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  1. So I finally got around to uploading Mosaic to idgames. Looking back I could have handled the project better, had the texture pack and skies ready and made the rules clearer. The concept was fun and I sorta rushed it out before anyone else had the idea.


    I had a quick play through before the upload and its interesting how normal some contributions look. 'The Spire' by Sesamia looks like a regular map (a good one), I had expected people to struggle but the grid format proved to be less of a limitation than the small map area. I did play around with other grid layouts but the triangles proved the most versatile without being headache inducting to look at.


    I really enjoyed making maps in the 3d editor and kinda miss it now I've gone back to traditional layouts. Map 14 is called Wazzocks lair because I'm terrible at naming maps and Wazzock is a bizarre (and largely inoffensive) word I haven't heard since I was ten.


    I have some ideas for a possible Mosaic 2, if it happens I'll do a better job at organising the project.


    Big thanks to everyone who contributed. 

  2. Szymanski

    Pentagram Prefabs

    Its just that the angled lines required for a good pentagram don't give vertices that sit nicely on the grid, so we can only approximate. I'll put some examples up of the sort of mess node builders give, these usually require moving vertices until it works which can be a pain.
  3. Szymanski

    Pentagram Prefabs

    I've put together some prefabs to save time when adding pentagrams. I've always found pentagrams to be a pain, causing strange node gaps and visual errors in the vanilla exe's. Fairly accurate pentagram Pentagram_prefabs.zip Short pentagram Easier to modify pentagram with one shorter point, better node build with all lines meeting in the middle short_pentagram_prefabs.zip
  4. Updated Small Siege so the file contains midi and textures and can be run standalone


    1. Szymanski


      I tried putting it on idgames but It didn't seem to work

    2. prfunky


      Heh; didn't ever read about this before ~ will check out later. I'm a

      fan of your xfire3 deathmatch map which seems to be based on

      hillside siege.


  5. Szymanski

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    E4 Wip
  6. If the Dark Forces remake had new custom episodes I would take a look, otherwise it's too short to be worth rebuying
  7. Szymanski

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Removing manual saves would be impressively bad design
  8. Szymanski

    Mosaic release thread - Now on Idgames

    I have updated the wad with (amongst other things) a new Titlepic by Danlex. Let me know of any issues.
  9. Szymanski

    Mosaic release thread - Now on Idgames

    ffs, how embarrassing
  10. Szymanski

    Mosaic release thread - Now on Idgames

    Changes in Alpha 4 Vastly improved graphics by Danlex Dehacked and mapinfo by Danlex updated textfile Changes in Alpha 5 Removed additional mapinfo lumps Changes in Alpha 6 Map20 now has green sky Current issues and todo list: Credits image not needed Notes: Please note I have swapped the red and green skys because the green sky doesn't work for the majority of maps. I have edited some maps to fix sky transfers, this may be a bit rude and I'm happy to revert the changes. File here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/mosaic
  11. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the project. Lots of great maps that effortlessly evade the projects restrictions. Judging by myself, Doomkid and Roadworx. My original intention was to have a single prize however I like too many of the submissions so there's now a top three. 1st place Mosaicopolis by Danlex Really cool city map theme that makes the most of the limited area. Makes the most of the stock doom2 textures and it has a midtex helicopter, of course it wins. Also 1st place Stygian Scrap Stack by phoo Very modern looking tech map. Excellent texture usage and tight gameplay. Didn't want it to end. Runner up Nontrivial pursuit - Lorcav A messy pizza of a map thats highly replayable.
  12. Szymanski

    Dream WADs that don't exist

    A wad set in a museum with lots of doom cute stuff, Egyptian section, midtex dinosaur in a large hall. Would have been ideal for Kama Sutra 2, but my recreation didn't have any of the magic the dream did. Den of Antiquities was the wip name, although there wasn't much wip.
  13. Szymanski

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I probably have it somewhere, but I won't be distributing it out of respect for Mordeth. Would be best if people forgot it existed.
  14. Szymanski

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    e1m5 map issue? rendering error causing tall black wall
  15. I'll always have one marked secret as a courtesy to UV max runners. I've been moving away from blind secrets (not knowing the reward) recently and I suppose these don't have to be tagged.