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  1. brokenhangar

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    i would like to believe that he's still pissed about the death of daisy.
  2. brokenhangar

    Doom Soundtrack Live December 1st

    mick gordon posted a crowd video on his channel, the synth is a lot quieter than on the livestream.
  3. brokenhangar

    The Crucible blade details (potential spoilers)

    there's a carving of the crucible with the blade in samuel hayden's office.
  4. brokenhangar

    Can someone explain where Doom4 fits in the lore?

    i think of it as a sequel to doom 64
  5. brokenhangar

    JT Machinima raps: Doom And Doomguy vs. Masterchief

    can't doomguy and master chief be friends for once? :(
  6. brokenhangar

    The new Icon of Sin (spoliers)

    the icon of sin is the one in necropolis, not the titan in titan's realm. that's what emerson tung is referring to.
  7. brokenhangar

    Updating on PS4

    are you talking about this? it says free update, but says dlc 1, so it takes you to the dlc 1 page.
  8. brokenhangar

    Some footage of the scrapped version

    they literally said it was an animation concept for the game. it isn't the scrapped version. EDIT: they say this in the full stream. oops.
  9. brokenhangar

    What does John Carmack think of Doom 2016?

    snapmap was the last thing john carmack worked on at id.
  10. brokenhangar

    What demon is that?

    pretty sure it's a variation of the possessed.
  11. Multiplayer only DLC Achievements. Great.
  12. brokenhangar

    Doom stream

    no, he said he got it from target because they were selling it early, also why would bethesda allow someone to play through the whole campaign before release? all id/beth has been showing is three levels.