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  1. DooManic

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    Great changes. The Caco looks much more sinister and threatening, the Pestmeister less cartoony. Again, excellent work. Idea: Maybe the then old Cacodemon can be made into a new replacement for the Pain Elemental?
  2. DooManic

    The Pinky/Worm

    /me likes the first revision better.
  3. DooManic

    Potential new Freedoom logo

    Second that, where are the maintainers?
  4. DooManic

    The new SSG...?

    The new SSG looks mighty fine, so what's the problem?
  5. DooManic

    Gravis Ultrasound patches

    Makes music sound much better in ChocDoom and CrispyDoom.
  6. DooManic

    Hacx - IWAD release (v1.2)

    Originally a commercial addon, this was leater rereleased as freeware. Unfortunately it's lacking the final levels as it was never really finished. Aged extremely well and comes with all changed graphics and sounds, making for a game feeling very different from Doom (except the shooting itself, of course). Can be played as a standalone IWAD, so why are you still reading this?
  7. DooManic

    Batman DOOM

    A truly classic TC with artistic uses of Dehacked. Sadly, the odd proportions take away from the otherwise realistic feeling to this mod. Art design is good throughout with some exceptions when it comes to the graphical quality of some enemy sprites. This one comes recommended for its surprising dehacked effects alone, but replaying it recently, I realized it hasn't aged as well as I hoped.
  8. DooManic

    Heavy Water Plant

    A map with a lot of tight spaces resulting in tense battles. Carefully crafted monster encounters keep you on your toes through this one. The simple, functional design uses only few textures, but is very effective. Highly recommended.
  9. DooManic

    The /newstuff Chronicles #502

    Thanks to all reviewers for an excellent /newstuff issue, I enjoyed the read very much! Now looking forward to playing Water Plant ^^ @Voros is that watermark necessary, it's kinda distracting?
  10. DooManic

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    TBH, I don't see it either. Certain people seem to have their concerns, though.
  11. DooManic

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    FWIW, that lizard looks awesome. I don't like the idea of lizards in FreeDoom, though.
  12. DooManic

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    The problem _could_ be that the statusbar face is modelled after an actor who didn't give his permission for his involvement in the project. It's also kind of against the spirit of Freedoom's copyleft license.
  13. DooManic

    general lots plays, "Freedoom"?

    What I can agree with, is that combining the IWAD with Brutal Doom (which in and of itself is perfectly fine of course) and calling the result FreeDoom will result in some people figuring this to be "vanilla" Freedoom. Thus there is the potential danger of misrepresenting the Freedoom project. I wouldn't count on it.
  14. DooManic

    I've made zombies' groans more terrifying

    This. They're no real improvement to the current sounds, I'm afraid.