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Everything posted by RomanRichter

  1. RomanRichter

    Doom stream

    So, new Doom will have arena after arena style gameplay? And people like this?
  2. RomanRichter

    Stream Gameplay (Gamespot)

    Can someone told to Mick that his Hell music is Relaxing C**p! More "horrible" than he called music from leaked trailer.
  3. RomanRichter

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Nope, Im pretty fine with this genres, but in this case, what people extracted from beta etc. etc. and after that Mick calls trailer music "horrible", this is stupid.
  4. RomanRichter

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Video looks goooood, very good. I feel spirit of DooM, coaching through my veins! Now about Mick, so what this ignorant person call "horrible"? Someone got definition of this? *There was tons of Pure HATE addressed to Mick about calling music in trailer horrible, but I decided to pass this.* Yeap, of course Woobly half dub, half pussy with little touches of metal music of Mick is better than this "horrible" metal music in trailer!
  5. RomanRichter

    Demons, Power Weapons & Power Ups

    Do You or Someone else even surprised with this? I'm not. Kids, kids newer changes.
  6. RomanRichter

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Ok, found sources by my self, seems legit, bots kick ass, and match customisation options is very promising!
  7. RomanRichter

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Edit: Okay, nevermind just interested in legit proofs
  8. RomanRichter

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    lol, now it's looks like trolling from devs x)
  9. RomanRichter

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Looks like trolling, any proofs of your work?
  10. RomanRichter

    About Skills/Difficulty

    Remind me, DooM don't have save-load system? Only checkpoints? I don't want to joke about consoles, but, are you serious?
  11. I don't think that problem in limitations. Look at Rage and TNO/TOB for example. Maybe is translation thing, maybe arenas will be from place to place, not everywhere. Still, who the hell is that guys who prayed to make painkiller from new doom? There is some arena\traps moments in doom 1\2 and 64. Maybe they mean that is whole level or level parts works as one big arenas? Withs traps that shut down player with demons or something like that? Because they talk about unlinear levels, "push forward action" and other stuff that don't look like they belong to typical arena style game. p.s. I still clean demons before move along in doom, this may be the case thing? p.p.s. sorry for engrish