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  1. Compaq Pentium 233+MMX
    32Meg ram
    Ess audiodrive sound

    Once i've found some power cables and a ps2 mouse i'll fire it up. Apparently it has linux on it which i'll replace with win98se.

    I just hope it runs syndicate and dark forces :)

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    2. Szymanski


      A bit of progress :), I installed the dos patch for WinME and ran blake stone (which inserts the correct setblaster stuff in autoexec)

      Now Doom, Wolf3D and dark forces work well. Syndicate locks up after the intro movie, maybe a lack of free memory (i'm using a dos boot disk) or a bad cd.

      Gonna hunt down the rest of my old games, I have shadow warrior somewhere but blood was given to a charity shop :(

    3. Bucket


      Heh, my sister brought me an old P90 a little while back. Windows 95 and a 5 gig HD. Now to find my AWE32 and maybe put in this here Voodoo2...

    4. kristus


      Hey Lee, How about inviting me over and we'll .. I'll play with your computer.