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Status Updates posted by NeedHealth

  1. Seems like I forgot to return the favour. Don't worry, I am only a couple of years late or so! My usual fashion, cheers!.

  2. I had a dream last night where I was making a doom map and when i was done I realized no sector could be over 250 in height and i had to scour the map and make corrections, finding errors everywhere. It was stressfull.

    1. wallabra


      Wow, quite realistic! Fixing sector errors is, indeed, a pain :p

  3. Highlight of my year.

    1. wallabra


      Awh, thank you! Is it really?

    2. NeedHealth
    3. wallabra


      Phew! I was starting to get afraid you were falling down the holey-doley downward spiral.

  4. So i tried to create an backup page on webs,com to store the info in my about section here in my account.


    On mozilla:

    First I had to turn off the adblock, then the dashbord started refreshing so often that my account got automatically blocked. When I click "done" I get an google captcha that turns itself progressively smaller until it is impossible to solve. Maybe it is related to the second issue.


     I tried to log in using chrome but no dice.

  5. People around you usually start dying in your 20s . I'm ~15 years older and know at least a dozen people, both related and acquaintances, that are now dead. All over the last 15 years almost exactly.

    1. BigDickBzzrak



      Idk what to do with that info bro tbh

  6. 13.jpg


    I just a orded a new laptop. Will be trying to catch up on my obligations here.

  7. For those who don't know I lug around about a feet of thick hair.


    This how I look right now to keep cool. Too much warmth in my mothers home land today and icecream gives me a wicked headache where I could be determined allergic. I wish I could explain how but there is noticeable difference in the air con over my ears. Compared to a pony tail which I what I usually wear.



  8. Goodbye forced Youtube login !

  9. I can see you replied to a status update, but I can't seem to find it.

    1. Ichor


      I did reply, but I deleted it.

  10. I want to eventually change my username but I do not know to what ...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NeedHealth


      More like NeedAmour, but that's besides the point.


      I was a while  seriosly considering either BeppoTheClown or Ucalegon.

    3. Xyzzy01


      I like the latter :)

    4. NeedHealth


      Someone said it is to similar to an other username used here, and I think the meaning would be lost on those who would care.


      But I agree it is a beautiful word, yes.

  11. I'm on the doom wiki ! bucket list -1.

    1. Catpho


      Do those sweet edits B-)

      Edit: only now i just realized that i completely misinterpret this :D

  12. Just did some self surgery ( - the best kind !) on myself to treat an ingrown nail. Nothing makes you feel more like an android than that.


    Using a paperclip, I bend the ingrown nail part upwards. Under that part of the nail I inserted a bit of a paper tissue drenched in an astringent liquid solution, using the clip to jam it in real tight. You know it is successful when you can touch the swollen area without pain or discomfort.

    It is important to swap the paper tissue for a new one after no more than half a day !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NeedHealth


      It is... and it is such a shame but I could have avoid it.

    3. BigDickBzzrak




      Oh god...

    4. Memfis


      Good luck and be careful as hell. I eventually had to go get a proper surgery for this thing.

  13. I bought a jar peanut butter today


    "Oh.. there's oil on the top." I thought, as I removed the tinfoil lid. "I'll grab a spoon and whisk it."


    Little did I know how much oil there could be in a single jar of peanut butter. It was excessive. A moment later, my hands where covered in sunflower oil and there was no sign of it even considering to blend together with the nuts.


    "I'll just spread it on my toast and it will be fine". It was not fine, I soon realised after I came back to the kitchen after washing my hands the first time out of three. The jar of peanut butter (wiped clean after an oil spill that would make BP blush) went into my refrigerator. There it will hopefully make it self not a threat to people with allergic contact dermatitis.

    1. Lüt


      More people selling products they never use themselves, or else they wouldn't have that problem.


      Some jars are marked "with room to stir," so look for those first. WFM store brand is good in that regard, but even if I can't get that, what usually works for me is turning the jar upside down, letting it sit on the counter for a few hours until all the peanut butter "sinks" to the top, then putting it in the fridge still upside down for another few hours. When I take it out and flip it right-side up, all the oil is at the bottom, and not as gooey as it normally is at room temperature, so it mixes in to the actual peanut butter from the bottom up.

    2. NeedHealth


      @Lüt While you're here I must ask: is "Causerie" really known in the english-speaking world, or is it wikipedia being hyperbole ?



    3. Lüt


      I've never heard the word until now. It appears my first impression that it was French was accurate, and the rest of the wiki link also appears to be equally accurate.


      I mean, I haven't done a large personal survey of published material to say what proportion of pieces routinely fit the exact description, but given the crossover that the word has with other English words describing similar writing styles, it's not surprising nobody uses it.


      The word seems to be aiming for a level of precision on par with "post-glam neo-folk electro-industrial blackened speed metal," and is likely confined to the literary equivalent of such music enthusiasts. In fact, I took a number of college literature and English and speech courses, and never heard the word even in such a formal setting.


      Basically everybody just calls things articles or columns and describes them as personal story or opinion or humor, possibly going as specific as satire or parody.


      Oh, and one of those literature courses was actually French literature, and included a spring study-abroad in Paris for 10 days.

  14. My laptop is a fragile wreck and not suitable for doom map making( currently writing this on a phone) and i r l stuff and bits are taking its toll. Until I buy a working laptop I am out. I do not feel I can make a meaningful contribution here otherwise.

    1. Catpho


      Wow, havent seen you posted in awhile, welcome back!

  15. Sorry for  missing you following me. :-)

  16. Sneakpeek at my christmas avatar. Even if I tried I couldn't cram in more visual information yet I think it looks pretty good.





  17. I need 30 wads to fit 30 midis, pronto. As the marble sculptor said to the apprentice, "Seems like I got my work cut out for me."

  18. I am alive !

    1. Endless


      But you need health. 

    2. 42PercentHealth


      I'd offer you a medkit, but I need a couple myself. ;-)