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Status Updates posted by Egg Boy

  1. I am convinced the reason Doom Guy is not in Smash is because Nintendo said they would only do it if Id could get Doom Eternal running on the switch.

    1. Marn


      I thought Eternal was on switch or is this some multilayered joke I'm not understanding?

    2. Egg Boy

      Egg Boy


      I thought Eternal was on switch or is this some multilayered joke I'm not understanding?

      They announced it, but no news on it since, and it certainly hasn't released yet.

  2. I am now a senior member! I don't like that word, I mean, its only been... dear lord six years! And I've barely released a thing.

  3. playing Perdition's Gate while I try to figure out to do with this last map for my next map set. So far, its pretty unique aesthetically. This would have fit in quite well as a 3rd entry in Final Doom.

  4. Just replayed Scythe X, and boy, it could have been a masterpiece had Erik Alm finished it.

    1. Egg Boy

      Egg Boy

      not to say it isn't already a masterpiece, but it is clearly unfinished with a cliffhanger that never gets resolved.

  5. ding! I finally know where to start with my speedmap, only took... one hour. Well, my speed maps my rules, and I thusly declare that the speedmapping doesn't start until I draw the first seg.

  6. more speedmapping tonight! Hope to start- and finish map04.

  7. map04 of alien vendetta was a mistake.

  8. Don't think I've ever played Alien Vendetta the entire way through, going to have to change that today.

  9. Still playing Doom 2 the Way Id Did, map20 is amazing, especially near the end where the platformer lowers into an encounter, really creative stuff.

    1. esselfortium


      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  10. Releasing my Quake themed map for a community project as a standalone today. Just making a lil end map so that you don't get booted to map02 of doom2 with a fucked up palette :)

  11. Playing Doom 2 The Way Id Did, I really like the layouts so far.

  12. If anyone has any ideas on how to make Liminal Doom actually playable, lemme know.

  13. The release of Half Life Alyx's dev tools made me realize it is now possible to make "my house" maps in vr. The future is now. VR can literally be your home away from home.

  14. every time I open map02 it cracks me up


  15. Working on what i want to be a 5 map mini-sode, but I find that forcing myself to map really doesn't work. Despite the fact that I really, REALLY want to map.

    1. Alper002


      I've been having that too, it's so annoying!

  16. thinking of making extremely niche youtube videos about WADs I think are neat and calling them "wads I think are neat"

    1. Alper002


      I think I'd like watching videos like those :)

    2. Endless


      I'm all in for some Doom wads analysis videos.

    3. sluggard


      that would be neat :)

  17. Evolution of the Wad needs to come back and do an episode on Doom 64 now that we have an official port and even have a number of test maps made before development began. In general, if evolution of the wad came back I'd be VERY happy.

  18. can't map, can only play animal crossing

  19. Animal Crossing New Horizons good; water wet

  20. Oh boy! Looks like they fixed the search function and the activity page. Thank you Doomworld staff (whoever you are)! In other news, my pc no longer thinks Crispy Doom is a virus with the latest build, so I got that set up, and I found out how to change the audio to native midi, which pretty much fixes my only issue with the source-port.

  21. I think my favorite part of mapping is putting together the resource pack.

  22. Finally got FL Studio on my new PC, time to make some beats!

  23. Lots of infighting going on today, eh?

  24. I really do be in my room right now.

  25. in one week we'll be playing Eternal. Let's fucking go!