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  1. TGB

    The /newstuff Chronicles #249

    ...everyone? :P Like everyone else, I hope ty is okay.
  2. TGB

    The /newstuff Chronicles #234

    Happy Time Circus is REALLY fucking demented. And I loved every bit of it.
  3. TGB

    Skinny Puppy or ohGr?

    Skinny Puppy all the way. I like ohGr quite a bit, but SP has more of a soundscape-y, dark feel to it, which I prefer. ohGr tend to me more upbeat.
  4. TGB

    Gaming grudge settled once and for all...

    Owned. For great justice.
  5. TGB

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    Tiberian Sun and RA2 used voxels?
  6. TGB


    It's only funny if she loses.
  7. The Goggles! They allow me to see through your clothes!
  8. TGB

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Supershotgun in-game!

    Good job, it fits in D3 rather well :)
  9. TGB

    Favorite fighting game(s)

    One Must Fall Killer Instinct
  10. TGB

    Holy Flurking Shnit

    Goes out of sync in map02 for me...I've tried prboom and eternity.
  11. TGB

    Need Map testers for my crappy attemps!

    PM sent.
  12. TGB

    Graphics Board for Doom3

    NVidia GeForce FX 5500. Decent card. I play in 800x600, medium detail and the game looks and plays great.
  13. On a 386DX/40 with 8 megs of ram. I actually bought the shareware disks. I remember having to boot without TSRs to be able to play the game :)
  14. The list is based in reality, I posted this just after I'd finished a session of Doom. I know that it's a completely different game, but probably because of the similar weapons and monsters, my brain made the link between classic doom and doom III, and tried to incorporate those newly acquired tactics into my classic doom playing style...it was a bit frustrating at first, really.