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  1. I am suprised nobody mentioned Sky may be
  2. Please remember to post screenshots. Nobody will play your wad if you don't post any.
  3. I guess you're right. I apologise
  4. Japamese community project is made by people who live in Southern Africa, as the title suggests. Also SGT mark 4, who made brutal doom is Brazilian
  5. If I am not mistaken, you need some kind of permission to use the content you want to include in your wad. Did the author allow it to be used in other wads?
  6. Final version of Ihmn is now on idgames. Thank you all for your help, and we wish you have fun.
  7. thanks man. I was just about to upload it to idgames. I will fix that and send it there after that EDIT: I just uploaded it there. Waiting for acceptance
  8. Uploaded the final version. If no other bugs will be found, I will upload it to idgames tommorow.
  9. Here's a little bug I found today. I died from revenant's rocket, and restarted the level, while camera was still shaking. When I was alive again, camera was still shaking. It fixed itself when I got hurt. EDIT: yet another bug. If you include mapinfo in the wad you play, midi playing in the background of map32 is not going to be D_ULTIMA, but D_VICTORY.
  10. I fixed everything you mentioned above. Thanks for testing it in coop, because we weren't able to test it ourselveres, because our routers suck. Updated the main link.
  11. So I added blood waterfalls to map 24. Now it should work fine in every source port. BTW, we recommend using idclip and checking out who's the icon of sin this time. You propably won't recognise him, but his expression is kinda funny. I updated link in the main post. I hope you will enjoy this map much better now.
  12. I apologise mate, but I think memfis's idea is better. I never liked such countdowns. I will rework map 24 today, and will post it later.
  13. The problem is that we can't find any way around that. Many would say that mapinfo would be the best solution but the problem is that mapinfo is very glitchy, does not work for us half of the time, and many ports don't support it. We don't want to put any one switch maps there either. Anyone knows any other solution for this?
  14. Why not? Do you mean that story and monster screen aren't going to appear? We fixed it by adding map 25 which cannot be beaten and contains a wall of text with the plot and credits
  15. I updated the main post. We compiled it to be a little bit more finished. Some people told us it's a good idea, and we kinda think so too. Let's consider it a beta. When we get rid of all the main glitches, we will upload it to idgames archive. I hope you will have fun, and won't encounter any major bugs. changes: -Map 23 is now map 22. -Map 27 is now map 23. -Map 30 is now map 24. -We also added Map 25 with the big wall of text, including story and credits. -We deleted partimes. There is too much trouble with them -Added difficulty levels to every level now.