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  1. NeedHealth

    I want advice on what to do with this old PC

    Change the clock battery.
  2. i fixed the start in my map, it is in the same post as before.
  3. I still havn't gotten around to fix the voodoo doll error someone meantioned. Sorry about that.
  4. i can't actually remember most of the changes I have made since the last version :-P. But generally I added some doodad, fixed a few bugs.
  5. Map name: Skeleton Science Author: NeedHealth Play time: 10-15 minutes Music: alphonso - Keepsake Fever.mid Textures:textures by Dr.Doctor, NeedHealth Difficulty settings: yes Coop: no Deathmatch: no Description: A short trip in a surreal setting, can you survive the ultimate game of chance? didnt manage to import the custom textures into my map and some are probably not prefixed with nh_. most should be. Otherwise, the map is functionally complete. literaism_nhDSTARTFIX.7z e1- fixed the start
  6. My map takes about 30 minutes to complete. I hope it is okay and the map order can always be moved around i guess.
  7. NeedHealth

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    I am still updating my map but i have a few other commitments in between I need to hurry up with.
  8. Still working on the randomized system. Got an idea, just need to build it. Also found a random bug in an area i was done making 2 weeks ago so that was interesting. I don't think dbx like tagged lindefes without corresponding sectors ie the teleport to line boom action.
  9. NeedHealth

    What was your first map like?

    I spent four years making map fragments and naming them after food and rammstein songs.
  10. A bit unorthodox treat the extra maps as secret maps, but I can dig.
  11. MtPain didnt play the extra maps, though.
  12. NeedHealth

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    @Doomkid No sorry, I cant get my map to run chocolate doom but I think I know what the error is. You'll probably need 1 mapix separation (with the same heigh as the lowest floor to make the lift work.
  13. NeedHealth

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    Take two, I even put the other mohawk wad in the 7z just in case because I can't remember if it was necessary or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f32cl56z9vhj2hu/NHraymohawkV2.7z?dl=0
  14. Still very much a work in progress both of these.
  15. Actually, I have improved on this system a bit. I'm also planning to introduce a way to compensate for the player making the monster veer more to one direction by having it teleport to different closets around the map. This and the pacifist check. I don't know why I am doing all this work because I wouldn't use randomness in a "proper" doom map haha. It is not fair to speedrunners.