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  1. Egg Boy

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'd recommend choosing something accessible then lowering the difficulty to Hey, Not too Rough. Seriously. A lot of WADs' lower difficulties are balanced around beginners and are often about as hard as Doom 2 on UV.
  2. I am convinced the reason Doom Guy is not in Smash is because Nintendo said they would only do it if Id could get Doom Eternal running on the switch.

    1. Marn


      I thought Eternal was on switch or is this some multilayered joke I'm not understanding?

    2. Egg Boy

      Egg Boy


      I thought Eternal was on switch or is this some multilayered joke I'm not understanding?

      They announced it, but no news on it since, and it certainly hasn't released yet.

  3. As the title says, I'm looking for a status bar that fits the theme of a WAD I have in progress. Not really sure where to start looking for these, so I was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction. For context, I've provided some screenshots of my WAD below. I apologize if this is an unreasonable request.
  4. Egg Boy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Ah yes, the Browndry. Seriously though, amazing looking stuff.
  5. Probably E4M6 on most days, and E4M2 on others.
  6. Egg Boy

    Looking for status bars to use in my WAD

    Thank you guys! There's actually an Egyptian themed status bar that is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
  7. Egg Boy

    RECKONER.WAD Doom 2 - WIP by a new mapper

    Didn't hate my time with these. Short, and not terribly offensive. There were a number of instances where textures were missing/applied sloppily, moreso in map01. I much prefered map02, with its organic tech walls and hyper verticality. Progression wasn't really clear or obvious, I just kind of walked around and flipped switches. When you design maps, you should try to make it clear what the player is doing, and lead them to a goal that they are already aware of, like, for instance a key they can see through a window, and later retrieve to open a door they had already passed.
  8. Egg Boy

    [Limit-Removing] - Zeramida (on idgames)

    A bite sized adventure map. Fun stuff for sure. Really reminded me of the good stuff from Alien Vendetta, due mostly to the tight corridors that can get a bit crowded. The last fight took me 2 tries, but for the most part, its a fun, easy going map with amazing atmosphere. I really admire the sense of place this map has, it really feels like an actual setting rather than an encounter playground. Good stuff.
  9. Egg Boy

    A little teaser for my upcoming first WAD

    looks pretty good for a first map, especially noting the scale, first maps tend to be highly compressed, but this looks fairly open, perhaps even a bit too much with the first screenshot. Won't know until I try it, just making observations. Keep it up!
  10. Maybe they WERE actually larger, you're just in a different dimension. Have you heard of the Mandela effect? In this twelve thousand word essay I will
  11. Egg Boy


    I'll try it out soon, but you may want to change the name, there's already a pretty well known set called "Coffee Break"
  12. Howdy! Here's a set of 3 speed maps I made recently. Difficulties are not implemented, but they are pretty easy. Every map has been tested in Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, and PR-Boom+. Basically: it should run on anything you've got. Included in the .zip is the WAD and a text file containing credits on everything used in the wad. Altogether, this WAD should take about 10 minutes to complete, give or take. Feedback would be appreciated :) Blood Foundry.zip Screenshizzles:
  13. Egg Boy

    New map: Throttle (Short) - Updated to v1.1

    Heya! Had some time today so I played this. And overall, it's a pretty fun and easy beginner map. Though, I doubt it'll run in anything other than GZDoom, I originally tried to run it in Pr-Boom+, but it was completely broken, I'm going to assume, because the textures aren't in doom format. That's not a problem though, you clearly state that you tested in GZDOOM, so I'll just have to suck it up and play it there haha. I'll start with the visuals. First of all, the texture choice works, for the most part. There are a few odd texture combos, like the wood on the ceiling above the bridge. There were also a number of texture misalignments. Remember: CTRL-A is auto align, and using "lower unpeg" and "upper unpeg" will also help to align textures where floors or ceilings are lowered. Speaking of odd choices, I don't understand the point of the imp variations, they don't really add anything to the map, and I would honestly lose them. In terms of geometric complexity and detailing, it was 90s-ish. Which is completely fine, I mean, it works for the classic maps. I do like the nonorthogonal walls, the map is not square at all, and I like that, gives it some interesting angles, which contributes to the gameplay. Speaking of, lets talk about the actual contents of the map. Its a straightforward and easy romp through a techbase. Basic stuff, but if it ain't broke, don't don't fix it. I think your revenant placement is a bit basic, I would have one of them sniping the player from a platform. The area where you get the blue key is a bit disappointing. You collect this key, and everything goes dark. "Oh boy, I'm really in for it now!" I think. Then... a single revenant. A bit easy innit? I would have that platform lower, opening up the room, and reveal a number of baddies, making the player fight for that key. Finally, the archvile at the end is hardly threatening. Perhaps spawn one in the main room while the player is fighting for the blue key, giving it time to revive stuff. That's it for my gameplay gripes. One last thing though, I noticed that there are a number of errors in the GZDoom loader when loading the map, this doesn't really break anything, but its a bit untidy. Anyhow, hope you found this useful, fun map, good stuff for an early attempt. I would just really work on that texturing.
  14. Egg Boy

    Blood Foundry, 3 Vanilla Speed Maps

    Thanks for playing, Clippy! I'm glad you enjoyed the maps. Don't be so down on yourself, I don't think the problem was your skill, but rather, your approach. These maps reward aggressive gameplay for the most part, for most encounters, I tried, in some way to force the player to push through the enemies. However, in most of these, you like to hang back and wait for the monsters to come to you, nothing wrong with this approach, but it doesn't work quite as well for these maps (notice how you are basically on a timer for map02, since there are very few radsuits, if you play fast and offensively, its enough to get you through the map without taking any more floor damage than what you recieve before getting the first one). Also, thanks for playing continuous, they weren't really designed for this in mind, but it seems to work fairly well. I imagine this would not be the case if that soul sphere wasn't in map02 haha. Anyhow, no worries, my next map set will have difficulties implemented. Again, thanks for playing, and thanks for being fashionably late ;)
  15. Egg Boy


    Finally got around to these last few maps! Here's some feedback as usual, and like last time, they will be by map since there are so few. Map27: I'm going to assume you are intended to punch the cyberdemon. Its a bit boring, but he doesn't take long to kill, might be nicer if you did damage to him with barrels or something prior to the player entering that area so that it isn't such a dull 30 seconds, haha. The part with all the lowering walls coming down, layer after layer, to reveal stronger monsters was really cute, reminded me of something Sandy Petersen might do in monster condo, which, again, was probably intentional because of the name. The ending of the map is also an obvious homage to monster condo. I've noticed a trend with these later maps being extremely referential. Honestly, its not a huge deal to me, but it does seem like ideas are getting a bit harder to come by, this late in the game. Map28: A slaughter-lite map. Kind of feels like a blown up Dead Simple with the focus on arachnotrons and mancubuses. A will say, I felt like the first and last cyberdemons were the only ones that mattered, the rest were just kind of there, not particularly threatening since they are behind a ton of meatshields. For the most part, though, I enjoyed the map, my favorite part was the pinch you get into when the two archviles are revealed, and there are like 40 mancubuses behind you, a nasty trap for sure! Map29: And as precedent was set by Plutonia and Scythe, the second to last map must be a city map! This one felt like Scoot the Burbs but turned up to 11. Lots of fun, the BFG secret is hilarious, as well. One of my favorites in the set for sure, very simple, but very fun. One problem I have with it is that its kind of anticlimactic. Everything after the blue key is a breeze, and even the mancubus that spawn in before it aren't much trouble. Still, its a fun arena map. Map30: Honestly, this one's not for me. It just felt too grindy, even with the BFG secret in mind. I only got 81% of the kills because I didn't bother killing the archvile sniper horde, the caco horde and the mancubus sniper horde. I cleaned out the first room, then basically used it as a safe space whenever I didn't feel like fighting whatever was around me, since all teleporters take you there.
  16. Egg Boy

    Great Wads with Exclusively Stock Textures

    Demonastery has quite a few custom textures, but most of them feel pretty vanilla so idk, they should definitely play it because its great, but I'm not sure it fits the stipulation. Also, play Fava Beans
  17. I am now a senior member! I don't like that word, I mean, its only been... dear lord six years! And I've barely released a thing.

  18. Egg Boy

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I also feel that the level design in Doom 2 is often more kinetic, and vertical than Doom 1, it has a lot of new and interesting ideas. A lot of Doom 1 follows the dungeon crawler style, but Doom 2 gets a lot more gimmicky and fun if you ask me. Picking Doom 1 or Doom 2 is like picking a favorite child, however. I simply can't.
  19. Egg Boy

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    This is not controversial, it's adorable! :)
  20. Egg Boy

    your favorite megawad

    Scythe X is the best Megawad to never be finished.
  21. Egg Boy

    Best Episode Three Map?

    Mt. Erebus FOR SURE
  22. playing Perdition's Gate while I try to figure out to do with this last map for my next map set. So far, its pretty unique aesthetically. This would have fit in quite well as a 3rd entry in Final Doom.

  23. Just replayed Scythe X, and boy, it could have been a masterpiece had Erik Alm finished it.

    1. Egg Boy

      Egg Boy

      not to say it isn't already a masterpiece, but it is clearly unfinished with a cliffhanger that never gets resolved.

  24. Egg Boy

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    I work at a pizza place, and I like to think I know what I like on a pizza. I always make myself pineapple, jalapeno and bacon. Its sweet, spicy, and bit crunchy. Why, that's almost the entire food pyramid.
  25. Thanks for playing! To answer a few of the questions you seemed to have: In map01, that secret switch you flipped is what lowered the walls revealing the 2 secrets. In map03, the map is pretty non-linear, you can collect the keys in any order as long as the red key is not first. Both key doors lead to the same room, just a different part of it. The last key you collect is what triggers the final battle, depending on which key you collect last, the fight can end up being pretty different (being in the middle of it if yellow is last, having the high ground if red is last, likely meeting the baron and co. in the hallway if blue is last). This is probably the most non-linear map I've made, and I'm proud of it. There was originally going to be more maps, probably around 5 or so, but I got bored of the red and silver theme, this is why the weaponry is pretty limited. Also, map03 only uses Doom 1 weapons and monsters, which was a deliberate decision on my part. No one else picked up on that, but I thought you would, you usually do pick up on little details like that, but perhaps it wasn't so obvious since the rest of the set doesn't really have exclusive doom 2 weapons either. Again, and like always, I appreciate what you do. Keep it up. And I should have another mini set of 4 maps releasing in the next week or so.