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  1. Kharnivore2099

    So how do you make MIDI music?

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback, as I've experienced a few issues trying to import GP MIDI files into some DAWs. Good to know they are fine though as I am a guitar player and find it much easier to compose withing GP, the layout is familiar and i find it much easier to deal with note duration than in note plotters.
  2. Kharnivore2099

    So how do you make MIDI music?

    Does exporting the MIDI from Guitar pro work alright within Doom? I use the program a lot but always seem to have issues when importing the MIDI into another program, almost like Guitar Pro doesn't interpret and write things like most MIDI software does. I would love to make some music for people to use but not sure i could be bothered going back to using Cubase and drawing out scores, I'm too familiar eith Guitar Pro now.
  3. Kharnivore2099

    some midis

    These tracks are really good! Love the progressive vibe, a lot of dynamic changes that stop the songs getting boring or stale. There is definitely a great sense of rhythm and pacing too. Great work.
  4. Kharnivore2099

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 50 Shades of Graytall & Erkattäññe

    I'm new to these forums but would love to get involved in this. I'll wait until the next one seeing as it is already the 25th, I'll see if i can finish Back to Saturn X before then.