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  1. You look like milo casali. Could it be?
  2. try taking the doom 2 wad, open it in doom builder, and saving each of 30 maps into the separate wad. Now, you'll have an pwad that contains doom 2 maps only, so you can load custom iwads with it.
  3. This kind of wads are called total conversions. Check out freedoom phase 1 and 2
  4. your item and monster placement could be a bit better. Don't place obstacles items so close to each other, because you can get stuck between them. Remember to give player more space to move. Looks of the map are good at least. after you've got your wad done, you should change it's name, because it's hard to remember a wad called e1m1
  5. I ask this myself everyday.
  6. my name is Akira nice to meet you. What's yours?
  7. what is going on here?
  8. I am such a bad player, that I can't even beat my own maps.
  9. Both names are okay. I will call him shadow baron if I ever see him
  10. Corns? I don't see any corn on that picture. You mean horns? The second link leads to a wad of some sort, not to a graphic. If you simply want someone to put a part of one monster sprite to another, then I can do it. Gib animation would be possible for me to make too.
  11. depends on what exactly would you want to get drawn.
  12. Try violence, as it can be played with freedoom and it recolors freedooms sprites too Edit: Oops, seems like i've just offtoped. Sorry guys
  13. I want to see you make a topic "im working on a wad and dont know how to place player start" tommorow.
  14. I would use it in one of the maps of our upcoming megawad if you want. Though I would like to listen to more tracks of yours first.
  15. Don't create other rooms in your map before solving such a problen as not being able to create doors. You shoud make a map with the basic stuff in one room first, and then start with more advanced stuff