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  1. its free registration
  2. Lazarus mod by Victor cajal
  3. i been playing touhou doom for a month and i got the idea to play the hell on earth starter pack but facing the touhou monsters and bosses and i started working on a replacer with the resources used in the touhou doom pk3 created by dustedpandemonic this is the result sorry for my bad english i hope you enjoy this mod thanks to Twilight Frontier and Shanghai Alice/ZUN for some sprites and DustedPandemonic for the scripting and models link to moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/touhou-earth-invasion/downloads/touhouearthinvasion ok i let a link to mega: https://mega.nz/#!X0oXiQyD!CoRky8pfiInebbIncxT_s3BaIw_HxIohlQbKgC7XhCw the mod is compatible with various gameplay mods and wads
  4. I realy want this map pack wad i dont remember his name is this the wad that Terminus are playing with dragon Doom
  5. I need a only monseters version of halo Doom cos please working on Gzdoom
  6. I modificate the decorate of a monster like bruiser and one bases on Touhou project i will upload a video of a modification of the last level of plutonia whit this monsters
  7. Here are a boss fight you can see the effect of each weapon https://youtu.be/32GLgbrtiGs
  8. There are a vĂ­deo of a weapon test https://youtu.be/gxFhqpTR4us my work is only a add on
  9. I take a screenshots but upload them to my facebook wall jefe are the link https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=780837422046581&id=100003609925530&set=rpd.100003609925530&source=49&refid=17 Thanks i send you a mail white the descripcion and the download link for my pk3
  10. I will making a project with new monsters and items (from realms667) but the only problem i got is i don't have a computer al the work like scripting and making compatible all the monsters and items with the DooM iwad i do it in my tablet but i realy want to someone we can't help me to create some maps forma my project (Sorry forma my bad inglish)weapon test https://youtu.be/gxFhqpTR4us