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  1. Mosaic is a mapping project with the restriction of predetermined geometry. The playable area consists of 1536 triangle sectors shaped into a hexagon. Each sector has side length of 64 which is a good compromise between blocky appearance and editing speed. You can change any property of the sectors, just don't modify the grid (see rules for clarification). The attached zip includes the Mosaic base wad, an example wad and a texture wad with tiling skies created by Aquila Chrysaetos Feel free to post suggestions and questions in the comments, I'm happy to change things but would like to keep the project as simple as possible. Rules for playable area The format is Doom2 limit removing (eg needs to run in Crispy Doom) !!Do not use linedef or sectors specials that don't occur in vanilla Doom2!!* Single player with all difficulties implemented (place multiplayer and DM starts as a courtesy) You can delete sectors (the map doesn't need to be hexagon shaped) You can merge sectors (useful for moving sectors eg doors) You can add vertices to aid texturing You can flip lines to makes switches work etc Otherwise do not modify the triangular sectors, vertices that changes the structure of the grid A texture wad with animated lava and water is provided, custom skies included. Rules for areas outside the hexagon space The player must be prevented from reaching these areas You can add scenery to the map but it must use the mosaic pattern (see example wad) Control sectors and monster closets can be regular geometry, unless visible (see example wad) *Clarification* Monsters can be placed outside the playable area (yes, you can have a caco-swarm fly into the map) Timeline Submissions must be received by 1st March 2023. *Change* I'll create a new thread for submissions nearer the time. You can post the map or link in this thread *Change* I think a max of 2 submissions per person is sensible. Go hog wild Is there a prize? I can gift a game of the winners choice through Steam or Gog. I'd want a few people to judge the maps so will need some assistance (assuming there are maps to judge). !!!IMPORTANT INFO!!! Have fun !!Do not use linedef or sectors specials that don't occur in vanilla Doom2!!* (eg BOOM, MBF GZDOOM, ETERNITY ETC ARE NOT ALLOWED) Read the rules again Mosaic_R2.zip * ok, linedef 271 is being used for sky transfers and I'll allow it because it works in crispy
  2. latest version of the map, mostly balancing Wip3_Beta.zip
  3. Merging sectors is fine, adding those trim sectors is not. I'll take a look at the wording of the rules but I think most people got the concept.
  4. So were just over midway through the project and I've had a review of the submissions so far. Thanks for all the submissions, great stuff however a few of the maps will need modification before acceptance. @DynamiteKaitorn Map uses Boom linedef types 221, 219, 252 and 271. I'm allowing 271 because of Crispy's support but others have to go. @MFG38 Map changes the triangular structure of the map (see image) @RED77 map uses Boom scrollers, linedef types 253, 219 @phoo Map has playpal and RSKY1, I can remove these. @TheHambourgeois If the area is visible the triangular structure must remain intact, Maybe use a texture like midgrate or midbars? @dyshoria Map changes the triangular structure of the map (see image) Let me know if I have an out of date version.
  5. Nope. I want to keep the contest as simple as possible. If in a few years someone wants to run "Mosaic II: Ancient Aliens" or "Mosaic III: No more Arenas please" with relaxed rules and gzdoom support or whatever then maybe. But for now its concentrate on the architecture and gameplay. Also I want to keep the final wad clean of potential copyright nonsense.
  6. Might make another, plenty of time left
  7. Alpha version of the e4 style map, two versions with different light levels. No name yet. Wip6.zip
  8. Szymanski

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    On a similar note I'd like savegames to load the required wads, rather than have to launch the app with the correct files. Also sorting savegames by wad, maybe the ability to add subfolders in the save game menu
  9. Despite being against the spirit of the rules I'm prepared to accept linedef 271 as it's supported in Crispy Doom, however I'm not going to allow Boom, MBF, Gzdoom specials.
  10. Here's a hellish map running on map21, UV only currently Map overview First encounter Wip3_alpha.zip
  11. Should be fine, Boom format wont change how the map is created However your submission modifies the triangular structure of the map so will be rejected, takes a look at the maps I posted above
  12. Here's my test map from the op, UV only on map 21 (for the red sky) all difficulties present Title: Pinky Swear Music: N/A Deathmatch/coop: Start positions added wip2_beta_2.zip
  13. Updated 14/01/2023 this is an beta version of a tech base, All difficulties present. Title: General Eric's Toxin Refinery Music: N/A WIP1_beta.zip Here's an image of the start area
  14. Playing around, spending 90% of my time in visual mode makes everything so quick to edit
  15. An overview of my proof of concept Hell themed map
  16. Szymanski

    What are you listening to?

    I'm teetotal and drunk
  17. 06/01/2023 The two map limit is now gone, I hope to add vertically tiling skies to the texture wad this weekend 07/01/2023 Added tiling skies to texture wad, credit to Aquila Chrysaetos 14/01/2023 Wip1 now has all difficulty settings 14/01/2023 Wip2 now has all difficulty settings
  18. Szymanski

    Animated wall textures problem

    I want to make a simple wad with three animated walls (water, nukage and slime) however when I try to edit the animation lump in slade it sets them as flats. Could one of you smart people fix it? Walls.zip
  19. I have an idea for a map project and I'd like some feedback before I go ahead with it.

    The concept is the maps sectors are provided by the base wad and the designer gets to change everything else. The image below shows the Hexagon with 1536 64* sided triangles (1024 length sides horizontally).


    The image below shows a basic building and rocky area built with the triangular grid


    Here is an image of the sectors flats in the editor


    Sectors can be deleted, or merged to make doors and lifts easier. The map area is ~2.6x larger than a 1024 map so shouldn't feel as cramped, however the wall thickness is quite chunky. Areas outside the map for monster closets or conveyors can be regular geometry. Visible but unreachable areas outside the Hexagon play area should use the same triangular grid.


    Not sure if limit removing or allowing Boom features should be the standard. Not sure about texture packs


    I'm sure some really cool maps would be made...


    1. Maribo


      Very cool concept imo, would enjoy seeing a few people attempt this

    2. CyberosLeopard


      Very interesting, I had a similar idea a few years back but a single GZDoom map in UDMF; the concept was some kind of 'shifting' level where scripts would change the wall textures, flats, assign sector properties, etc, but it was too much for me. I'm sure this will be far better and more enjoyable in the long run. Best of luck.

    3. Szymanski
  20. Szymanski

    What are you listening to?

    Killing joke - requiem
  21. Szymanski

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    It'll be released when Gusta's happy with it from what I can tell, I'm not sure he has much time to work on it.
  22. Szymanski

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Here's some pre-AV map snippets by Brad Spencer, for the map historian map01.zip map12.zip map10.zip map05.zip map03.zip map02.zip