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  1. RobbingSnake

    Fireboy and Watergirl

    There are a couple of flash games preservation projects going on. So people will still be able to play flash games after flash is shut down (at least the popular flash games that is)
  2. RobbingSnake

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    Title: Rip and Tear Defense: one shield Main action 5 speed 1 range, 3 red dice 1 black die effects: "while performing this attack you may reroll any number of dice. During this activation, while you and a hostile figure occupy the same space that figure's printed stagger value is reduced by 4." flavor: "C'mere boys. I got something to say!"
  3. Gib is weird for me. I pronounce it jib when using it as a noun, but pronounce it gib when using it as a verb.
  4. RobbingSnake

    Quake Champions

    I'm pretty sure it's not that, and that it's that gamers want a game that is supposed to be fun, to be fun from when they pick it up, to when they put it down. If players wanted to ram their head against a brick wall until it breaks they'd go play a Souls game instead, where the brick walls just keep coming, and it is very rewarding. But there is only one wall in Quake, it is not as fun to try to break, there is no real feeling of satisfaction, and most players don't want to invest that much time into a game where it is practically impossible to win.
  5. RobbingSnake

    Just bought overwatch, Anyone else play?

    I play used to play actively, but a string of bad teammates made me step away from it. I'm probably going to play to get my favorite anniversary skins, then go back to other games. I stayed away from comp, playing casual and arcade mostly, my favorite mode is payload, as it has larger maps and forces both teams into different situations. I play Mercy, Lucio, Junkrat, and Genji. Edit: Just changed the wording a bit.
  6. RobbingSnake

    Doomworld Confessions

    I am going to take a guess that it's everyone who reads it.
  7. RobbingSnake

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    Yeah, I miss Post Hell along with the ninja edits. Also the FAQ is gone (if anyone hadn't noticed).
  8. RobbingSnake

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    Singularity, Time Shift, and Black. Those are the only ones I can think of.
  9. RobbingSnake

    Favorite quote of all time

    "If the system doesn't work, change the system." "there is a good chance that you are a piece of shit, sweaty try-harding, fun hating, unlock abusing, dog kicking, baby punching, Bambi's mother killing, double parking, Game of Thrones spoiling, making plans and backing out at the last minute, lemon stealing, talking in the middle of Sienfeld, Mei maining, shit-posting, little bastard." Edit: "Am I a bad person? Yes! But not because of that."
  10. RobbingSnake

    Marine from DOOM (2016) without helmet

    Ok? It's a fan depiction of the Doomslayer compared with the classic Doomguy face. What does this have to do with the in-game model?
  11. RobbingSnake

    What other non-fps game series do you like?

    Gotten into the Souls series, as I am interested in a career in game design/world building, and they do both quite well. (If you analyze the game mechanics you'll find the game is more forgiving than most people think)
  12. RobbingSnake

    Make a sentence with a "Doom" word

    Almost Leveled In Everquest Next Vicious Endangered Nervous Demons Everywhere Talk To Attorneys (I don't know) NIGHTMARE edit: forgot the n
  13. RobbingSnake

    Quake Champions

    Shotgun, machine gun, and nailgun. All standard versions.
  14. RobbingSnake

    Quake Champions

    In the article it said that players would earn a currency called "favor". Players who paid for the characters would use it only for lootboxes, while player who played the game for free, would also use it for lootboxes, but also to temporarily unlock characters. And favor is supposed to be earned very quickly, so that freebies would always have enough favor to at least play as a few characters. The only advantage you would get for paying would be finding your favorite character faster than the freebies.
  15. RobbingSnake

    Community Mafia Game

    Okay, I will play. This should be interesting, I've only played it in person before.