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  1. Slyfox

    Superfast Speedmapping: Domination Edition

    Played this a good minute and I can honestly say for a speed-mapping project this one doesn't look too bad and plays pretty fuckin' good.
  2. Slyfox

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    Im gonna go ahead and A3 bandwagon on top of this suggestion for Aeondm
  3. Slyfox

    I can't finish Doom 2, it's boring

    AS a matter of fact, if you really want enjoyment far more hardcore and flashier than Brutal Doom, I would recommend Complex Doom LCA edition.
  4. Slyfox

    [A3] Cube

    Since I was bugged about it, I will update this thread as well: "Tesla the video producer joins the cubegang!"
  5. Slyfox

    [A3] Cube

  6. Slyfox

    AD CTF

    This capture flag the flag map pack is nothing short of one of the best wads I've ever layed my eyes upon. The designs, the weapon placements, everything, it's close to IDL worthy.
  7. Slyfox

    [A3] Cube

    The exponential expression that powers a variable in triplicate. The perfect numerical equation of the third root power -- 3. Cube represents the trio -- a triad combining 3 individuals from the supervoid that was their founding organizations. This trinity forged from the smoldering malaise beset by consecutive attempts at creating a union of like-minded individuals. The ternion became as a third but finalize enterprise, but proven to be a successful formula. The predecessors of yesterday;s most powerful factors, with sheer dedication and awareness, formed a cabal of ternary. Among the masses they have colonized prior, they were celestial. As Cube, they traverse parsecs of empty dimension as extraterrestrial bodies and encounter many a foe. Adversaries with stylized hair configurations and humanoid genitalia cascading as a jaw threaten to eradicate the essence of all otherworldly amusement, material defense forces sending waves of their expendable marines, and other syndicates oppose Cube;s quest of dominance over the Cosmos. Despite these grizzly odds, the variable of A, that represents Cube, is powered by trine indefeasible forces as mentioned before. Only through them, having access to the grand vastness of the metagalaxy, could vanquish all opposition and bring about an era of tranquility through retro-active recreational style. Functional Exponents of A Major Aabra Avernus Mobius PUN1SH3R Rustking Slyfox Strangle Radical Cubic expression Minor Argentum Darkener [Death Wish] Dranzer Dr.Decay Goliath Grymmoire HeavenWraith Keo/Slice [master of bad jokes/interrupting] Moonstalker Doomshadow Ne$t Ral TeslaStormX Vector Objective We as cube symbolize many things. We are either hypercube as four dimensional entities or exist in cubical fourth dimensions, or simply solve problems as they occur. We simplify problems, but also convert negative exponents to positive ones by inverting fractions. Fractions stand as a euphemism for other variables, like cube, with their own exponential equations. ALL EQUATIONS that wishes to combine light terms with Cube is negative, and therefore MUST BE INVERTED! Not only do we convert your negative exponents, but we will then simplify and solve the equation of your expression. To put it simply, we INVERSE THE FUNK OUT OF OTHER CLANS! We arrange scheduled events where trinomial expressions, or even polynomial, are combined as like terms. Since our trinomial expressions are of different variables and exponents, the only way to utilize this function is through force. Era of Conception Since Cube consist of the primary triplet of former clans before it, the official date remains relatively unknown for now. Cube has existed long enough to those that know of A3. Communication Link Internet Relay Chat as the channel Channel is #A3 in both Skulltag and Quakenet irc Active Site as of late Team Speak Recruitment With experience in other variables, we are meticulous about the member influx. Since our primary objective is about solving other variables, one must be of astute experience in competitive algebra CTF. Exponents that desire to increase our variables value must not be a part of another variable No multi-claning. We will not accept quantified commodities. For more information, come to our IRC channel or private message Razgriz, Mobius, Rustk1ng, or Slyfox on this forum or on IRC. Note: Original thread here: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=214