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  1. Hi john Romero
  2. I belive I heard this title before.
  3. you can't look up nor down in doom in the first place, so it's only natural that you can't see your feet.
  4. Who needs mapping when you have swag?
  5. here is the example of a problem I was talking before. On zdoom and other boom compatible ports player will move as fast as floor does. On doom retro your movement speed is close to none.
  6. I will send you one as soon as I get home.
  7. what do you know about misaligned bricks
  8. Some bugs with boom compatible "floor scroll move things" action. When floor texture is animated (liquid for example), it doesen't have a scrolling animation, and it stays in place, even though moving things still works. When floor scrolling is slow enough, it moves things much slower (so slow that without a microscope you might not even notice, it's moving) than in other ports, and that might cause desynchronization in some maps.
  9. me from my movie made at the last December.
  10. You look like milo casali. Could it be?
  11. try taking the doom 2 wad, open it in doom builder, and saving each of 30 maps into the separate wad. Now, you'll have an pwad that contains doom 2 maps only, so you can load custom iwads with it.
  12. This kind of wads are called total conversions. Check out freedoom phase 1 and 2
  13. your item and monster placement could be a bit better. Don't place obstacles items so close to each other, because you can get stuck between them. Remember to give player more space to move. Looks of the map are good at least. after you've got your wad done, you should change it's name, because it's hard to remember a wad called e1m1
  14. I ask this myself everyday.
  15. my name is Akira nice to meet you. What's yours?