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  1. NeedHealth

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    Twitter is a very good song by Rammstein.
  2. @Ryath Sorry, I won't be able to finish my map in time. But I did 2/3 of a map at least.
  3. if i visit youtube in the browser on the cell i get recommended full burmese films. I am not burmese.
  4. NeedHealth

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 48 - 4spooky8me!

    @TMD Name: First Light Midi: july_morning.mid e1 old link. v2 is at the discord
  5. NeedHealth

    What are you playing now?

    Over a year ago I sat down and played the pwad "End Game" by "Swedish Fish" et al. Today I played Map04. Playing on Itytd. Fun fact: everytime I am hurt by an imp fireball it is because my nose was itching. Other highlights include me misreading a trap and saving the situation in the blink of an eye and, then a shy revenant who refused to say hello until I took the initiative. Looking at the .lmp using cheats I see something very weird: the revenant appears to be glued to the door and I've never seen that before. The switch to raise the thin exit bridge escaped my viewfield so I did a victory lap around the map. There is a double switch puzzle thing going at one point, then we get a lightamp to take the edge of a low light fight despite just being given a soul sphere. I elected not to take the former. Actually there are two soul spheres in this map. I am uncertain if the plasma rifle is given too late or I just missed it because it would have been handy when you grab the soul sphere before the big fight. The Rocket launcher saved the day here. I completely forgot about secrets and I let one spectre survive. FDA https://easyupload.io/m0q2uu
  6. @Doomkid Final version of my rowdy rudy map. I noticed that someobody added players 2-4 but I didnt bother adding any multplayer monsters. Could have been me: when I first opened this map i was under the impression that I removed / added/ changed certain stuff around ages ago. Which I didnt, go figure. rr_nh_final.7z
  7. @Doomkid when where you planning on uploading rowdy rudi 2 to the archive? I guess that's the only thing left.
  8. NeedHealth

    so i am making a doom level set,

    Linedef action 11 i think is action button press exit level and, no: not if youre planning to upload it anywhere without people laughing at you - here and at other places. Also editing the base doom 2 iwad is nothing you should do if you don't know how to reset its iwad (internal wad) status, because iwad status what makes the base doom 2 iwad special and idenifiable automatically by any modern engine. The opposite is called a pwad (player wad) which are maps made in an editor while it is using the iwad as a reference (to grab textures, sounds etc) without changing its content. Pwads are then uploaded to the archives. To top it of, the base doom 2 iwad is still a commercial product believe it or not. In short, treat the base doom 2 iwad like your pension money fund, don't touch it for an other 30 years and definitely don't make it accessible to anybody else.
  9. I'm fixing textures misaligments currently but it's probably better if it stays boom because of the added work of trying to make it fit into the main campaign.
  10. Was my map edited to remove the prboomerism?
  11. Demo of a midi I'm making for a community project. https://easyupload.io/rtxnms
  12. So back in June I woke up one saturday morning at 3am, opened anvil and plotted down notes for three hours in my underwear until 7am. Then I did again (with clothes on) and finally I used a three word generator. In October, a couple hours ago, I went through these pieces and tried to make them better. I did a listen today on (1) and it didn't sound good in doom unless I selected oplsynth( I believe it is called) in prboom+ which is what I use. The drum is very quiet for example in fluidsynth but I guess there is a way to convert them both to sound good. I am looking for constructive criticism on what I can improve. (1) 2:54 https://easyupload.io/lt4qtv (2) 0:58 https://easyupload.io/4ozunv --- (3)1:07 demo of an incomplete midi. https://easyupload.io/rtxnms