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Chest Rockwell

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  1. Chest Rockwell

    Happy New Year

    I hope I die next year that would be LIT
  2. Chest Rockwell

    Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    Oh yea i forgot to mention. The girl on the right to ajit is a pizza gater if you want any more terrible on top of this video.
  3. Chest Rockwell

    Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    a good argument against net neutraility is that you won't have to watch razor fist videos ever again. Are you American? A lot of areas in this country only have access to a single provider. Like most sites im gonna say a good portion of the users here are American. If NN gets revoked prices for internet are probably going to go up by a lot which means less potential people to use this site.
  4. Chest Rockwell

    Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    In the free market anything can happen!!!!!!!!
  5. Chest Rockwell

    The police are holding you at gunpoint.

    That's exactly what he was trying to do. Scum should be behind bars.
  6. Chest Rockwell


    Rage was getting a planned sequel at one point but bethseda turned down the idea since no one bought rage. I've never played the dlc but i heard some of the ideas for the sequel got put into it.
  7. Non dota fans complaining about a announcement during a dota event has been pretty great. Im glad valve doesn't like you guys lol
  8. Chest Rockwell

    Death Predictions

    I'll die when i convince myself to off myself
  9. Chest Rockwell

    The "My new username" thread

    this also this
  10. Chest Rockwell

    New Forum

    I really disliked the old layout and I think this one is much nicer. But man Post Hell was the perfect level of horrible garbage. Also is Losers still around?
  11. Chest Rockwell

    Doomworld Confessions

    I only look at EE to get fucking mad
  12. Chest Rockwell

    Friday The 13th fans here??

    New one got canned http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/811697-new-friday-the-13th-movie-completely-shut-down#/slide/1
  13. Chest Rockwell

    The story behind your custom avatar

    its the best rap album of 2016
  14. Chest Rockwell

    net neutrality

    100% Thanks Trump
  15. Chest Rockwell

    Do you collect anything?

    yo those are sick sick reference bruh i got that one !!!!