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  1. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    What Remains is a vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2, featuring an original soundtrack. In What Remains, you will explore aquatic techbases and what lies beneath the ocean. Difficulties are implemented. Mouselook, jumping, and crouching should be disabled if you're playing on a port with those features. If you are playing on Chocolate Doom, you can load the Dehacked normally, or use the "-dehlump" command to load it directly from inside the WAD. A full map list and more can be found in the text file. Maplist: Map01 - Bitch Homunculus by @Egg Boy Map02 - HOTHOTHOT by @Skronkidonk Map03 - The Hamburglar Mines by @ZeMystic Map04 - Titillating Tech by @T.Will Map05 - Drowning in the Stream of Consciousness by @AD_79 Download: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/v-z/whtrmns ----- OTHER SQUONKER JOINTS
  2. Egg Boy

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    You’re right, Ren and Stimpy was the Ren and Stimpy killer.
  3. Egg Boy

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    Saying Duke Nukem 3D is as culturally significant as Doom is similar to saying Alex Kidd is as culturally significant as Super Mario.
  4. Egg Boy

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    can't wait to watch people die on map10.
  5. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    It’s on idgames. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/v-z/whtrmns
  6. Egg Boy

    Thoughts on Gatekeeping

    I thought this thread was gonna get locked a page ago
  7. Egg Boy

    My First Wad (Lab Raid)

    Its a start! For your next map, I recommend messing with height variety, taller rooms, sniper enemies, stuff that makes doom special. Maybe try adding a key with an ambush. No one's first map is the best thing ever, keep at it.
  8. Egg Boy

    Thoughts on Gatekeeping

    I believe all types of people should be able to participate in the forums. But rules are not a form of gatekeeping. The only thing they're keeping you from doing is wasting everyone else's time. You want to share a cool piece of doom art you found? Cool. Make sure you credit the artist and post it in the Doom Pictures thread. You want to post updates to your in progress wad? Do it all in one thread. You want to post low effort trash? Don't. And this has nothing to do with the level of quality. IMO there are lots of newbies that post their first earnest attempt at mapping and are met with users that are happy to play their work and give adequate feedback. But posting obvious bait should be punished. I disagree with this sentiment, this is a great place to learn about Doom, hell there's an entire subsection of the forums dedicated to editing questions. Lots of folk around here will be happy to help newcomers, I don't think there's anything wrong with someone coming here seeking advice or to be taught. Without the forums I would definitely not be where I am today, I learned a great deal from the forums, due to the community.
  9. Egg Boy

    [RC2] ACTINIA - A -cl9 Plutonia minisode

    Named after the Outkast record I assume? I’ll give it a shot after work tomorrow!
  10. would probably look something like this (no particular order): RE2:Remake Elden Ring Doom Eternal Undertale Modern Hitman Trilogy (you can play them all in Hitman 3, it counts) Mario Odyssey Guilty Gear: Strive Dark Souls III Left 4 Dead 2 Doom 2 There are a lot of newer games on here, but what can I say, sometimes good games come out.
  11. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    This will be fixed in the Id games release, I have no idea why this happens, it works completely in complevel 2 and chocolate doom, so i recommend trying one of those until it comes to idgames.
  12. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Truly appreciate the kind words. Incoming Squonker lore: this wad was initially to be a less intensive project using primarily vanilla textures, inspired by Arrival. Eventually we carved out a slightly more specific theme and went with that, but maybe you can taste a bit of the influence if you squint hard enough... er... with your tongue, I guess.
  13. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    I will look into it. Intended complevel is 2
  14. Frankly, dealing with 20 pinkies and 10 hell knights with just a shotgun sounds a bit more boring than “wading” through hit scanners. I prefer when the first map gets on with it, but not when it grinds the wad to a stop before it even properly gets started.
  15. Egg Boy

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    Pagodia is a vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2 featuring varied, japan-inspired settings. The wad is split into 3 distinct themes: Village, Techno-shrine, and Cyberpunk City. Difficulties are implemented. Mouselook, jumping, and crouching should be disabled if you're playing on a port with those features. If you are playing on Chocolate Doom, you can load the Dehacked normally, or use the "-dehlump" command to load it directly from inside the WAD. A full map list and more can be found in the text file. Note: When running in chocolate doom, please use the "-merge" command. Map List: Map01 - Lean Machine by @Egg Boy Map02 - Tozan by @T.Will Map03 - Triple Threat by @Bobby "J @Egg Boy @ZeMystic Map04 - Grimy Waifu by @Egg Boy Map05 - Spaghetti Complex by @T.Will Map06 - Nojisumire by @Aurelius Map07 - Concrete Swan Dive by @ZeMystic Map08 - Tiny Tokyo by @Skronkidonk Map09 - Mass Production by @Juza Download: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/p-r/pagodia ----- OTHER SQUONKER JOINTS
  16. Egg Boy

    Let's discuss the essence of Doom

    People seem to forget that Doom was already a cultural milestone before mods. Perhaps the community would not be so big, but I wholeheartedly believe we would still be discussing Doom today even if it lacked mods.
  17. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Don’t worry about it, I was just afraid you didn’t have a good time because you got hung up on things I didn’t intend you to lol
  18. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Yep, it changes every major encounter after the teleporter in the area where the stairs raise later.
  19. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    I really need to stress that you if you're struggling with the difficulty, you should bump it down. Now to address your questions at the end of the map: 1. the plasma gun is in the "hard mode" area, which closes once you progress a certain amount, the hard mode thing actually makes the map way harder, but its completely optional, all the monsters that would have teleported in die once you get to the final room, so, again, its a completely optional extra difficulty mode, that rewards you with the plasma gun. 2. you opened the secret teleporter right at the start of the map, it was the switch in the cubby with the shotgunner, you walked away as soon as you pressed it for some reason. 3. the plasma deep in the ground raises once you activate "hard mode"
  20. Egg Boy

    Doomcute thread

    I've gotten into the habit of trying to do 1 piece of Doomcute in all my maps, I think it gives a little character to my mostly abstract style. Here's one from Pagodia, of a ramen stand and parking lot . and here's one from What Remains, of a boat, more specifically, the legally distinct SS Bootleg, featuring fake 3d slopes.
  21. Egg Boy

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    On a more detailed note, I use crates a lot, like, every map a lot. They’re perfect on demand cover to add to your arena where a short wall wouldn’t really make sense. You never have to explain crates and you can do so much with them, hide enemies behind them, put snipers on top of them, use them as cover from an archvile, etc. There’s a reason crates have a long, storied history with FPS, dating back to Doom and up to modern games like Counter Strike Global Offensive (which came out 10 years ago, but who’s counting?)
  22. Egg Boy

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    Lol no
  23. Played in Crispy Doom on UV (DSDA Doom crashes because you messed up the PNAMES, and TEXTURE1, to fix this, remove the "sky5" lump, which goes unused, in both and put "PP_START" before the textures in the wad and "PP_END" after them and you should be good to go). There was some nice detailing for a first map here and there, and I liked the odd anime reference in the secrets, but ultimately there are some things that could be ironed out in your next release. The layout is aimless, to put it bluntly, it could be simplified to a straight line, this can be squelched by giving the players different routes to get to the same place, and having the layout loop back into itself. It doesn't have to be a non-linear map, but at least have the layout open up as you go. Coming back to an area you've already been from a different angle sparks that "eureka" feeling in the mind of the player, making your maps more memorable. Another major issue in the level design is the lack of height variety. Stairs do crop up from time to time, but they might as well not exist because they just lead to other flat rooms. Try to make rooms that overlook other rooms, raised platforms over pits, stair cases within rooms, these make the map more interesting to traverse and simultaneously add dynamism to combat. Speaking of, the bread and butter of the combat is opening a door, and shooting whatever is directly in front of you, leading to dull, monotonous gameplay. To make things interesting, add sniper monsters, and closets that open behind you. Take advantage of doom's strengths to create a memorable experience. Focusing on something more specific and a bit more positive, I found the yellow key area you teleport to to be by far the best part of the map. Here, you incorporate a bit more verticality with the abstract structure resting on the water. I was surprised to see something like this when the rest of the map had been such an open and shut case. You could improve the area by adding more ways onto the structure, or maybe letting the player go around it without even having to go on it, though I would recommend putting some sort of incentive to go up there, a blue armor or new weapon or something, then triggering an optional encounter. Would be nice. However, you should make sure the player gets the yellow key before entering the path that teleports you to the yellow key door, if the player chooses this path first, they may have to go all the way back around and teleport to the area once again. Anyway, hope you found this useful, I also edited the wad so that it works in DSDA Doom, but making the changes listed in the first paragraph. TAMFO_fix.zip
  24. Egg Boy

    Bing Bong Blippo | 9 map vanilla episode - RC2!

    Let it be known that the title is off center in the banner. I hope this has ruined your day.