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  1. sduensin

    Project TWANGO

    Just a follow up... We're moving again! A large amount of the DOS UI code now runs under Linux where it can be properly debugged and enhanced. Drop by the Discord!
  2. sduensin

    Project TWANGO

    I already have it working, although with some bugs (RGB byte order, some pointer fubars, etc). This is what I want help with. I've taken the DOS port and merged it back into the FLTK master branch code. The DOS port I am using provides the low-level hardware access for reading the keyboard and mouse as well as the VESA SVGA code to draw to the screen. However, it also uses 8.3 filenames which there's really not a need for during development. So I took the FLTK "driver" bits and made them work with the master branch of FLTK 1.4. Then I simplified the driver by removing the legacy Allegro code and only leaving the new SVGA code. Finally, I took the low-level DOS stuff and split it off the driver and wrote Linux stubs for all those functions. The end goal is to have a driver for FLTK that runs on both Linux and DOS so I can debug and enhance it using modern tools on my Linux box. It's getting there. But I'd love help! (Also, FYI, there's a lot more complete than just a broken GUI port. The client and server communications, security as well as a bunch of database features and such are in place and working.)
  3. sduensin

    Project TWANGO

    Using OpenWatcom 2.0 beta. It's not bleeding edge but it's good enough to handle what I need. I've been able to compile a surprising amount of modern code with it. At the moment I'm trying to work out some memory issues with FLTK and then we'll be back off and running. Drop by the Discord!
  4. sduensin

    Project TWANGO

    AH HA! I finally managed to get logged in here again! I'm the "lead programmer" mentioned above. I don't really have any specific issues other than there's now a "subproject" (if you will) of the main client and I would like help with it so this can go online before the end of time. :-) I've basically broken the GUI toolkit off of the main client and set it up so it can run on both DOS and Linux. I'd like help finishing this up. Once our screens aren't so ugly, we can start showing things to people. And, it's not like we're writing an entire GUI. We're just providing a "driver" for FLTK that is shared by both OSs so it behaves the same on each. That allows us to debug and test with Linux and see the same thing we'll end up with in DOS. Basically looking for someone good in C++, ideally on Linux, and even better if they have familiarity with SDL2. Also, unlike most internet pie-in-the-sky projects, this one is entirely do-able and will be done. I actually know what I'm doing. :-D