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  1. NeedHealth

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Did some kind of first area past the crash site.
  2. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Just sent an updated version of my map off to my playtester.
  3. NeedHealth

    [Community Project] VANITY

    @EPICALLL I can do map 6.
  4. NeedHealth

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    Is this the place to bug report or just ask for general help? I'm having an issue with Eternity-x64-4.03.00-pre-1227-gd699a7d92: When I replay a demo, *doom 2 monsters are invisble but the player is able to interact with them and produce blood splat. I have selected the doom2.wad as an iwad. *if the player dies the demo desyncs.
  5. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    @magicsofa This design is what happens when you do a map in batches, not as a collective whole and then assemble them. The general design will probably stay, I settled early on a semi linear map as the last map with few secrets as I wanted the player to focus on just getting through. I think I forgot to add a secret in the version i posted here because I flipp-flopped between the starting sector and the end dito. Also, in the last fight if you play on uv you fight against three cyberdemons (and 1 hell knight) after killing the spiderdemon. I hope you didnt mean you found that too easy! :-P I could always teleport a few more in... . I'll fix the erroneous textures and and think about the other issues you mentioned. Thanks for playing my map!
  6. @thelamp Hi, would you be up for this? https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2674970
  7. NeedHealth

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    @dsda-dev Okay, now I think I stumbled up on error. In dsda-doom-0.26.2 when using the -warp parameter or really any parameter it seems, i get an "x does not accept string arguments". I have an older version of dsda present and i tested by copying the same parameters i used there and it generated the same error in dsda-doom-0.26.2.
  8. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    @magicsofa Map: E4M8 Author: NeedHealth Name: Hope's Utter Absence Midi: Padlock by Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia Playtime: About 15 minutes. Tested in: Chockorenderlimits and dsda. Difficulties: Yes, all supported (itytd/h,ntr: 170 | hmp: 190 | uv: 200). Multiplayer: Yes supported with extra monsters and ammunition but untested. Deathmatch: Yes, supported in separate area but untested. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0suv5quhpcrsnqe533v8o/nh_d95nd_V1.7z?rlkey=uhxklfnzkdyrrcvym2evdim94&dl=0 Please record a demo of some kind if you play this map! (dropbox did something with their links, they used to be shorter - if it dosn't work please tell me)
  9. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    @magicsofa My map is "done"". I'm giving it the customary one day before I upload it, to look it over one last time with fresh eyes.
  10. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    The final area is 99% done. I will now work on difficulty settings and eventually some sort of multiplayer. posting images in this thread keeps me motivated.
  11. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    I tried to work with the source material in e4m8 to create a final area for the s-m but I couldnt make it work. So it will be completely new. Also, here is the final teleporter.
  12. @AtticTelephone If you remember, could you @ me when this megawad is compiled? there is a part in my map that might fail if nodes are rebuild or the map is saved one more time.
  13. NeedHealth

    How to better talk about Doom map visuals?

    I think it helps to think in contrasts and aspects. From the chosen point of view you would probably need 50/50 to look "good" but what this is comes with experience I would say.
  14. NeedHealth

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Getting somewhere with the top part. Starting rework on the bottom part Soontm.
  15. NeedHealth

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Hi, was the session recorded? did you people find any serious bugs or similar?