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  1. As a mapper I'd like an easy way to set the result eg jump 32 units high at X units gravity and at Y velocity (if running speed is alterable by script etc). I'd then know the player can reach a 56 high ledge (24 unit step plus 32 jump). Let the software tune the internal values for its physics engine. I imagine you'd want values for Gravity, Mass, Velocity and Jump force and thats fine but ultimately I need to know the player wont jump over a barrier because of a rounding error.
  2. Personally if I'm going to set a jump height I'd prefer to think in map units, i already know the value I want and there's no ambiguity or decimal points to confuse. The engine can then modify the value into whatever oddball format it needs.
  3. As impressive as it is the rocket jump on Clandestine Complex is kinda heartbreaking
  4. So many near death escapes, great work man
  5. Vanilla Doom2 map in E4 style. Help required!
  6. Any further instalments planned?
  7. Unless your playing against a particular person (like suit and mutt) the only prize is your personal enjoyment
  8. Good concept, how many maps are you going to cover?
  9. Probably
  10. Not really, what I want is to know which effects (scripted or linedef implemented such as instant death) that will work identically in this new Boom mode regardless of port, and its becoming clear that there will be still be effects that will never be fully safe.
  11. But I couldn't script a physics effect (floor current, wind etc) and expect it to work the same? so its restricted to actions such as monster/item spawns, timers, sectors changes etc
  12. I dont know all the compatibility issues are between the implementations, more importantly does using a script improve the scenario if the physics/collision/movement code all differ.
  13. If only people could create a new standard, some sort of complevel where the logic is agreed upon
  14. Elder - III
  15. sure it was intentional to save calculations, but Its always been inconvenient