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  1. The KEX remaster features remastered sounds. Most other source ports will play the original sounds unless you really go out of your way to have the remastered sounds included. I'm speaking from 20 years of bias but I always found the original sounds to be just fine at 11kHz, and upping the frequency jerks me right out of my comfort zone. As for the OP - Quake has the grenade bounce sound and the Super Nailgun firing sound, so Quake wins.
  2. onetruepurple

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    The slime waterfall agenda, of course.
  3. onetruepurple

    Quake Remastered

    I know that feeling alright. Quake mapping can be absolute magic when all the stars align - regardless of whether you're putting together a Dark Souls vista of a windswept cliffside palace, or a rotting, half-sunk wooden shack - and you've articulated the "why" of it perfectly. I was actually a little giddy reading your post. For such early times (I know this post comes months after) you seem to be doing everything right, and I hope to see more stuff from you.
  4. onetruepurple

    What's your Doom mapping bucket list?

    For now it's just "make a map"...
  5. onetruepurple

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    Southern Gothic.
  6. onetruepurple

    The DWmegawad Club plays: KINDa

    A lesser known member of the same family as decino and Fabino.
  7. onetruepurple

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

    Romero does tend to prefer licensing existing content rather than commissioning brand new stuff in general.
  8. onetruepurple

    Quake and Doom goofy?

    Quake E4M4 is as scary to me at 29 as it was at 9.
  9. onetruepurple

    Quake Remastered

    You can, however, extract the entity lump from a compiled bsp, which would include all the light entities, and copy those over to the map sources. (Not saying that somebody needs to walk the extra mile to fix the lighting issues in the reissued maps, just pointing that out.)
  10. onetruepurple

    Quake Remastered

    AoP makes the Master Levels look like BTSX.
  11. onetruepurple

    Overcome - A MIDI Album

  12. onetruepurple

    Various Doom logos?

  13. onetruepurple

    Super Shotgun guy?

    Make him twice as bald.