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  1. An upside of the current economic slump is that I can finally afford to buy a house. So I'm now the owner of a three bedroom semi-detached
    It's situated about 100yards from where I rented and to my amazement I can still use the wireless connection :)

    The place needs some decorating and I need to buy brand new everything but its otherwise pretty awesome.

    I'm currently decorating the living room, covering up the pinky brown paint will take three coats of emulsion :(

    Finally moved the PC out of the bedroom

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    2. Danarchy


      Ah. Well here in the US we have lots of land and there has been a huge real estate boom in the last 10 years resulting in almost a surplus of houses. That's helped drive the price down as well. In some places, the prices have dropped to ridiculous levels. Then the Republicans complain when people like Obama want to help black poor people get homes.

    3. Szymanski


      My parents have taken the opportunity to empty the loft, some cool stuff
      including RAD and Skateboard! mags from 1989-2003, old Beano, Cor and Monster fun Annuals from the early eighties. And a few old games.

      I'd post more but my net access is a bit flaky

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Hey nice collection, that looks like every HL and Quake bigbox there is!

      If you're not too attached to them, you'd probably fetch up to $30 for each on eBay. Maybe more if together in a bundle.

      I'd expect Dark Forces and AvP to be quite rare, maybe Unreal 1 as well.