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  1. i been playing touhou doom for a month and i got the idea to play the hell on earth starter pack but facing the touhou monsters and bosses and i started working on a replacer with the resources used in the touhou doom pk3 created by dustedpandemonic this is the result


    sorry for my bad english i hope you enjoy this mod 


    thanks to Twilight Frontier and Shanghai Alice/ZUN for some sprites and DustedPandemonic for the scripting and models 


    link to moddb:  http://www.moddb.com/mods/touhou-earth-invasion/downloads/touhouearthinvasion


    ok i let a link to mega: https://mega.nz/#!X0oXiQyD!CoRky8pfiInebbIncxT_s3BaIw_HxIohlQbKgC7XhCw


    the mod is compatible with various gameplay mods and wads 








  2. On 9/2/2012 at 5:09 AM, gruntkiller4000 said:

    mod edit: This is the thread to ask about specific pwads that you remember (e.g. you played them years ago or have heard/seen information about them) but can't locate. Maybe you can't remember the name, or searching based on what you remember has not proved successful. Give us much specific information as you can to help identify the wad, and maybe someone will be able to assist you.

    Do not use this thread to ask for warez, or wads that can't legally be distributed.

    Do not make general requests for certain types of maps (e.g. a map with lots of cyberdemons). These should be made in other threads and will be removed from this one.

    Now back to the original post:

    Do you people know where this custom doom map can be found. I seem to have played it 3 or 4 years ago but I can't remember what it's name was. I think I have lost the file ages ago. But I do remember some parts of the map. This is what the map included:
    - I think the story was about an experiment that went wrong.
    - It involves major laboratory scenes as well as some outdoor too.
    - It included totally different monster/weapon sprites.
    - The player started (I think) inside a garage-like room then into an open yard.
    - There was at some points a 3D-model Imp with no animations apart from trying to attack the player, and a 3D-model guy (I think he was red). It will explode when he touches the player.
    - The sky was clear blue.
    - The mod was for ZDoom.
    - This also involved major ZDoom features like 3d-floors and slopes.

    Could you please identify this zdoom maps because it's almost impossible for me to find one on the Internet without knowing it's name! Thanks!

    I realy want this map pack wad i dont remember his name is this the wad that Terminus are playing with dragon Doom



  3. Lycaon said:

    Yeah I'm sorry if it looked like I was tlaking to you, I merely quoted you because what I was gonna say followed what you were saying.

    EDIT: ultimately I think the problem with ambition is when you don't have a well thought concept or idea beyond using random custom content and scripts with gimmicks. That alone won't do, you need to know how to create tension and moments with those new elements, and some sort of a story to make sense out of it, though this can be optional if gameplay is excelent.

    I modificate the decorate of a monster like bruiser and one bases on Touhou project i will upload a video of a modification of the last level of plutonia whit this monsters

  4. Chezza said:

    I am doing exactly what you're planning to do Leoy. I proclaimed my first wad to be a megawad with scripting, UDMF features and a whole lot of custom content. It easily becomes overwhelming, especially when you spend months making a few maps and steam is starting to run out. And I am learning that custom monsters is not the best choice unless you're skilled and creative enough to make unique and fun scenarios that the stock roster can't fulfill.

    It took my 8 complete maps and 6 months of work to finally appreciate that fact. If you REALLY want to go this route, be prepared to spend a very long time reading DoomWiki, asking lots of questions on Doom World, testing lots of scripts and lots and lots of bug fixing.

    There are a vídeo of a weapon test https://youtu.be/gxFhqpTR4us my work is only a add on