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  1. So me and my good friend AnonimVio decided to do a speedmapping session, and we kinda liked it. It was so interesting, that we both decided to speedmap some more sometime. We've decided to make a topic, where we will post a wad containing 2 map, mine and his, after every session. Feel free to play it, and tell us, what you think about it. Session 1:
  2. Let's be honest guys. He won't mange to play even 100 of them.
  3. Chamelenoel

    DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    Here is a recording of the problem. It is very easy to make it appear again. It happens on MAP03 of this wad: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/ihmn I double checked, and this error didn't occur in the previous version. I'd also like to report a bug that's been bothering me for a while now. It happens if you have more than one monitor. When you run the app in the fullscreen on one monitor, the cusor will still go outside of borders, making your game minimize when you click on your second monitor's desktop. After that, the cursor will not go outside of borders anymore, as long as you don't reboot the application.
  4. Chamelenoel

    DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    the newest build seems to be kinda buggy. When I playtested it, I got outside of the map for a breif moment, which has never happened before.
  5. This one is simmilar to quake's arcane diemensions
  6. Chamelenoel

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    "Dust" is considered to be a good game by those who know about this game. It's more known by it's original title "pył"
  7. Chamelenoel


    I can't deny the fact that you are at least trying. Continue your training, try new stuff, and maybe, one day you'll be as fabulous as I am some of the better mappers are.
  8. Chamelenoel

    DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    Is there any way of choosing the monitor, that the game is displayed on? Also, is there any way of making alwaysrun cvar not to flip the caps lock switch?
  9. Chamelenoel

    Any way to port the DOOM 1/UD MIDIs to DOOM II?

    there are lotsa wads with iwads midi on idgames though. For example: scythe 1
  10. Chamelenoel

    Looking for weird wads

    I am suprised nobody mentioned Sky may be
  11. Chamelenoel

    [Boom] Btlgs1

    Please remember to post screenshots. Nobody will play your wad if you don't post any.
  12. Chamelenoel

    Any wad authors outside the Americas/Europe?

    I guess you're right. I apologise
  13. Chamelenoel

    Any wad authors outside the Americas/Europe?

    Japamese community project is made by people who live in Southern Africa, as the title suggests. Also SGT mark 4, who made brutal doom is Brazilian
  14. Chamelenoel

    Uploading wad file with sound packs

    If I am not mistaken, you need some kind of permission to use the content you want to include in your wad. Did the author allow it to be used in other wads?
  15. Chamelenoel

    I Hate my Neighbors - 26 maps Megawad (NOW ON IDGAMES)

    Final version of Ihmn is now on idgames. Thank you all for your help, and we wish you have fun.