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  1. [REMOVED - Wow, a double post with a time delay. Hmm.]
  2. The health values for the enemies ingame are exactly the same as in Wolf3D, as are the damage values. If it doesn't feel right, try a few rounds of Wolf3D and see if it helps clear things up :) It is. :P
  3. To answer these questions in no particular order... The link should work now. There ARE screenshots up, the page just hasn't updated itself yet... try http://members.shaw.ca/crazyr2/shot01.jpg through shot05.jpg. Yes, I'm working on getting hosting elsewhere. And yes, I live in Alberta. Calgary. :)
  4. Grunt

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    15, 16 in March, been mapping almost since DooM came out, so that would make it oh.. seven years? Something like that.
  5. Grunt

    New wolf updated!

    I think someone actually made this a while back, only it was called LAB3DSDL or something. *shrug*
  6. As posted on NewDooM.. ..however, the server seems not to be working properly. So, go to http://members.shaw.ca/crazyr2/dstein_010.zip for a direct download... Be sure to check out the webpage to figure out just what the heck it is :)