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  1. onetruepurple

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    How? The original Doom maps still have some fans, as seen in this thread, but the Quake campaign is still at a remarkably higher level, even including the oft derided Sandy maps (some of which are my favorites to this day). It's still fun to bash a bunch of Ogres with nails in E2M5 in a way getting lost in MAP15 is not. The public's general perception of the game has gone up, since 10 or even 5 years ago people would slag it off as "disparate" and "mashed together" (as if those words had a negative inclination in the first place???). Nowadays there's more appreciation for the jaunting across multiple dimensions. Quake's default art just looks better than Doom's, in my opinion, thanks to the palette not being a garish mess this time. It does a lot more with 256 colors than Doom did. If you take the most "historically accurate" ports of each respective game, and take three screenshots of the best looking areas in each game, the Quake screenshots will always look better than Doom's. Don't even get me started on custom content for each. Even out of the box, Quake had basic tools to make every map feel like a lived-in area, with ambient sounds and patrolling monsters. Doom doesn't have that advantage - even the most recent releases for the most far-out source ports will have silly stuff like a map starting with a horde of Imps trying to walk towards a wall, since they didn't give the monsters standing animations. The original Quake deathmatch is still incomparable to anything - Q3A was a close second, but. I'm not slagging Doom here (or at least I'm not trying to). But even as a failed-RPG-cum-another-shooter-put-together-in-7-months-of-crunch, vanilla Quake comes across as a better game in 2018 than vanilla Doom.
  2. onetruepurple

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    Not as well as Quake. ;-)
  3. onetruepurple

    Pushing yourself as a mapper - how necessary is it?

    No, bollocks to that. It's a hobby and you should be enjoying yourself first and foremost.
  4. onetruepurple

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    RIP QUMP 2. :(
  5. onetruepurple


    The Mancubus in Doom Eternal was redesigned to be closer to the original. The Archvile is back, possibly bumping its ersatz version Summoner back to the players' bench. The regular Imp was allegedly touched up a bit too (though I don't see the difference offhand and can't find the comparison picture). id is well aware of what the player base thinks, and they simply must know that the 2016 Cyberdemon design was not liked a whole lot. Should we expect a new Cyberdemon model that's closer to the 1993 original? Discuss.
  6. onetruepurple

    Story hints

    A Crucible is also a melting pot.
  7. onetruepurple

    Wads that feature time travel?

    Going Down, MAP05.
  8. onetruepurple

    Bring Back D_RUNNIN

    That is all.
  9. onetruepurple

    People Still Play Quake 1-2 SP? Any Maps?

    Quake has seen 115 new maps in the past year. Help yourself.
  10. onetruepurple

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    MrDope, have you checked the screenshots for any metadata that could potentially reveal your identity? Adding text comments within a png is banal.
  11. onetruepurple

    You MUST play this Quake map pack.

    Ello guys, An update for Arcane Dimensions came out yesterday, and you may find it pretty interesting: