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  1. HIB

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Speed of Doom

    +++ New Gothic Movement 2 and Deus Vult 2
  2. HIB

    Most recent movie you saw

    Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning. Really underappreciated Straight-to-DVD movie. Awesome action scenes, DOLPH LUNDGREN, gallons of blood and really enjoyable plot.
  3. HIB

    Are there any mods that are like Sunlust but

    I have played Sunlust on HMP. And I am not ashamed of it. Lower the difficulty and enjoy the wad (I picked UV when I got to the map 20-something). As Dime said; Misama is also cool.
  4. HIB

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    I really like this one. Dunno why but it suites me better than first Newgothic Movement. Keep up the good work. Map 03 is my favourite right now.
  5. HIB

    Doom 64 is NOT Doom (DEBUNKED)

    DOOM 64 is more DOOM than this new average installment. Plus Doom 64 levels are even better than Doom 2's ones.
  6. HIB

    Most recent movie you saw

    Arrival. Amazing movie.
  7. I don't care what is relevant to wider community. Brutal Doom 64 is just as mediocre as BD itself and Ancient Aliens is a work of modding art. Hell, even Toilet of the gods (which deserves better recognition, because it's great) would suite that nomination more than .wad (IN MY OPINION) that screw up whole game.
  8. People debating lore in a game about being badass space marine and killing stuff. I don't get it.
  9. Definitely "Go Fuck Yourself" from Sunlust. Amazing map. MAP 29 from Going Down is also great as well. Swift Death's "Imperium" was also amazing, balls hard but super cool.
  10. HIB

    What are your top 5 PWADs?

    Completely forgot about them, especially CS 2 takes special place in my young Doom heart. Being balls hard and fun at the same time, one of first slaughter wads I have ever played. Can't wait to see Combat Shock 3 (if it will ever happen). Or some cooperation with Ribbiks to create another Sunlust quality wad.
  11. HIB

    What are you playing now?

    Right now I am playing Scythe 2 on UV without saves. It is great so far (Egypt levels). After that I am going to play some serious Toilet of the Gods on UV (played it on both HNTR and HMP) with no saves.
  12. HIB

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I nominate Toilet of the Gods for TOP 10 wads of the year.. Amazing pack of maps with some crazy difficulty.
  13. First - sorry for the bump. Second - OH MY GOD! It is so good. Really. Ribbiks-wad-like difficulty with awesome aesthetics. Great job! Is this completed so I can vote for it in Cacowards threat? This brought me back to 2013 when I first played Swim With The Wales MAP03. Complete, skill demanding Doomguy rape. Once again, congratulations.
  14. HIB

    Best Doom Mappers?

    My favorite Doom mappers (no particular order): Huy "Doom Marine" Pham Ribbiks Cyriak Harris (mouldy) Skillsaw Eric Alm
  15. HIB

    anybody got any wads suggestion i should play?

    Go check Deus Vult 2, in my opinion best .wad ever.