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  1. MetalGuy213

    Multiplayer Project Feedback

    Alright alright...... I surrender..... i'm now gonna hear all these Zandro Questions and better things... i'm gonna stop being a retard...... :/ I'm kinda sorry but... i have a Spanish-English Grammar in my hands that costs me to read us.....
  2. MetalGuy213

    Why my ZDaemon account isn't is activated still?

    Nevermind Mah Bois/Gurls.... My Account is now activated finally.... for the Mother God to add stuff and other things that are related up.. PS:i have now a huge headache. -NoobKing/MetalGuy213
  3. MetalGuy213

    Current list of Clans (All ports)

    For being honest... i don't see anymore FW members in any part... the clan should be removed from the current list of clans that are active respectivity. NOTE: you forgoted adding other Zandro clans like Delt@ and MDS.
  4. MetalGuy213

    [Sun] - Simply Unbeatable Name

    another Forgotion :S Forgoted adding Nourprince in the clan. EDIT:i now leaved sun for NXW.... bring the clan back now as a Multi-Port Clan... so i can Edit the SUN roster for The SUN Members if any member of Sun is added.
  5. MetalGuy213

    Multiplayer Project Feedback

    dang..... thats a good thing for Multiplayer things for newbies and a good thing to increase my things for my projects. maybe could be another thing to still inprove something on my things on Doom..... Good feedback Decay.
  6. MetalGuy213

    Community's Doomed Videos

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag5p0VgDy-o&feature=youtu.be new video to post... so.. this is my last chance to post a Doom Video on this... maybe Grymmoire's map is pretty great for ZDW users to check how good is it..... is lesser lagger and 3 minute battle.
  7. MetalGuy213

    Patrick Star Skin

    to be totally honest at this skin.. it's a cartoon-made Skin by me. i've just decided making it with some sounds but no Gibbed sprites, maybe i can create gibbed sprites of this cartoonized skin later. Here are a demostration how he looks actually on the skin: Credits: Ian Summerfield - Sprites Spongebob Squarepants - Sounds Enjoy your stay and Have a Nice Childhood with this skin Download link:The Sentinel's Playground it's ok then i've posted this skin in Wads & MODS in Doomworld Forums, there are no a skin sub-forum here.
  8. MetalGuy213

    [Sun] - Simply Unbeatable Name

    Forgoted adding Heartless in the SUN Clan Roster.. maybe i'll still checking if there are more SUN members that dosen't are in the roster.
  9. MetalGuy213

    Best players

    Thanks for telling me that. thanks mr.DoomKid :) -MetalGuy213/NoobKing
  10. Named in thread but IDK if is it in the wrong thread or not.... but..... Why the ZDaemon Mods/admins still dosen't activate my account?.... I've just contacted to them but they didn't responded me or acticated my account like 1 month... Whats causing them to make them so much inactive? If any ZDaemon users talks whats happening to the Mods/Admins in this thread.. can be here... i still i can't wait to post good things and stuff on ZDaemon..
  11. MetalGuy213

    Best players

    there are my Consideration of the BEST CTF and DUEL PLAYERS!!! maybe i don't know what does mean Mid and "Jack of all trades": Best Capturer: Marcaek Best Mid : JCD Best Defense: Dranzer Best "Jack of all trades": Myself. Duel: OldSchool : Mack NewSchool : Turret Master/Gus Grav
  12. MetalGuy213

    Hexecution [Hexen DM]

    Wow.... Seems a niecer Deathmatch map for The Hexen Engine. great wad.
  13. MetalGuy213

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    Yet... Theres now a bit fix on the walls of AWDM02... now i've JUST added a curvy thing just here.
  14. MetalGuy213

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    Slot 15 Removed by Shogun due of technical illuses on his DoomBuilder
  15. MetalGuy213

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    There Ya Goes some Images of Doom on ZDoom wars!: