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  1. TDG

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri. I wouldn't call this a 'mech' game like Mech Warrior. Basically it was a sci fi themed 'thinking man' FPS games in which the player commands a team of power armored soldiers, fighting space pirates and the Earth based Hegemony that wants to absorb the player's home system into their territory. It wasn't a graphic highlight back in the day and the FMV was probably to ridiculous but the gameplay such as the strategic and tactical fighting felt good once you put time and energy into it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_Nova:_Strike_Force_Centauri Sub Culture. Basically Elite under water though Sub Culture had a storyline behind the trading similar to Wing Commander Privateer in which the player plays a pivotal role in a war between two underwater nations. It is a bit bare bones when it comes to missions are there are no missions outside the ones that advance the stories (no random mission generator), and the only way the player can make money is through salvaging and trade which is a bit limiting. But visual wise it looks really neat if you want to experience an ocean from the viewpoint of a very small submarine. It of course looks pretty basic now but the gameplay might still be fun for a couple of days. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sub_Culture
  2. TDG

    How do you feel about bullshit DRM?

    Steam so far has been the least intrusive of the DLC and I can live with it because of its ease of use, but I really wasn't happy with previous 'protection' programs like Securom, and I have on purpose skipped the online verification from Ubisoft or EA's Origin when it decided to open its own online store. Should Steam become worse or we have to install more mandatory third party DLC I think I will probably stop supporting the PC gaming industry despite having already mostly abandoned the console market because of lack of interesting titles.
  3. I hate using this thread to ask more on this question but I am suck on it as I don't know how to create such a link (or know if it is possible under Windows 7) I tried several times myself after creating a shortcut but I just couldn't get any further. (also tried to send you a PM but I am not sure or others who I sent PMs ever receive them) Currently playing Fallout New Vegas again after installing some new mods.
  4. Not trying to hijack this thread but I want to ask Cyanosis how one applies the code he wrote in an earlier post to ECwolf.exe I have never modified an exe file and don't know how to do that in Windows 7 Currently playing Star Trek Away Team again, a Commandoes 1/2 clone in the Star Trek universe.
  5. Oh yes, concept wise I love this mod and how the designers approached it. As a prequel idea to Doom I think it is very well done. I myself just couldn't really get into it but that lies with me and is not the game's fault. Could you perhaps tell me how I could insert the help and text files of Wolfendoom into ECWolf, or perhaps link the page/website to me where it is explained. Even if I am not going to play it very much I want to get it to run as intended.
  6. I recently gave Wolfendoom a try (the Doom 'prequel', not Wolfenstein 3D in the Doom engine)using ECWolf, unfortunate it did not work exactly as shown in the various youtube videos (the episode titles are still the original Wolf3D ones for example instead of using the new titles) Truth be told, playing this game made me realize how old it is now and it could not really entertain me that long despite how much I wanted to give it a try. (I would really like to have seen this mod being remade in the Doom engine, even if that takes away the novelty of this mod) After that I gave Subnautica, a game that is still in development another try but it does not run as stable on my computer anymore as it once did since the last update. Currently I am playing with a Gameboy Advance emulator. (the GBA always felt like a great follow up to the SNES)
  7. TDG

    What happens when AIs become spiritual?

    I do think we owe a certain responsibility to self aware machines if we would create them (if we should create them is another question), especially when it starts to ask the big questions about what its place truly is within this existence, if there is the possibility of something higher, and if it is possible to commune with the Divine. Perhaps AI might think that some higher force used humanity to give rise to it, that we humans are simply the tools through which the Divine create AIs. But I also think that we should be honest when those questions are asked and we do not know the answers ourselves. Truth be told I don't think it would be very smart actually create AIs which 'minds' are capable of coming up with concepts such as metaphysics as there is no telling what else they might also conceive we humans do understand about ourselves or don't understand at all. We might create something truly alien, something that could see us as just as alien and as a potential danger. Spirituality might make an AI wish to understand the world in which it lives and other intelligence such as humans in order to understand the Divine, but it might also lead to delusions. What if a Spiritual AI decides that humans have sinned against what it perceives to be the creator's will? We already know how religious fundamentalists react towards members of their own faith who they believe not to be devout enough, or against those who do not believe at all. Or what if it decides to spread its 'message' by forcefully converting us? Someone else here already suggested that an AI might use religion to convert humanity into believing that it might be an embodiment of God, and it might not be to far of either when it controls infrastructure such as the power grid, communications, factories, and so on. I think it would be best to keep this question permanently theoretical.
  8. TDG

    Fallout 4

    I indeed had to put myself through some pain but I had to give it a chance, there had to be a moment in which I thought "Hmm, this is okay/good". And occasionally there was some hint to that before it got snuffed. (I also wanted to wrote a review for the game on the NMA forum plus if I criticized it I wanted to base it on my own experience and not what I saw in Youtube videos or opinion pieces of others) Yep, Fallout 4 is definitely intended for a whole different group of gamers than the original audience. For me it pretty much finished what interest I had the franchise. (Fallout 3 continued the decline since FOBOS, Fallout 4 kicked it down the slope)
  9. TDG

    Fallout 4

    Hello all, Big time Fallout fan here from way back when it was just called 'Fallout' and not Fallout 1. Me and my fellow Fallout fans on NMA did not have big expectations of Fallout 4 when it was announced just like we had our serious doubts about Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas proved to be a gem with somewhat rough edges as Obsidian could not fix all the parts of Fallout 3 but it could at least make it somewhat closer to a real RPG including meaningful quests, in general rounded characters, and a strong campaign. However we all expected that Fallout 4 would be more of a sequel to Fallout 3 than continue on the improvements that Fallout New Vegas brought, and in general we have not been wrong about that. The combat is more First Person Shooter like now but Fallout was never intended as a FPS, and the parts that are very important to it like the campaign, quests, and NPCs still fall flat compared those of NV. There are only a few elements I myself considered entertaining. On top of that Bethesda tacked on that annoying town building game that barely does anything for the game. It doesn't have any influence on the end game for example. I also found the campaign pretty lackluster and I really don't think the game should have had a voiced protagonist. In many ways Fallout 4 even feels like a step back from Fallout 3 such as reducing or removing skill checks and options with the biggest crime of course being the conversation system. (someone else here already brought up how disconnected the player sometimes is from the player character. "What's a synth?" what do you think those damn moving mannequins are that we keep running into?) I myself gave this game about twenty days of playing before I just became so bored of it that I decided to throw it off. Most of this time I had been exploring as I wanted to see what all the locations on the map were like but I found it rather unrewarding. (I also really dislike the whole dynamic quest system for which these locations seem to have been created) I honestly can not recommend this game to anyone unless you are absolutely bored and need something to pass the time.
  10. I have no doubt that there will be DLC but I don't think it will be up to par with a full blown expansion. And if there are modes like co-op I think those should be standard in Doom 2016 and not added later with an extra price tag. DLC should be content not found the basic game, not material cut from it which is then afterwards sold to people.
  11. TDG

    My Top 10 First Person Shooters

    It is mostly the story I liked a lot, the game still had plenty of design elements and flaws I wish that had been done different. For example, after a while I kind of grew tired of the hubs and I wish that Raven had done away with that. Level wise RtCW was a lot better.
  12. TDG

    Anyone nervous about level design?

    Yeah I can definitely understand the OP's thoughts. Now I have to admit that because I have been playing so many story driven FPS games that I have become somewhat accustomed to linear level design, but in the last decade even those have become more simpler and freedom has been seriously reduced. (you can no longer jump on things your height or small because invisible barriers/pillars have been put in place to prevent you from the path that has been set out for you) If the designers of Doom 2016 really want to go back to the 'basics' of Doom level design, they really should allow for more paths for the player. Rather than designing structures such as buildings having only one corridor you can go through, with the rest of the building 'locked off' as there basically does not exist anything beyond those closed doors. (closed off because these areas are lucked until you unlock them is something else) But I really don't know what the current design goals of the development team is. I kind of fear that it is going to follow the path of so many modern other shooters of the last few years. Edit: I hope it is going to be like that quakke, I liked Doom 3 but it really could have done with more bigger rooms. I hope there will be room for more paths/corridors that connect rooms with each other.
  13. TDG

    My Top 10 First Person Shooters

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I had hoped to find a dedicated thread for the subject but unfortunate there doesn't seem to be any so I hope people don't mind that I do so while I write down my favorite FPS games/series In no particular order (as I find it a bit difficult to pick which one is my most favorite). * The Half Life series. Been with the series since the original release and so far have enjoyed all the games, even the weaker Blue Shift and mod based on its engine that got an official release; Gunman Chronicles. * The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games. Also been a fan for a long time of this series with Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy being my favorites. (also ties into my previous interest into Star Wars itself. Sadly it suffered somewhat from the prequels Lucas might and was put down right to pasture when Disney bought the franchise and declared the old EU non official) * Deus Ex series. Okay not really a First Person Shooter but it has some elements of it so I let it pass on those grounds. Really loved the franchise since DE1 and I also liked Invisible War though it is not up to par to its predecessor). Deus Ex Human Revolution was also pretty good but I never felt really like replaying that one unlike Deus Ex 1 (which has become a meme; whenever you mention it someone re installs it to play it) * Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2. These games are perhaps not really in tune with the spirit or the message of the show but the setting does allow for many interest locations and opponents to fight. I prefer 1 over 2 regarding general design and story telling even if 2 looks better. (as people can guess I am or at least used to be a big Trek fan) * Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 2009. Nothing wrong with Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny but it has been a long time since I last played them and when I recently tried again I found it a bit difficult to get into them. I really like RtCW and Wolf 2009 (in particular Wolf 2009) for the Indiana Jones like atmosphere regarding story telling and use of such pulp WW2 elements like the supernatural and Nazi super science. Wolf 2009's levels could have been a bit bigger though as well as several more and I am not a big fan of regenerative health but I am glad to find out that there are others here who also like it. I did not play TNO as I found the atmosphere a bit to depressing for my taste and I did not like the over dramatic inner monologues of Blazkowicz (we get it, wars are depressing and awful and we should not long for them) but I did give The Old Blood a try, hoping it would be like RTCW/Wolf 2009. (it was this partly but I still think it suffered from some of the same problems of TNO) * Doom 3/Resurrection of Evil. Kind of the same as with Wolfenstein 3D, I did play the first game when it came out years ago (man I feel old) and I enjoyed it a lot as it was such a revolutionary new type of game and it was unapologetic in its depiction of violence and gore, but after playing games like Half Life and Dark Forces: Jedi Knight I found it difficult to get back into. Doom 3 and its expansion I enjoyed as a new interpretation of the Doom franchise, it may have depended a little to much on jump scares and shadows but it had a great atmosphere. (I do think Doom 3 is better than the expansion) It will be interesting to find out if Doom 2016 is a mix of the fast paced action of Doom 1&2 and the atmosphere of Doom 3 * Quake 2/Quake 4. These games were 'okay' but Quake 2 did not run as well on my old PC as some other games did at the time and Quake 4 felt a little 'standard by the numbers story-driven-FPS' when it came out. I probably would feel different about it now as there has been rather a drought in FPS games with a sci-fi setting. (I did like the setting and the Stroggs a lot, Quake 2's intro is one of my favorite game intros) * Singularity. Not 'great' but still a lot of fun for someone who enjoys FPS mixed with sci-fi stuff. Did feel a little as if Raven tried to copy parts of Bioshock in this game though, I also really wish they had not limited the number of weapons you can carry during at any moment during the game. I am a bit sad that after this title Raven basically stopped making any FPS made on existing sci-fi franchises or creations of their own, the FPS genre has suffered because of it. * Command and Conquer Renegade. I found it rather fun going through the C&C1 universe on foot and being able to enter the various buildings from the RTS game and drive some of its vehicles. * Aliens vs Predator 2. As a fan of both movie franchises it was a lot of fun going through the sci-fi future imagined in the Alien movies while fighting or playing these classic sci fi monsters. To bad the new Aliens vs Predator wasn't as good and that Aliens Colonial Marines really sucked so much. (Alien Isolation made up for the lack in atmosphere/story telling but that is not a true FPS game) Hopefully my English is not to broken for native English speakers here.