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    Celebrity Deathmatch character
  2. This is a prototype build footage sent to Danny O'Dwyer during the making of his crowdfunded Noclip episodes for the DOOM Documentary released on YouTube in December 2016. It appears to be a clip showing the development progress of the original Doom 4 showcasing prototyped aspects so far before its cancellation/Postponed stages that started around late 2011 to 2013. The clip has been restored to approach a closer quality of the raw material using the public footage we got and the behind the scenes commentary audio fragments from the raw clip. The raw footage still is privately archived by Noclip as of this date. The video is not monetized to respect content and ownership as well for archiving DOOM 4 related media and for hopes for all Doom fans to recognize this Doom project as part of the DOOM series as well for a future release of the latest "Hell on Earth" build. Feel free to comment about your thoughts!
  3. IrOn7HuB

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    A brother space marine.
  4. IrOn7HuB

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  5. IrOn7HuB

    Doom Iceberg

    Here is another high tier DOOM iceberg I found for your extra resources.
  6. IrOn7HuB


    All of them look great as they are. They are massive masterpieces in terms of character/creature design. While DOOM (2016) has demons with semi-realistic and serious designs (Like Doom 3 & Doom 4), DOOM Eternal modifies them to look closer to its 1993-1994 classic counterparts and action focused.
  7. The rumor is fake. It was only made up as a suggestion to repurpose "Doom 4 classic/unreleased Doom 4" as part of the Slayer series. I wouldn't like that if it happens to be true, since it would erase the original direction and the true source material made 10 years ago. I always find comments from people giving impressions related to my findings as "This could be repurposed as a Doom Eternal ARC spinoff."
  8. I can't believe it's been 5 years now. I felt like I played the game months before. It's surprising. The game came out as revolutionary for fans to recognize the IP once again and perfectly innovated the modern "first person shooter" to be as fun as the three classics. It really paid off and it created a whole active fanbase for the (new)Doom. I still own my (kind of) redeemed Steam physical copy of the game from day one, including a poster that features the Cyberdemon and the Doom marine. It was a great experience. I hoped this game to have more access to user generated content (Like mods) for it to become eternal, but I guess it's still great as it is. They should release the canceled Doom 4 project to celebrate tbh.
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    Account successfully created. You are now signed into Fur Affinity.
  10. IrOn7HuB

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    A minimalistic symbol written in blood? Seriously?
  11. IrOn7HuB

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    No one really knows where Doom 4 would have fallen in the Doom timeline as id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead stated in an interview with GameSpot in 2009 that "It's not a sequel to Doom 3, but it's not a reboot either" https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/hollenshead-doom-4-not-a-sequel Doom 4 could be an indirect sequel to all Doom games, and having its own continuity.
  12. IrOn7HuB

    Various Doom logos?

    That's the original concept logo drawn by Kenneth Scott. He was an Artist who collaborated on Quake III Arena, DOOM 3 and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. I managed to find a better version of the logo a year ago when I started looking to archive material done for the project around the internet. I patiently wait for id to release a build of the game and see the soup of ideas implemented in, even if it's left unfinished. This is the project that made a change to the new Doom games we know and enjoy.
  13. IrOn7HuB

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Doom 4. Not a spin-off, not a slayer rewrite. Just the original project as it was intended and originally directed, or simply let it be released unfinished. That's the last Doom game I want to try and nobody can't convince me otherwise. I tried all Doom games, even after DOOM Eternal, I want to go back to the roots when demons used to be scary, feeling alienated by it and fighting them with serious gore. The feel of Doom has science-fiction alongside action packed elements around it as a method of survival.