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  1. Hey, kind of want to acknowledge how fucking sick it was that I got mentioned in the cacowards. Didn't want to shit up the main thread with horn tooting, so I just wanted to say I'm really proud it was mentioned at all. Didn't really imagine it getting recognized, and I hope to make something even better, and more substantial in 2021. Thanks :)

    1. Noiser


      You totally deserve it! Your maps are exactly my cup of tea and I like them a lot. I would like to have more time and discipline to review them all (I will eventually). For some reason you remind me two of my favorite mappers, AD_79 and Breezeep - I think it's because both have a very clean style and a nice sense of level design

    2. Biodegradable


      The stuff you've been putting out has been terrific mate. Well earned mention