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  1. Turbo Saber

    Plain ol' Doom 2 Community Mapping Project

    If I didn't have so many maps to finish for other projects I'd sign up. I do have a vanilla map using only stock resources that I haven't finished yet though. If I can find the time to complete it I'll submit it. No promises though. TBH I think these are non-issues and I it hate when people complain about them.
  2. Turbo Saber

    Real Talk: Do people use difficulty settings?

    I only save at the start of each map so I kinda have to choose lower difficulties if I want to keep progression fast on harder wads. If I'm playing something that starts off easy on UV and gets really hard later then I'll choose UV and change the difficulty once it gets to that point (don't mind losing my weapons for that).
  3. Turbo Saber

    A new GothicDM?

    I think I'm going to have to agree with Marcaek. Over half the maps are just tiny symmetrical arenas (MAP23 is one of the most uninspired layouts ever) and the rest are heavy on cramped hallways with tons of stuff to get stuck on and a lot of them have dead ends. Also it's most certainly uninspired compared to a lot of newer stuff.
  4. Turbo Saber


    It's only been like a week since you were unlosered and you're already shitting up another thread. Good job, joe!
  5. Turbo Saber


  6. Turbo Saber


    I was curious and searched "vocaloid synthwave" on YouTube and I found this. I quite like it.
  7. Turbo Saber

    The /newstuff Chronicles #522

    It's supposed to be Big Ben. I'm sure a good mapper would be able to make Big Ben look good in Doom, but alas. Also, we voted to skip the map because of how horrendously bad it plays.
  8. Turbo Saber

    The /newstuff Chronicles #522

  9. Turbo Saber

    Map themes there aren't enough maps of

    The dimension of cyan and pink platforms.
  10. Turbo Saber

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    The copy paste in this mod did not disappoint. Edit: To add some context to this post, there's a room with a boss in C1M2 that was copy pasted into C1M5 with very minor changes. The enemy placement (on normal at least), crates, canisters, and even a loose tile on the floor are placed exactly the same way. This is really lazy and having literally the same fight twice doesn't add anything to gameplay. It would be better if one of the copies were removed. C1M2 C1M5 C1M2 C1M5
  11. Turbo Saber

    The DWIronman League dies to: Perdition's Gate

    Alright I used a stopwatch to time my demo. My time is 2:44:29. Should be accurate, I ended the stopwatch right when Map30 ended. Also, forgot to mention that I also completed the secret maps.
  12. Turbo Saber

    The DWIronman League dies to: Perdition's Gate

    Survived! I don't know how long I took though. Played with Eternity. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kunm22gdcm13r5f/drlpgim.lmp?dl=1 Edit: Turns out this demo desyncs in PRBoom. Anyone who wants to watch this will have to use Eternity. I used -vanilla so it should work in Vanilla/Chocolate Doom too.
  13. Turbo Saber

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A map for Mayhem 2016.
  14. Turbo Saber

    What's your favourite texture?

    REDWALL1 and recolors of REDWALL1.
  15. Turbo Saber

    mispelling generator?

    The final screen of Marathon Infinity English -> French -> Russian -> Japanese -> Polish -> English
  16. Turbo Saber

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks! I agree about the gray bricks so I whipped up a subtle recolor. Looks a lot better IMO.
  17. Turbo Saber

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A thing I'm doing for Mayhem 2016.
  18. Turbo Saber

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    I can't play Doom 4 unless this guy gives it at least a 4 out of 5!
  19. Turbo Saber


    All I got was Doom 4 and Fallout 4.
  20. Turbo Saber

    Game soundtracks you keep coming back to

    I've been listening to Melty Blood's soundtrack quite a bit lately. I especially like the metal tracks.
  21. Turbo Saber

    Weird GTA3 bug

    Try enabling the frame limiter. I had a few physics glitches in the whole trilogy (including the one ClumsyDoomer mentioned) that stopped once I capped the framerate.
  22. Turbo Saber

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I got inspired by a Marathon Infinity netpack and slapped this small room together. Still got a lot to add to it. I should really find some new textures to work with.
  23. Turbo Saber


    Carpenter Brut - Invasion A.D. I was tempted to make a Synthwave thread (or get AD_79 to make one lol). I mostly listen to Perturbator, Dan Terminus, and Carpenter Brut, though Dan Terminus is my favorite. Heh same here. Wrath of Code, Death by Distortion, and Restless Destroyer are my favorite tracks on that album.
  24. Turbo Saber

    Music randomizer?

    Not true. It actually allows you to add up to 9999 songs (as well as replace the existing 350 songs).