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  1. Belial's Library — Remastered! So, three years ago I submitted a map entitled Belial's Library to the world. I got some very nice and motivating reviews from both DoomWorld and DoomWADStation. This past week I've decided to retouch my old mappy and revise it, improve it and extend it. As I view it, this version is much more elabored, containing a more action-packaged, dynamic, intense, difficult and sinister gameplay. **** Step into the library grounds of the Devil himself. Sneak through the bookshelves carefully, for The Beast awaits you in the dark flames of the cauldron of hell otherwise. **** !!!DOWNLOAD!!!: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JPPXHf7HbCJB_aA-2-6Cldq-9MyW-QxR SCREENSHOTS: DESCRIPTION: GAME SETTINGS: Doom II; MAP01; Difficulty: no difference (all are Ultra-Violence equivalent); Single player; Co-operative (2-4 players) modality included. ADVANCED PORTS: You MAY NOT jump or crouch, as that may render cheating; You MAY freelook - that's fine. PORTS TESTED: GZDoom v2.1.0 Brutal Doom v20b EDITORS USED: Doom Builder; Slade7 v3.1.5 Beta 5 CREDITS: MCarsten - level design; Nathan McCree - soundtrack and sound effect (ripped from Tomb Raider by CoreDesign, 1996) Now, hit that bloody download link and go play it!!!
  2. MCarsten

    [WAD] Belial's Library - Remastered

    Hi, Tribal! You may notice that at the wall inside the ceiling from where one of the library cases lowered, there is a skull switch (northeastern to the entrance of this room). Stay below it and press the use key. The locked entrance may lower down. Good luck and thank you for trying my WAD!
  3. MCarsten

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    If you please: Thanks!
  4. MCarsten

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Does anyone know some very well constructed, fair and serious Doom megawads to play? I ask that because I'm tired of ridiculously unbalanced difficulty maps, "teasing" maps. I mean, what is the point of a map with 20 barons, 30 knights, 10 mancubi, 3 arch-vile, 2 cyberdemon, or whatever, in the same room? Besides, you recurrently only have 30 bullets, 10 shells and 2 rockets, and no medpacks, to fight them all. I mean, it is just pointless. I know, I know, they may be "speed" maps, what still consists of being pointless. I think you should always provide the options for both, to be a "classic-style" player or a "speedrunner". Note that I'm not even some noob, I play Doom for 15 years or so already, and I always disliked these attitudes of map designers. The undoubtely best megawad I've ever played was "Flashback to Hell". Immensely well designed maps, fantastic architecture, extremely well balanced difficulty, completely fair. I also enjoyed a lot to play "No Rest for the Living", "Endless Torture", "Master's Levels", "Final Doom: TNT Evilution" to mention a few. I finished "Unholy Realms" these days, map 17 was extraordinarily good, although I disliked a lot the last maps (the hell ones) which had a subtle change in difficulty, some becoming stupidly hard. I see that a lot of members of the Doom community love Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment. Well, that's the worst megawad I've ever played in my opinion. I don't understand why so many people enjoy that. Of course the graphics and the level design are great, but the absurd difficulty kills them both. I've searched a lot of prestigious Doom megawads and most of them are famous for their "hardness". Another very well received Doom MW was "Eternal Doom". Yet, I don't think it was correctly balanced. I did not try the Scythe series yet. Too bad I've read that it is considered difficult (in the sense that I mean). But I'll spare comments. I do not want a prejudice. Also, I would like to know if someone else feels the same.
  5. MCarsten

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Hey rdwpa, thanks for the reply. I loved the expression "cup of tea". That is exactly what I was looking for. You said it correctly, these maps are not my cup of tea. What I mean is that I prefer the old original Doom style in spite of the "challengeful" maps. Also, look that I am not saying that they do not deserve a map. I thought I said explicitly that both "styles" (classic and speed) should be provided, as lots of maps do. Be careful, I'll say it again, I am not saying that maps shouldn't provide challenges or be difficult. I'm saying that I don't like when the challenges are just pointless or exaggerated. I love when the game provides you all the means to upgrade and give back up. Also, I'm not looking to be "the man". I go out very well in most of the difficult situations but I am far from being in the top 10's list and I don't even want to. I did not say either that UR is "stupidly hard", I said that the last maps were. I loved the prior maps (I mentioned MAP17, one of the best I've ever played in my life). As for Plutonia, I can't really remember the last time I played. I just remember to not find it enjoyable at all. I found TNT incommensurably better.
  6. Hello there. Would be very glad if you record a playthrough of my map! Title: Belial's Library Link: http://doomwadstation.net/2016/belia/beliallibrary.rar Source port: ZDoom, GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 (Map 09) Suggestion(s): no jump/crouch. Thanks in advance!
  7. MCarsten

    WAD Playthrough Requests

    Hello there. Would be very glad if you record a playthrough of my map! Title: Belial's Library Link: http://doomwadstation.net/2016/belia/beliallibrary.rar Source port: ZDoom, GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 (Map 09) Suggestion(s): no jump/crouch. Thanks in advance!
  8. MCarsten

    Who wants their .wad played? ...on YouTube?

    Would be very glad to hear a review from you for my map: Belial's Library: http://doomwadstation.net/2016/belia/beliallibrary.rar Source port: ZDoom, GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 (Map 09) Suggestion: turn off jump/crouch. Thanks in advance.
  9. MCarsten

    [Doom] Endless Torture

    Just finished the fourth episode. What an amazing megawad! Finally someone creates a megawad that is not just a explicit copy of the original episodes (I remember some map, from the second episode, which was very similar to some of the original's, but that does not exclude what I told). What can I say? Well, it was really fun, every level was a new adventure, no copycats, the details were pretty nice, the gameplay was astounding, the boss fights were awesome, the difficulty was perfect set (no plutonia-style ridiculous difficulty), the secrets were very interesting. Anyway, 10 out of 10! Was a pleasure to experience your maps. Congratulations!
  10. Hello everyone. Here it is my latest DOOM map after four years. I created the map at january-february last year and retouched details and gave some additionals this week. I think that the result is pretty nice. It's a long map, consisting of library-themed scenarios and wood wall rooms. There are 11 secrets in total. There is no difficulty variation between standard game difficulties. Cooperative and deathmatch modalities not included. Overall, I would say that it is a tough map. As you can see throughout the map, I got some inspiration from DOOM's E2M6: Halls of the Damned and DOOM II's MAP27: Monster Condo. Link for download: https://www.mediafire.com/?gfq4fh2upp8gbq6 [spoiler] If someone is interested in a 100% walktrough, check out my gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOk5sRdsstw Note: the video was recorded before the new touch ups, but don't worry, there are no substantial differences, except for a few percentage of the map. Would love to know what you think. Thanks, in advance.
  11. MCarsten

    [MAP] Belial's Library [DOOM II]

    Hey. Thanks for commenting. Nice to know you had fun with it. Hope you enjoyed. Yeah, I tried to broke the linearity. I felt that if I insisted too much on the non-linearity for some parts, the map would become too large. Yet, I see what you mean. That is interesting, because I felt that the map would, actually, be a hard one. Finding the correct difficulty of a map is something I always consider troublesome. When I design the map, I try to think what someone playing would feel like to be in there, not me. I already know what is expecting me the other side of the room, what strategy I'll use, what enemies are ahead. Then, of course, for most of the time, my maps sound easyway to me. Although, what some tester would think of an ambush? About the ammo: I really hate maps which do not provide any, or almost any, ammo or health. Those maps where you strive to live only with some pistol bullets and barely any ammo whatsoever even for the shotgun, while you're with 15% health and no armor. Reading your comment made me realize that I insisted too much on ammo really. Next time I will try to moderate. Thanks on that. There was a SSG, not hidden. The super shotgun was displayed in the circular room with the demon wall sorrounded by the hell knight. Funny that you did not find it. Maybe the room was too dark? I thought that it was visible there. The star room was an addition. I see what you mean, but that was the idea. For someone who is aware of the danger, all you have to do is retreat and fire rockets in that direction. A better strategy is to strafe run inside the star room, use-action at the eye and retreat to the atrium from where you came from (the one with the triangular staircases), so the walls will lower down and more monsters will be at your aimsight. I agree with you regarding lighting. Light details (specially shadows) is something I find, alongside the difficulty moderation, to be difficult. I will look forward to improve on that. Thanks for the indication. Nice to know you enjoyed the secrets. Yeah, I agre with you, I hate wall-humping. I always enjoy when the secret areas have some sort of indication, explicitly or implicitly. I find to be dull when the secret is a random wall with no indication at all. Thanks again for the constructive review! I am really glad you pointed out mistakes and indicated me some touchups. They are of good use to me.
  12. MCarsten

    [MAP] Belial's Library [DOOM II]

    Works fine for me both on ZDoom and GZDoom.