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  1. Michael92

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    On the side note while we're talking about it: Reddit and especially PR on Facebook depict Doom Slayer as a Mary Sue character, promoting the series as a Power Fantasy thing, which gets boring very fast. For the contrast, the manual from the original 1993 Doom even denotes that the Doomguy is you; a featureless character to some extent. I prefer the latter option - along with IWADs and some PWADs, this helps the immersion very much.
  2. Michael92

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    PrBoom Deluxe (PrBoom DX)?
  3. Michael92

    Are Polish games good or bad?

    When Techland began to develop games on their own, in 2003 they created Chrome, which is some kind of prototype of FarCry-like gameplay. It has OST of epic quality.
  4. Michael92

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    I'd love to do that - moreover, I did it in prior versions. But now I can't choose it (MIDI set normally in Windows) besides the built-in Timidity at the midi selection. And I don't know probably whether (and how) the external exe, additionally installed for ZDoom, can be still used now.
  5. Michael92

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    GUS Pro Patches Lite 1.61 + MIDI mapper which handles each instrument as a separate .pat file. (I'm using Timidity++) Here's the comparison. By the way, I'm glad this topic has been started recently as I'm looking for a replacement soundfount for GZDoom. Due to recent updates, built-in Timidity mapper handles whole .sf2 files only. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Michael92

    Planned Obselecense In gaming?

    Wait, I thought this thing is happening because most games of nowadays have... worse gameplay and are less replayable thereafter? Not to mention trends which people follow, sometimes without a second thought?
  7. Provided IT IS the corporate greed, I'd say it would be pretty cruel and paradoxical of them, considering Marty Stratton gave once a positive shoutout to Doomworld community. Maybe... KneeDeepOnTheNet(.com)?
  8. Michael92

    Chocolate Doom

    Yes, this. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  9. Michael92

    Chocolate Doom

    Is there any possibility for non-smooth (aka nearest) scaling and no sound interpolation in the future? ... unless it is technically possible in the current version, but I don't know how :P
  10. Michael92

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    No matter which Sector Light Mode I set during the play, it will set to "Dark" every time a map is loaded (including after player's death). Is this a bug or a feature? (I know it was mentioned in the ReadMe that "Dark" is the default value; not sure if this is true about that situation).
  11. Michael92

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    Crispy Doom's all for the vanilla gameplay! (as I mostly play IWADs and vanilla megawads) It could be PrBoom+ but for the sound delay (even if it is only a few ms, it is still noticeable when switching between many ports.)
  12. Michael92

    Crispy Doom 5.9.2 (Update: Sep 22, 2020)

    Now this update made Crispy Doom the definite source port for vanilla gameplay for me, thank you!
  13. Michael92

    does the super shotgun break the weapon balance?

    And this is beautiful about Doom and its weapons - each of them has its uses, with the pistol being overshadowed by the chaingun once it is found.
  14. Michael92

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Classic Doom is simplistic by itself, but this IWAD does this up to eleven by being very arcadey, focusing purely on gameplay. While I consider Plutonia as the most satisfying IWAD upon beating it, it has some trial-and-error sections which are unimaginably frustrating when played w/o saves (like the last part of MAP09:Abattoire).
  15. Michael92

    Am I the only one who just fucking HATES puzzles?

    Puzzles are nothing* compared to the search of every secret sector in maps if we talk about wasting much time of figuring what to do. Unfortunatelly, Painkiller also contains puzzles. *Don't get me wrong, I like puzzles nevertheless!
  16. I'm really confused, but were Overloaded, Tainted Brood and Breaking Point added to the bandcamp page long time ago or just recently?
  17. Maybe it's only me, but that first message on the screenshot submitted by FantasmeDel'Esprit54... ... feels intriguing and disturbing at the same time. Sure, he claimed long time ago that his money goes to everyday expenses, but I wasn't aware he also restrains himself from looking for a real job because of this. Also, I thought for the first second it is a fake that Bethesda made him change only the description in Patreon. Is it possible for Sgt. Mark IV to get away with that situation easily? Maybe Bethesda isn't aware of ways how assets are modified in Brutal Doom? BTW, even if he had got a C&D letter or similar action, I don't think they would have gone to the next level and "attacked" Doomworld. Bethesda is not Nintendo that ruins fan creations because of absurd reasons.
  18. Michael92

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I beaten recently VESPERAS.WAD from Master Levels. Man, such a hard map to comprehend. Propotionally too much traps here and there and that yellow key thing made me stuck for a long time until I checked the solution and lowered skill to HNTR due to desperation. EDIT: OK... I've gave it a second try on HMP. With the knowledge what to do and where to go, it was more enjoyable and still beatable (if I was more determined, I would still beat it on UV without much difficulty) for me, though I needed more luck at the nukage pool. Oh, and the Cybie battle was cool (previously, I had just more lesser monsters in HNTR). Nonetheless, still a hard map to comprehend on blind run.
  19. Michael92

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    If you still want to stay at 8-bit mode, turn off Windows Explorer at the time you play (via .bat file, for example). This works basically for every game with 8-bit color depth.
  20. Michael92

    What if Doom 5 was developed like Doom 2 did?

    Well, I wrote about my visions of the next Doom game earlier. Let me share my post here.
  21. Michael92

    My questions about Doom 1 and Doom 2.

    @grouchbag Well... provided you know that the sprite of Icon of Sin's "core", Romero's Head, is a mere joke among developers and want to expand its story beyond this fact, go ahead :)
  22. Michael92

    QZDoom - Now merged into GZDoom!

    @MTrop For me, a huge plus of this renderer is the ability to play WADs based on GZDoom in 320x200. Additionaly, one of the features of QZDoom is that dynamic lights can work in 8-bit software.
  23. Michael92

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    I didn't like D3D after I've tried the shareware version. I may check Shadow Warrior soon, as I see that this game is free on Steam (correct me if I'm wrong).
  24. Michael92

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    Not only when I die, but even when I go to the next level. One thing is sure - it should be fair and, at the same time, enjoyable through the whole level.
  25. Michael92

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    I had so much fun beating Ultimate, 2 and 64 (EX) on UV. I consider pistol start as the true standard of playing Doom - if a custom megawad is too hard, I'll try on HMP (sometimes even HNTR) but still with pistol start. I save only in the middle when I have to stop playing suddenly, otherwise I'm trying to finish maps without saving - usually warping with idclevXX. I play continuously only when it's really recommended (like Unloved). While we're at it, let me go a little bit off-topic: Are there any games, besides Doom, Heretic and Blood, with the "pistol start" phenomenon? I know that Painkiller have this partially - besides having collected weapons kept, everything else is reset.