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  1. New laptop, windows setup


    Me: I'll skip setting up a pin

    Win10: no

    Me: nah definitely skip



    what a wonderful OS

    1. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      It can sure be a hassle! I installed Win 10 a month ago on a co-workers private laptop and I actually managed to create an account on it without a password.


      This video shows you what to click during the install. When it asks for a password, just ignore it and press "next". It should - if I remember correctly - accept it and continue. In the future it should load the UI directly instead of prompting you to log on.

    2. Szymanski


      Yeah I didn't get the option, apparently a bug/feature. Had to complete the process, add a new admin and delete the other account. Usual options greyed out. 

    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Damn, that sucks. I can understand if you're a little lukewarm on Windows at the moment!

  2. Szymanski

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    Sounds and textures can be replaced or remade, it's extra work but not much of a problem. Obviously Kim can't consent or dissent to any changes, I'm not sure if that's an issue. If a team member did object it may be possible to work around (map substitution, remake etc). As far as I'm aware nobody from id has shown any interest in AV so there's no incentive to put any effort in. 99.9% chance it won't happen, I've asked but received no response.
  3. Szymanski

    Quake Remastered

    I'm getting a thin border line around the status bars health and ammo values
  4. Szymanski

    Map dump thread

    I toyed around with making a film set wad with various themes, or just to use as secret areas. Here is the star wars themed bits The green walls are supposed to be green screens. Star_warts.zip
  5. Szymanski

    Map dump thread

    I'll put some old unfinished and unreleased DM maps here, the xfire maps started to become predictable and visually far too similar xfire_dual_map.zip A small map designed for two players An unfinished map for Crucified dreams Unfinished_crudreams_map.zip
  6. What might have been, Early WIP for Clandestine Complex


  7. Szymanski

    Post your Doom textures!

    switches.zip Rummaging through old files and found these switches. Zip contains thirteen switches in bmp format
  8. Szymanski

    What DOOM map editor do you use?

    I'm using an old GZDoom builder bugfix build, I've found it very stable. There's features I'd like from Deepsea (mirroring, viewing the map from the file open menu) and a tool to find seg hotspots like the current visplane explorer tool; however stability is the most important feature.
  9. Is a lava filled catacomb just a spicy sewer?

  10. Szymanski

    What are you listening to?

    The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Little Fishes
  11. Interesting, very similar performance bar multithreading