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  1. NeedHealth

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    I have arthritis.
  2. All that is left of the design for a one key version of my map e4m6 is adding the exit and completing the secret for the bfg -e1 and add more details. Then it is on to adding things... but I keep thinking I should add an other key and some other areas. So maybe I'll do that, time depending, but first I will try to complete the one key version of this map as much as possible. I was inspired a bit by Monti when making this map.
  3. @Walter confetti could i ask that you do video dump of the demo you made of my map? It desync after a minute and half or so on my end. this is my command line: prboom-plus-261um-w32 -iwad doom.wad -file stand4_nh_map02.wad ds4-gfx.wad -complevel 3 -playdemo sda-walt-ds4nh.lmp
  4. NeedHealth

    Give me some maps to playtest!

    @azerty Thanks for the playthrough! :-) I've been doing doom maps since at least half a decade always for community projects so this map is my first "standalone map". I've been tinkering with doom maps, but never released anything, since at least 2012. Higher difficulties are indeed much more difficult in this map as you have to rely more and more on shotgunners for ammo! If it is okay, I will credit you as a playtester when the map is finally released and I don't know what happened to that blue key texture haha.... . You can find my doom wikipage here, https://doomwiki.org/wiki/NeedHealth
  5. @Walter confetti here is a link to my map02 wad that should work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbf4na8fk0sl0cg/stand4_nh_map02_without_boom.7z?dl=0
  6. I would like to try and make an e4m6. I can not promise anything however.
  7. @Walter confetti Title: Blackwater Park Description: Part office, part dig site. Probably not part OSHA. Iwad: DOOMU.wad Build time: About 1 and half year, with a long pause inbetween. New music (if any): 21 Dredge (Extended).MID by Mark Klem. Thanks to @SilverMiner for the suggestion. Tested with: prboom+ and dsda-doom. Playtime: about 25 minutes. All difficulties should be accounted for. No other starts than player 1 and the map isnt really optimized for multiplayer. Pleace record an *.lmp if you play this map! <- very important actually. -e1 i accidently added some boom actions. i'll return shortly with a fixed map. -e2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbf4na8fk0sl0cg/stand4_nh_map02_without_boom.7z?dl=0
  8. NeedHealth

    Give me some maps to playtest!

    Sorry, does this work? https://easyupload.io/jgo7hd
  9. NeedHealth

    Give me some maps to playtest!

    @azerty Hi, would you like to play a map i made. It is my first stand alone map. :-) Mapname: Hammer Falls Engine: dsda-doom or pboom+, dosnt matter. Textures used are the standard doom2 dito. Sky is custom but included. The only custom textures are the ones to prevent ingress into the stock levels. Difficulties: All should be accounted for. Complevel: 9 should work. I guess you make videos of all your playthroughs, otherwise I would like to se a lmp demo. Screenshot: https://file.io/8Hw8o9hgTbwb Ask if you a have any questions! -e1 haha i forgot meantion that play time is around 15 minutes, just so you know.
  10. NeedHealth


    A tip I can give to try to cut down on corridors that only serves as a transportation route. If you need a corridor there are many ways to spice it up, the cheating way being a view through a window to the outside world. You can have a view to an other area or an alternative way to enter said area.
  11. Does anybody know the internal name for the midi in map slot e4m1? Ive tried D_E4M1 to D_E4M9 and I saw cannonball was using the D_E2M5 slot for his map so I tried D_E2M1 to D_E2M9 skipping his slot D_E2M5. All of these just played the default midi track.
  12. So my map is basically done. All I need to do now is to find a midi that is atleast 8 minutes long, otherwise it will loop too many times.
  13. NeedHealth