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  1. Okay so that's an other font pack I am lacking. Back to topic.
  2. What's this? It's a square on my computer and I am trying to find the font pack that I am a lacking. [ /off topic]
  3. The Doom trees are inherently ugly. I often try to use them in patches mixed with the smaller grey tree rather than dotting one down, maybe with a few stalagmites. I am well aware of the repetitive nature of humans so if it is feasible I often walk around in-game trying to spot blotches from different angles to remedy those. I made a demo to show what I think. Run it with prboom+ if you want a nice sky as it uses skytransferrer.
  4. Can't see what's wrong with posting layouts. \(ยจ,)/ please post more.
  5. I too have glaucoma.
  6. Take care of your knees and teeth.
  7. In Dead yet Dreaming I first had a Judas Priest song that I eventually thought was not halloween sounding enough. The midi was changed to one found in my temp folder Rohan Davey - Day Of The Beat.mid. In hindsight I probably should have kept Judas Priest or made Rohan Davey more quiet in anvil studio. The music in Gravedigger's Lot is Rudora no Hihou - Dance with zombie. Thanks for playing my maps. I'll try to join the next speedmapping session and probably catch you streaming it that time.
  8. I'll get back to you.
  9. The Moller brothers manged to make 16 doom units wide bridges enjoyable, however. I expect no less from your attempt, kido.
  10. There is actually an example of that out in the wild in a mapset, but the name escapes me. They however made the ledges like 16 doombuilder units thick. e - wait I think it is a Moller brothers mapset.
  11. Buuut... as I am the very nadir of anl retentiveness, I probably shouldn't be doing speedmaps, as bzzrak pointed out. Really. I have "troubles" producing maps under less constrained forms. But they're so fun. Stop it.
  12. Why do you think I made that pun ?
  13. Late night additions "speed" mapping sessions, the nocturnal missions - now with an quick intro mission !
  14. Forgot to add this screenshot,