : How tf do i beat sadiq ?

    congragumalations you beat sad dick. goog jeb
  5. AuraofApathy

    SCBL : How tf do i beat sadiq ?

    Well all I can say to that is get gud at the close combat.You will eventually beat him but it might take a fuck ton of tries.
  6. AuraofApathy

    SCBL : How tf do i beat sadiq ?

    Is there any ineractables in the environment to fight the boss? Or do you have any special close combat skills or abilities you can use on him?
  7. AuraofApathy

    SCBL : How tf do i beat sadiq ?

    Just a suggestion from somebody that's never played the game. But have you tried shooting him?, you know, with a gun?
  8. AuraofApathy

    Doom remake for idtech4

    We don't take that kind of shit in this quake community.
  9. AuraofApathy

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    H-D00M. Hands down, best mod.
  10. Who's Carlos? Is it that kid off of the magic school bus?
  11. I just tested it to see if you weren't kidding. It's gone, I don't even remember when it left.