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Status Updates posted by Szymanski

  1. I have an idea for a map project and I'd like some feedback before I go ahead with it.

    The concept is the maps sectors are provided by the base wad and the designer gets to change everything else. The image below shows the Hexagon with 1536 64* sided triangles (1024 length sides horizontally).


    The image below shows a basic building and rocky area built with the triangular grid


    Here is an image of the sectors flats in the editor


    Sectors can be deleted, or merged to make doors and lifts easier. The map area is ~2.6x larger than a 1024 map so shouldn't feel as cramped, however the wall thickness is quite chunky. Areas outside the map for monster closets or conveyors can be regular geometry. Visible but unreachable areas outside the Hexagon play area should use the same triangular grid.


    Not sure if limit removing or allowing Boom features should be the standard. Not sure about texture packs


    I'm sure some really cool maps would be made...


    1. Maribo


      Very cool concept imo, would enjoy seeing a few people attempt this

    2. CyberosLeopard


      Very interesting, I had a similar idea a few years back but a single GZDoom map in UDMF; the concept was some kind of 'shifting' level where scripts would change the wall textures, flats, assign sector properties, etc, but it was too much for me. I'm sure this will be far better and more enjoyable in the long run. Best of luck.

    3. Szymanski
  2. Started a small map to complement Root of evil. Vanilla as always


    1. Gothic
    2. Szymanski


      Always slightly over the HOM limit, those central torches will have to go

  3. lost a couple of weeks from mapping, here's the start areas for my current WIP stuff 


    A Vile Place                  What lies beneath*

    Root of evil                   Acidosis

    Sunrise                         Trihard

    Dweeby Techbase II     untilitled

    untitled*                        Secret doom 3 map


    * still very unfinished. 



  4. A quick doodle while I search for inspiration, Wolfensteinesque Doom using PAC Mans map



    Map01, UV only, 0% serious



    1. prfunky


      heh-heh, archvile ~ NICE!

      But WHERE is the red key?


    2. Szymanski
  5. Started another green brick and metal map, tentatively called 'what lies beneath'. Hope to have some scythesque mini episodes when I'm done.


    what lies beneath2.jpg

    1. DeathevokatioN
    2. Szymanski


      Thanks, this was originally the view from the exit so unlikely to be seen. I've been chopping the map around since

  6. Hope to finish layout soon on this one, will likely replace the "duck blowing a trumpet" section with something more suitable


  7. Started making a map inspired by E3M3's intermission image but ended up with a sandcastle gimmick map. FML

    1. Szymanski


      I can't look at a pentagram and not think starfish now

  8. Map getting more Quakesque than AVesque? whichever, I like the results


  9. Gone

    1. Szymanski


      I have a new map that features a similar style but doesn't have the baggage a remake incurs

    2. Xyzzy01


      Here's a not-blind playthrough of a really cool map that no longer exists! Recorded in DSDA-Doom 0.23.0, played the alternate wad. Hope it's entertaining!


    3. Szymanski


      Thanks for this, yeah very fun to watch definitely thought it was over with the cyb hit

  10. Experimenting with a touch of nostalgia, vanilla compatible, no promises etc


    1. Szymanski


      That feel when you lose an hours work, also why doesn't the green brick texture repeat in a nice 8 or 16 pixel step

    2. Szymanski


      Getting there, slowed down by HOM and crashes



    3. Szymanski
  11. Spare weekend so put a map together. What's your opinions on having optional areas? my current idea for the map below is to have the left side grant the player access to a powerup before the finale. I could just make the keycard mandatory but the maps kinda mean.. 


    1. Xyzzy01



      MOAR BLING 💰

    2. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Optional areas are totally okay!

  12. All my bases look the same even when I'm trying to rip off other styles


    1. DeathevokatioN


      I'll forever love the height variation you put into your maps... actually reminds me of one of your Crucified Dreams submissions (but more gothic-y).

    2. Szymanski


      Changing some stuff


    3. Szymanski


      Kinda stuck on this map, only the exit area started since last update. Trying to make difficult traps that work predictably but aren't cheesable (there's gotta be a better word but my Sunday brain is letting me down)


  13. Old Ideas that went nowhere:


    MiniM - A project of smallish maps that follow directly from the previous, using palindromic names as inspiration


    1 LeveL - Intro level showing the demonic invasion

    2 MurdruM - Find the satanic sacrifice that prompted the invasion

    3 ReviveR - Kill the ReviveR before an army forms

    4 DevoveD - Destroy the legions of devoted hellspawn

    5 DeifieD - :)

    6 DeleveleD - A land destroyed, can it be saved?


    Caviar - Map set inside rotten innards of giant Hellspawn where the player can access 'caviar' (invuln, soul sphere etc) at certain sections of the map; but there's no health provided between sections.


    Dajjalapeno - Hell themed slaughter map with Islamic influences rather than crosses. I'm terrible at slaughter maps.


    Wicked Malediction - Kim Malde tribute map focussed on exploration. The ideas I had didn't translate to anything impressive when built.

  14. New laptop, windows setup


    Me: I'll skip setting up a pin

    Win10: no

    Me: nah definitely skip



    what a wonderful OS

    1. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      It can sure be a hassle! I installed Win 10 a month ago on a co-workers private laptop and I actually managed to create an account on it without a password.


      This video shows you what to click during the install. When it asks for a password, just ignore it and press "next". It should - if I remember correctly - accept it and continue. In the future it should load the UI directly instead of prompting you to log on.

    2. Szymanski


      Yeah I didn't get the option, apparently a bug/feature. Had to complete the process, add a new admin and delete the other account. Usual options greyed out. 

    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Damn, that sucks. I can understand if you're a little lukewarm on Windows at the moment!

  15. What might have been, Early WIP for Clandestine Complex


  16. Is a lava filled catacomb just a spicy sewer?

  17. ohdear_bright.jpg.26e8d80923039ce3d75f0f5f793f7c7b.jpg

    Replaying Kama Sutra gives me the urge to do something.......a bit more goofy, out of my comfort zone

    1. Gothic


      Are those the banner textures? lol

  18. Some work to go on detailing, still plenty of segs left. Might go back to nukage theme. Soonish


  19. image.png.aa6431f57f1c653405f00e9ff8e27311.png

    What is this?...... A Siege for Ants?


    1024 map soonish

  20. Re-working a map I hope was finished, Sunrise is a vanilla map for AV Black label



  21. WIP, simple brick and metal map for Vanilla Doom2


    1. Szymanski


      Around 30% of the map will be optional. It's a short map and hitting all the areas will make it easier however you can just concentrate on exiting. Just an attempt to increase the replay value.

  22. Hellside Siege? Hillside Speed? no name yet, suggestions welcome


    The Cyb is a guaranteed frag this time round :)

    1. Szymanski


      I'm thinking "Mostly peaceful siege"

  23. Tried to make a dangerous stairwell but it didn't turn out as I imagined


    so I turned it into a fish, 22 seconds is my best time for 100%




  24. I take my eye off the map for one second and a bunch of slime trails move in, FML

  25. I'm having a clean out, does anyone want either Hexen 2 or Elite Force before I drop them off at the charity shop?

    I'll post to UK addresses only

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Creaphis


      If it's all the same to you, could you break the Hexen 2 disc into a few pieces and burn them in your microwave? Consider it a gift to me.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      *dips darts in poison and aims them at Creaphis*

      deathbringer said:

      Wasn't Hexen 2 Quake-based and had cool breaking windows?

      Yes. I say at least try it. I love the game. Though it may not live up to Quake's gameplay (which turns a lot of people off), the hub puzzles and such from Hexen are done better I think.

      I would consider it if I didn't already have a copy myself.

      P.S. if nothing else, you can plop the disc in while playing Hexen and have it play the remixed tracks.

    4. Technician


      Creaphis said:

      If it's all the same to you, could you break the Hexen 2 disc into a few pieces and burn them in your microwave? Consider it a gift to me.

      Other then that bullshit puzzle, Hexen 2 was a very enjoyable game.