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  1. MCarsten

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels reimagined

    I have been playing this WAD for a while now. Very enjoyable overall. Keep up the good work.
  2. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    On MAP23 at the following room there is a potential poor thing positioning at both side alcoves As you can see, the rockets stay afloat, so I can't get them.
  3. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    On MAP31 at the arena with the two Cyberdemons, a Pain Elemental, sniping Imps and a floor button that lowers the lift to access the cave I got momentarily stuck on this noclipping nodebuild and I was almost killed by one of the Cyberdemons.
  4. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I've got that same issue. EDIT: I'm also playing in ZDoom.
  5. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I found three noclipling floors on MAP14. They're shown in the images below:
  6. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I'm not sure if you can see it clearly in the picture below, but I found this nocliping floor in MAP12.
  7. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    Nice one! I was afraid that something was missing. Indeed I missed that lowered wall. Good job.
  8. MCarsten

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    EDIT: @Shepardus got this one around! I have been enjoying a lot this WAD so far. Up to this point I've played up to MAP09. It can be seen that a good amount of work has been done on the details and visuals. Each map theme is better than the other. Moreover, the gameplay provides a lot of fun as it never gets boring. Additionally the soundtrack is great and addictive.
  9. MCarsten

    Vigor | Now on Idgames

    Same. I hate those plasma marines too. They are indeed the reason why I stopped playing Brutal Doom some three years ago. Even though I enjoy BD a lot, a lot of WADs out there tend to replace the Wolfenstein SS Nazi with custom enemies. Unfortunately, in BD, they are replaced by these crappy unsurmountable arses of Plasma Marines. C'mon, what a load of crap they are. They are too uneven. It's plain overkill. Map 11 was simply the worst of all maps so far, mainly because of them. I won't lie. When they show up, I simply open the game console, type in "Freeze", kill them, unfreeze game and life goes on. Better than stressing out and not enjoying the rest of the game.
  10. MCarsten

    Vigor | Now on Idgames

    I have been enjoying this WAD so far. I've played the first 10 maps. I have a question corcerning Map 10: Alma Matters though. First, I'd like to state that Map 10 is actually very nice. I enjoyed the setting a lot. The idea is pretty interesting. The map has a lot of non-linearities, which turns out to be stimulating. The rooms are rather dark though, perhaps would be nice if the player could be provided with some night-vision googles somewhere along the way. However, I was intrigued with one thing in particular. Is there any way whatsoever to get the BFG there? I can't even get next to it, given that the player is teleported a step earlier, since the BFG spot, which you can lower with a switch one floor below, is bounded by teleporting linedefs. I couldn't come up with any solution to this. It seems to me like the BFG is there just to fool the player. Is that the case? If so, that would be rather disappointing. My whole strategy was based in circumventing the Cyberdemon, get the BFG, come back - taking advantage of the non-linearity of the map -, and finishing him off alongside those Pain Elementals. Unfortunately, I couldn't grab it. P.S.: the only way one can get the Megasphere the room after the Cyby is by letting the Arch-Vile zap you?
  11. MCarsten

    [WAD] Belial's Library - Remastered

    Hi, Tribal! You may notice that at the wall inside the ceiling from where one of the library cases lowered, there is a skull switch (northeastern to the entrance of this room). Stay below it and press the use key. The locked entrance may lower down. Good luck and thank you for trying my WAD!
  12. MCarsten

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    If you please: Thanks!
  13. Belial's Library — Remastered! So, three years ago I submitted a map entitled Belial's Library to the world. I got some very nice and motivating reviews from both DoomWorld and DoomWADStation. This past week I've decided to retouch my old mappy and revise it, improve it and extend it. As I view it, this version is much more elabored, containing a more action-packaged, dynamic, intense, difficult and sinister gameplay. **** Step into the library grounds of the Devil himself. Sneak through the bookshelves carefully, for The Beast awaits you in the dark flames of the cauldron of hell otherwise. **** !!!DOWNLOAD!!!: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JPPXHf7HbCJB_aA-2-6Cldq-9MyW-QxR SCREENSHOTS: DESCRIPTION: GAME SETTINGS: Doom II; MAP01; Difficulty: no difference (all are Ultra-Violence equivalent); Single player; Co-operative (2-4 players) modality included. ADVANCED PORTS: You MAY NOT jump or crouch, as that may render cheating; You MAY freelook - that's fine. PORTS TESTED: GZDoom v2.1.0 Brutal Doom v20b EDITORS USED: Doom Builder; Slade7 v3.1.5 Beta 5 CREDITS: MCarsten - level design; Nathan McCree - soundtrack and sound effect (ripped from Tomb Raider by CoreDesign, 1996) Now, hit that bloody download link and go play it!!!
  14. MCarsten

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Hey rdwpa, thanks for the reply. I loved the expression "cup of tea". That is exactly what I was looking for. You said it correctly, these maps are not my cup of tea. What I mean is that I prefer the old original Doom style in spite of the "challengeful" maps. Also, look that I am not saying that they do not deserve a map. I thought I said explicitly that both "styles" (classic and speed) should be provided, as lots of maps do. Be careful, I'll say it again, I am not saying that maps shouldn't provide challenges or be difficult. I'm saying that I don't like when the challenges are just pointless or exaggerated. I love when the game provides you all the means to upgrade and give back up. Also, I'm not looking to be "the man". I go out very well in most of the difficult situations but I am far from being in the top 10's list and I don't even want to. I did not say either that UR is "stupidly hard", I said that the last maps were. I loved the prior maps (I mentioned MAP17, one of the best I've ever played in my life). As for Plutonia, I can't really remember the last time I played. I just remember to not find it enjoyable at all. I found TNT incommensurably better.
  15. MCarsten

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Does anyone know some very well constructed, fair and serious Doom megawads to play? I ask that because I'm tired of ridiculously unbalanced difficulty maps, "teasing" maps. I mean, what is the point of a map with 20 barons, 30 knights, 10 mancubi, 3 arch-vile, 2 cyberdemon, or whatever, in the same room? Besides, you recurrently only have 30 bullets, 10 shells and 2 rockets, and no medpacks, to fight them all. I mean, it is just pointless. I know, I know, they may be "speed" maps, what still consists of being pointless. I think you should always provide the options for both, to be a "classic-style" player or a "speedrunner". Note that I'm not even some noob, I play Doom for 15 years or so already, and I always disliked these attitudes of map designers. The undoubtely best megawad I've ever played was "Flashback to Hell". Immensely well designed maps, fantastic architecture, extremely well balanced difficulty, completely fair. I also enjoyed a lot to play "No Rest for the Living", "Endless Torture", "Master's Levels", "Final Doom: TNT Evilution" to mention a few. I finished "Unholy Realms" these days, map 17 was extraordinarily good, although I disliked a lot the last maps (the hell ones) which had a subtle change in difficulty, some becoming stupidly hard. I see that a lot of members of the Doom community love Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment. Well, that's the worst megawad I've ever played in my opinion. I don't understand why so many people enjoy that. Of course the graphics and the level design are great, but the absurd difficulty kills them both. I've searched a lot of prestigious Doom megawads and most of them are famous for their "hardness". Another very well received Doom MW was "Eternal Doom". Yet, I don't think it was correctly balanced. I did not try the Scythe series yet. Too bad I've read that it is considered difficult (in the sense that I mean). But I'll spare comments. I do not want a prejudice. Also, I would like to know if someone else feels the same.